Last month Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurants hosted a big Italian Dinner paired with Pio Cesare wine, and cooked by Mrs. Claire Furino, otherwise known as Del Frisco regional manager Richie Furino’s mom.

Furino’s Wine Dinner proved to be an extremely special event. Friends and family of Del Frisco’s dined on course after course
of delicious Italian specialties prepared by Mrs. Claire Furino with the
help of Mark Mednansky, CEO of Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group and her
son recently promoted Regional Manager Richie Furino.

guests like Food Network’s Marc Summers,(l) and Fox29’s Mike Jerrick (2nd from r)with David Neff , Neff & Assocs, and Rich Furino, washed
down each dish with a specially paired Pio Cesare wine. Food aside,
nothing compared to the incredible generosity of the guests.

proceeds from each plate sold raised $3,500, which Del Frisco’s matched
to make a total donation of $7,000 to charity partner –
the most up-to-date, reliable source for information on breast cancer. A
cause close to everyone’s hearts with Mrs. Furino and Mark’s wife
Shelly Mednansky both being breast cancer survivors. 

Shelly Mednansky and Mark Mednansky, CEO of Del Friscos 
the excitement and generosity did not end there. Gary Johnson (2nd from right, and with his family), a
lifelong friend of Richie Furino’s stood to announce he would match the
total donations of $7,000 on one condition – if Mark Mednansky would do
the same. He of course obliged. Another close friend of the restaurant
made an anonymous donation of $5,000 as well.
Streetgazing’s Big Rube and Christine Krzyzanowski, Two Affix. Check out a photo exhibition
with Reuben ‘Big Rube’ Harley as Replica Creative Hosts ‘Replica After Dark’
– Friday, November 16, 2012, 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m.-

The team was shocked at the incredible turn of events and
graciously accepted the donations. Rita Lusen, VP of Corporate
Partnerships and Marketing for, rushed over from her
board meeting a few blocks away to join the excitement and bond with and
thank Mrs. Furino and the guests. The charitable event was capped off
when Del Frisco’s wait staff working the party elected to pull their
tips from the evening and donate them to as well. The night ended on a high note with almost $30,000 being donated to

Rich Furino, Rita Lusen, Mike Jerrick, Mrs Furino, Mark Summers, Mark Mednansky, CEO of Del Friscos and David Neff, Neff & Assocs.

Did you know according to the Liquor Control Board,
Del Frisco’s has the busiest bar in the City, and that’s just based on the wine and spirits sales but not beer. In 2011 over $879,000 in sales occurred. Cheers!

That is a bowl of meatballs and sausage in the middle of the table, beyond the delicious pasta.

OMG lambshank

Homemade pizzelles and cookies.
The best Tiramisu ever. Light, airy delicious.
 The Furino’s are grateful for all your support.