Paranoia is back in town to finish the shoot they started in the summer. You’ll recall in July 2012 that I broke it first that the film would take a break so Liam could film the sequel to Hunger Games.  Call time was 6AM for cast and crew on Tuesday.

Yesterday I spent about 7 hours on the film set, and it’s really the only way to get first hand, first reported news.  The scene was a dance club shoot at Stephen Starrs Tangerine. There were about 100 extras on hand to dance and party around the actors as they ran their lines. Hopefully right now you are listening to the above song, by Calvin Harris – Feel So Close. It’s the tune that the extras had to play in their head as they “danced” while the scene was being shot.

And by “danced” I mean there really was no music playing. The directors played the song once in the morning so everyone had an idea of how it sounded, and frankly who doesn’t know that awesome song. Then before each scene they would play 30 seconds of the song; the extras would begin to dance, the song would stop and the actors Liam Hemsworth, Lucas Til, William Peltz, Erica Lynne Marszalek and Haley Finnegan would run their lines and act out the scene.

Sometimes the extras would practice their dancing outside between the takes
as the day wore on they would eventually sit. This was hour 9 in high heel, fashion forward club wear. Can you imagine how their feet must hurt.  Over the break I read the book by Joseph Finder so I could really feel the characters. I loved it so much I told Mike about it and he’s currently reading it because he’s a techy guy. You can buy it here.
 People close to the movie did tell me that some of the movie scenes have changed a little, but the premise is the same. Don’t read it if you don’t want to know the ending, which is completely surprising.
Craft Service – I hear Liam Hemsworth is staying in NJ. He was spotted twice at Planet Fitness in Cherry Hill. I saw a picture too.They won’t be staying at the St James again, I hear it was a little too much Party in the USA for the sedate building.

Right after I took this photo, Director Robert Luketic came over and shook my hand and said how are you doing. WOW. I always get a little nervous around film sets and taking pictures, sometimes I’d get yelled at, but yesterday’s set was great they allowed me to shoot all day and even during the filming. I’ll probably leave them alone for awhile, I don’t want to wear out my welcome.But follow me @iphillychitchat and I will keep you up to date.

After lunch I noticed a “picture car” on the set. I thought holy cow they’re going to do an outside shot. I can get Liam. Little did I know I’d have to wait another 6 hours, but I had a clue, it was a night club scene, the only thing missing during the day shot was the night.

Weeks ago the call went out for the young and beautiful to participate as a background extra for this shoot. Since I shoot the young and beautiful in my Philly Mag column I ran into a handful of people that I knew Alexis Burkhardt. Hope she saw her photo, this photo on my TV segement at Fox 29’s Good Morning Philadelphia today. UPDATE here’s the clip, on Thursday PCC.

Abby Finer and  Leeza Garber

I had no idea it was Lucas Til in the Taylor Swift video “You Belong to Me.” This shot of Lucas smoking probably won’t sell as well as Miley’s shot.

After lunch when the extras came back from “holding” I noticed a lot more flats, uggs and sneakers. Although check out the chick in the heeled boots carrying her high heels.

Lucas Til and Haley Finnegan getting a snack during a break in filming Paranoia (PS I think this is Haley. There was only so much the extras or crew could tell me so sometimes you just have to scour the IMDB site and do a match up.)

So great to hang with Patrice and Brian again. They’re gonna be parents, after 13 years together. Congrats. I always enjoy so many laughs with these two.

A few more extras waiting to head back in. Hey isn’t that Michael T Cole (black shirt). He’s sporting his own designed TShirt.

Finally the cab scene. It’s actually the first scene where they get dropped off at the club.

Liam Hemsworth, Lucas Til, William Peltz, Erica Lynne Marszalek and Haley Finnegan getting out of the cab.

It was interesting to see them film this scene since the extras and the lighting pole seem to be right there. Plus that shirt Liam’s wearing, it’s like his characters favorite shirt. It’s in a lot of scenes.

Lucas Til is the guy in Taylor Swifts video “You Belong with Me”

Uh Oh I thought, and was told by three people on the set that this was Chris Hemsworth, Thor to you fans. It turns out that Liam just likes to have assistants that look like his famous brother. So no matter how much twitter goes into a tizzy about someone being somewhere, unless there’s an actual photo it might not be true. Which reminds me I do not think Miley Cyrus is here yet. I spoke with someone on the set closer to Liam than I am and that person says yes Miley will be here. Whether they stay in NJ or Philly I don’t know. But of course follow me on Twitter and I will keep you up to date, or visi versa. And BTW fans that send me their pixs with celebs will be posted here on PhillyChitChat and could show up on my segment on Fox 29 like

Brian Sweeney’s, after he sent it to me last night. Thanks Brian.

I’m calling her the ultimate fan girl cause she waited for about 5 hours to get this shot, and got a parking ticket; although she did let “Chris Hemsworth” walk by her a few times w/o asking him for a photo. I can’t wait to see her tonight at Jingle Ball to hear the whole story.  Wednesday and Thursday Paranoia will be at 21st and Ludlow at Rogues Gallery.

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