I am truly humbled by your support of and my career over these past 5 years. Wednesday night Replica Creative is kicking off a month displaying some of my fav pictures that I’ve taken over the past 5 years (I feel like an adult now). Trust me it was very hard to choose among all the shots I’ve ever taken (and I’m sure I missed reviewing a lot even though I had a whole year to choose the photos.) I also included a few from the years I photographed celebrities in NYC and before that I was a landscape photographer. Most of those photos were taken with just a pocket camera.(This was the blog entry I thought I would have time to do in 2012, which was really my 5th year, but you kept me busy and I appreciate it)

Click to make larger. The address is 33 s 18th Street.
Here are a few photos from the past 5 years… I completely missed these the first go around…
These photos are not in the exhibit, so enjoy. Then come out tomorrow night, Wednesday from 6PM to 8PM, and for the next three weeks to enjoy the photos. You can buy the photos. You can buy these. Replica does a great job of printing them, as well as mounting them and other exhibiting stuff. Check them out

 Alan and Greta Greenberger, granted I took this in 2004 before I became PhillyChitChat, but I photograph them alot now. We’ve been friends for 15 years, and unfortunately my job interrupted Greta and my twice weekly lunches.

 So fun this shot of Laura Burkhardt, but I have a fun one in the exhibit too

 Carrie Nork Minelli, Nicole Cashman and Dana Lombardo. When I started out these were the gatekeepers at Cashman & Assoc and they were intimidating. If you could get invited to a Cashman party then you were set. I think the list still runs the same way. Thanks to Michael Klein who introduced us and the rest was history. and founder Arthur Etchells, (people might think I’m obsessed with Art as I write about him a lot, but he was one of the first bloggers that I knew, besides Joey Sweeney that gave up his job to be a blogger. Then his blog was bought by PhillyMag, at that time that was my dream to leave my job as a paralegal and maybe someday have someone buy my blog & me. Those days have come and gone and I always turn people down. I made the right decision, well unless someone would like to offer me something in the mid-six figure range. I’ll even train someone to take my place. There is an ancient Chinese secret to the success, ok it’s the golden rule. I have failed at that, but am fairly consistent [I feel like Jodi Foster with true confessions, or confused confessions.) and Mr Philadelphia Al Lee at the opening of Max Brenners. (There’s no one nicer than Al Lee, and enthusiastic.)

Scott and Jessica Webster, now married, congrats. When I first went to work for PhillyMag, there was no one more excited and encouraging then Jessica. These two are really an “it” couple. Stylish and successful. They were somewhat reluctant to pose for me in the beginning, as most photographers are, but look at them they are “It”!

 Amber Goins – The night we met in 2010
 Rittenhouse Ball – Brian Evantine Designed
 Michele Seidman
NBC10’s Lori Wilson at the Career Wardrobe fashion show 2010
 Jill and Tal Jacobson

 Dana Spain. Fiercely loyal friend to those she trusts. I am excited to be among her friends. After five years of being PCC I enjoy not always writing about who I’m with or what I’m doing. I think that is the key. Privacy, people want it and you need to know when to give it to them. There’s so much I see, but it’s not news, it’s gossip and there’s a difference. Dana founded PAWs, which is an amazing charitable organization savings pets lives and this photo was taken at her annual event. We’re at the Hyatt Penns Landing. With her is Kerri Lee Hackett and Dawn Stensland. There’s a story there, but a lot of times I want my photos to tell the story for those of you in the know. I’m sure some of you saw this shot and thought Jane Pauley and Deborah Norville.

 Lauren O’Dorisio and John Colabelli (I’m dyslectic and for years I could never spell Lauren’s name right. Thank god it’s Colabelli now.)

 Back in the day I was the one of the only social diarist around, especially one that would stay all night long. That’s when you would get exclusive shots like this, not like the Marc Vetri one that you’ll see in my PhillyMag column today, but the others come up and snap it, I mean it is the money shot, but as Carol Springer (RIP that iron lady of crazy) would say could you re-arrange them cause now it’s not as special anymore. The above shot is like an anchor paradise photo, taken at the Red Ball. I worked that room to get them all to pose for me in the middle of the room. NBC10’s Aidti Roy, CBS 3, Pat CiarrocchiSheinelle Jones, Fox 29’s Good Day Philly, CBS3’s Susan Barnett and Chris Mays. (This was shortly after Alycia Lane and Larry Mendte were fired from CBS3. When is that movie being made.) On this night I asked Sheinelle Jones if she were pregnant, she was. I knew because my readers kept asking me. She asked me not to say anything as it wasnt public yet. No problem. There was another popular anchor at this event, but she refused to pose with the other ones. Maybe when I write my book “Off The Record” I’ll say who it was.

 Adrian and Kerry O’Connor, he’s Senior Communications Manager at Einstein Health Network

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 I first met GN Kang in 2007 at an event at the aloft hotel. I had read about her in Dan Gross’ column as she was always meeting celebrities. I told her in my book she was a celebrity, at least a Philebrity and I definitely wanted to shoot her. She didn’t love the title that she was a celebrity, but I was excited to meet here, that was a good enough barometer. over time we became friends, and I treasure that. Unfortunately for me, when you become friends with “celebrities or philebrities” you’ve broken the 4th wall (look that up) and then special becomes normal. You have to work harder to see the news, but as long as you know the who whos and who should be in what photo with who, sometimes that’s half the work. Arthur Kade on the right. He’s living the dream. I’ll keep my analysis of his rise for the book, but it’s a lesson learned. He’s doing great things

CBS/KYW related peeps: Jamyra Perry, guest, Vittoria Woodill, Melony Roy,  Kharisma McIlaine , oh I can’t remember, Hadas Kuznits and Marlo Polonsky

Bob,  Mike Toub and Matt Vlahos. Aah I met Matt in 2007 through Paris Hilton, how many people can say that? We had a lot of fun in those early, crazy, what am I doing years.

The Carroll Family. No doubt my greatest joy is meeting some of the most wonderful people. I am so lucky I get to do something I love. If you’re able to afford to do what you love, do it. Life is really short, it might seem that way in your 20’s or even 30’s but in your 40’s you hear a clock ticking louder than any baby clock, sometimes it’s the boredom clock, it’s the unhappy clock, it’s the there’s got to be more clock. Well find out what color your parachute is because life will be much more enjoyable then.

 I love this shot. This would be the gods are smiling on me, I have all the right people in this shot. It’s at comcast and it’s the friends, family and press showing of the 3D Holiday Light Show. In the blue suit is Comcast founder Ralph Roberts, his son Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Comcast Corporation and on the right David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President, Comcast Corporation. (On the far left is Al Lee). Now at this time I was sending my pixs to Michael Klein at the Inquirer as well as well as doing a PCC entry. (That would be at least 3 chapters of who that happened, how awesome that was and how that opportunity helped grow my brand and skills. And lots of other stuff)

 Carie Brescia, Lisa Gaudio and Jen Frederick (She is not married to Steve Keeley PS Someone stopped me at the grocery store this week and asked me.)

 I’ve never missed writing a PCC entry in 4 years. I have written crappy entries though, especially in 2011 when I had a full time job as a paralegal, my blog, Michael Klein photos due and was on NBC10 – The Scene once a week.

 Now I don’t have a full time paralegal job, but I contribute to PCC, PhillyMag, Phillydotcom, Liberty City Press, and am on Fox 29’s Good Day. Oh and a twitter account that gets way more info then any of my media outlets.

 Natalie McDonald and Meg Rider. Two people we’ve wanted to get together with for years. If you follow me on twitter my hashtag this year is #2013CelebrationOfFriends I’m going to shift my priorities and see people more and make those connections (I want to go out dancing more, anyone?). It’s part of a balanced life, you don’t have time to have one when you build a business, but after 5 years there’s a lot of reflection, it’s like New Year’s Eve or one of those milestone birthday’s.

 In the five years I’ve covered events the opening of Del Frisco’s and the opening of Union Trust were tied for the most over the top, awesome parties. Everyone was on the list, if you weren’t there you were probably out of town.

Danielle Poe, Nina Tinari, Erin Elmore and Jessica Matthews or the marrying bunch. In the five years I started writing PCC, many of the ladies from the first couple years are now married or in serious relationship, and are not on the “social circuit” anymore. Hopefully their still reading me as my readership has steadily grown in those years. In 2012 I had a record 1.4 million page views on PCC. Crazy.

 Yesterday someone asked me between PhillyMag and PhillyStyle which party is the best. Philly Style Magazine is the best party around. Crazy, decadent, fun, fun fun, fun, but PhillyMag is the hardest party to get into hands down. That party is all business, very prestigious, deals are being made there and there are no drinks with umbrellas in them.

 No one knows how to have a better time than Hacina Saadi. She’s moved on to NYC to spread her joy. I miss her. I always loved this dress, held up by gravity and not one piece of double sided tape ever appeared.

 Some great people here: Matthew Izzo, Thom Cardwell, Michele DiVeterano. Assistant Director of Development at City of Hope Harry Giordano, Tony Luke and Phyllis Halpern

 Christian DiCicco and Diane Johnson

 Sometimes I would run up to NYC and shoot red carpet events like this one where Sarah Jessica Parker attended. Later the photo appeared in Us Magazine, as a full spread. They pay about $750 for a shot like this. (When I shot the photo I thought what a lousy spot I’m in, but through the magic of photoshop the mag to the window out of the photo before they published it.)

 Natasha Richardson and Andy Cohen, before he was famous
Kim Kardashian before she was mega famous (At NYFW 2008)
 Jill Rizen, Wayne Spilove and Michelle Ranieri
 Shane Victorino, Kyle and Stephenie Kendrick

 Monica Glass, Jennifer Carroll, Jose Garces and Kevin Sbraga (after he taped Top Chef, but before it aired)

 Janice Lim and Erin Elmore
(Erin Elmore, Drew Milstein and Dave Maser have definitely been my #1 fans all these years.)

 Brent Celek, Todd Herremons and Stewart Bradley. It’s sad when you make connections with sports peeps socially where they trust you to shoot them, like this at a very private party, and then they get traded. It’s exhausting to build that up again, you have to go out alot – LOL (gee it sounds like I’m going to retire. I’m just giving you the insider tidbits)
 James and Alycia Zeleniak

 Maria Papadakis at my 3rd Anniversary PhillyChitChat party. In three short years we went from strangers to besties. She knows all my secrets. We thrive on our late nite 2am chats.  This shot was taken at the Waterfront Square Condos. They’re advertisers now. Thanks. I had a lot of fun people at this party, all gals. Even Monica Malpass came. She was the first newsie person I became friendly with;

 Aida Strata and Stacey Kracher, Zarwin Baum. A new advertiser this year, after hiring me for years as their professional event photographer.  You can hire me to shoot your party. you get to keep the photos to distribute to the media, I write up a who was there and what was the event like on PhillyChitChat. I will also advise you on the distribution of the photos, as well as promote your event and connect you with the right people for your business/event/party if you’d like.

My favorite photo, my favorite person to cover, a story of survival, perseverance and triumph. 
Happy Birthday Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne