There’s Something Missing in Rittenhouse Square Park!! Plus Party Photo Links.

The other night when I left the Rittenhouse Row Preview Party at Rittenhouse Hotel (links to the photos at the bottom of the page), I noticed the urns were missing that sit on the pedestals, across the street from The Rittenhouse Hotel (I wonder if the newly installed camera’s in the park caught the culprits that took them I thought?)

When I exited the park near 18th and Walnut Street, i saw the urns were missing there too. I thought maybe they took them out to clean or something, but also I thought that was ridiculous.
Yesterday on my way to an event on East Passyunk, I stopped by the Square to check out the other entrances.
 The entrance at 19th and Locust Streets, closer to where Blatstein’s new house is, is missing one. Are they copper?
The entrance at 19th and Rittenhouse St still has them both for now. They must be heavy as heck. They’re also missing closer to 18th and Locust but traffic was beeping for me to move.

But I did pull over to get this shot at the entrance at19th and Walnut. WTF, SMH!! I know they were there on Thursday, I would have noticed them missing when I went to the Flower Sale.
Here are the links to Phillydotcom and Philly Mag of my coverage of the Rittenhouse Row Festival. Proceeds benefit Rittenhouse Row, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood (I can give them an idea of what they need to fund.)
 The festival will be held this Saturday, May 18,
from noon to 5 p.m., rain or shine, on Walnut Street from Broad Street
to 19th Street. The annual event that attracts more than 50,000 people
showcases Philadelphia’s finest fashions, cuisines and entertainment.