Philadelphia Eagles Build a Playground – Jason Kelce Sports a Green “painted” beard now..


 The Eagles and Eagles Youth Partnership took part in the 17th annual Playground Build at WD Kelley School, North Philadelphia

Sarah Martinez-Helfman, Eagles Youth Partnership executive director , WD Kelley principal Amelia Coleman-Brown and Dr. William R. Hite Jr., Superintendent of The School District of Philadelphia. 

Mike Vick greets the kids. In the background you can see the Eagles Book Mobile.
Swoop getting ready for work
And the band played on Jason Kelce, Don Smolenski, President, Philadelphia Eagles, Christina Laurie, Brent Celek and Swoop.


Eagles co-owner Jeffrey Lurie helps to paint a new mural on the side of
WD Kelley School, North Philadelphia Wednesday as part of the Eagles Youth
Partnership program. The EYP spent the morning and early afternoon
fixing up the playground at the elementary school for the 17th Annual
Playground Build.

Christina Weiss Lurie, in 1995 she founded Eagles Youth Partnership (EYP), which today serves
more than 50,000 low-income children in the Greater Philadelphia region
every year and focuses on literacy, vision and after-school programs.

Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip Kelly with a student

Good sport Jason Kelce gets his beard painted green
I wonder if he regrets that today.
  Jeffrey Lurie
Mike Vick
The Eagles Cheerleaders were on hand
The Eagles also generate money and awareness for breast cancer research
and remain on the cutting edge with their Go Green initiatives that
benefit the environment.
(Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles for these photos. I had a conflict as I was covering the Devon Horse Show Ladies Luncheon and couldn’t make it. Those photos will be on today.)