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WALGREENS SuperStore Center City at Broad & Chestnut is Now Open. (ie remember when I told you this was going to happen, over the City’s Dead Body, it did)


Last year I wrote about Walgreens taking over the old Border’s Bookstore (with floor plans). Many people said it would never happened, especially the City. They really wanted a high end store to go in this location.

I told you that many companies looked at the space, but didn’t want it. They didn’t like the mezanine, the didn’t like the long distance it took to go from the front door to the 3rd floor. They didn’t like the steepish escalators. At the time Walgreens was changing its marketing concept, to a bigger, bolder, flagship model. They were going into a lot of the old Border’s Bookstores, covering up the windows as they would do with any of their popular brand named stores.

Months and a year went by, and finally the City and Walgreens brokered a deal, and what was opened today at Broad and Chestnut Streets is a beautiful store, with an eclectic collection of products that will appeal to all different purchasers. From Starbucks, to milk,  to original molding, Fro-yo, Twinkies, cosmetics, passport photos, prescriptions, chandeliers, to frozen pizza,  to windows showcasing more of a City view than even Border’s Bookstore did. A Walgreens like no other, where management and the City worked hard to reach an agreement which was best for Philadelphian’s.
 I love all these ode’s to our fair City
 munchies for the students that live in the dorms that line Broad Street
 Milk, but not raw milk. Mike will still have to head to the Reading Terminal for that.
 Batteries, memory cards, personal mp3 players, head phones

Make-up on the third floor

 with a view of the Ritz Hotel
 seasonal clothing
 Candles and Laundry Detergent

 When I initially posted the floor plans, there was a beer take-out, but now there’s just beer t-shirts
 The only DVD rental place for blocks
 The only over priced item I saw was the pretzels. If it’s between 7AM and 3PM, head over to Sue’s vendor truck at Broad & City Hall for a $.50 pretzel
 I remember writing about sushi being served, but I didn’t see any there.
 Hello gorgeous on the mezzanine!!
 And only $3.99 small, $4.99 for a large. It’s not weighed, just a small or large cup. That’s a bargain.
 The opening ceremony was full of suits
 There’s the mayor. He worked in a drugstore when he was younger, and he said this was not your mothers drugstore. This was modern, fresh and innovated. He said when this was a Border’s Book Store, he used to come in and feed his mind; now as a Walgreen’s he’ll be feeding his body, especially with some of the Walgreen healthy choice menu items.
 Salad Selections.
 Sandwiches and Salad prices, a very reasonable $3.99 to $5.99
(now we just need Dilworth Plaza to be finished so we can sit in the park and eat lunch)

 This is the first Walgreen’s that has local selections like Hershey’s, Water Ice, Pretzel’s.

 The line to get in wrapped around the corner at NOON

 Greeting cards, remember them. Plus there’s balloons and teddy bears as presents
 Gift Cards
 Frozen Pizza


Philadelphia Eagles
and ARAMARK, Lincoln Financial Field’s exclusive
food and beverage partner, secured three major culinary acquisitions in
the offseason, further expanding the stadium’s menu offerings for hungry
Eagles fans. 
Renowned chefs and restaurateurs, Jose Garces (Iron Chef
and owner of 15 restaurants including Amada and Distrito), Marc Vetri
(James Beard winner and Head Chef/Owner of Amis, Vetri, Alla Spina and
Osteria) and Peter McAndrews (Chef/Owner of Modo Mio, Monsu, Paesano’s
and Popolino) have each joined the Eagles’ roster and will offer
signature items to fans on the concessions and/or club levels of Lincoln
Financial Field.


 Vegetarian, Gluten-Free & Kosher Options

the most vegetarian-friendly NFL stadium the past two seasons (2012,
2011), Lincoln Financial Field continues to expand dining options for
fans with special dietary preferences. This year’s menu includes veggie
wraps, veggie steak sandwiches, vegetarian hot dogs, black bean burgers,
garden burgers, and hummus with carrot and celery sticks.  The menu
also features gluten-free hot dogs and rolls, snacks, juices and beer,
as well as gluten-free baked goods from Sweet Christine’s. There’s even a kosher food stand, featuring a kosher dog and other Kosher specialties

HeadHouse Plaza

The Dapper Dog, Distrito (Garces’ taco truck formerly known as Guapos Tacos) and Chewy’s food
trucks will be returning to HeadHouse Plaza, along with a rotation of
other popular Philadelphia food trucks.  Fans arriving early will also
find a wide selection of menu offerings including Bassett’s BBQ ribs,
jambalaya, chili and sandwiches and The Schmitter, on HeadHouse Plaza.


·         Mortadella Hot Dog with spicy pickles and cabbage relish (above)
·         North Philly Sausage Cheesesteak on a pretzel roll

·                             Veggie Burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion and cheddar

·         Paesano’s Brisket Sandwich – Beef brisket, horseradish mayo, roasted tomatoes, pepperoncino, sharp provolone and fried egg
·         Chicken Diavlo – Spicy chicken breast with salami, roasted tomatoes, broccoli rabe, herb cheddar spread and sharp provolone (above)
·         Tuscan Tony Hot Dog – Sopressata wrapped all-beef dog with Bolognese, sharp provolone and Italian long hots 

·     Meatloaf Parmesan – Crispy Italian-style meatloaf, red sauce, fresh mozzarella and sharp provolone (above)

·                            Zawzeech Sweet Italian Sausage Sandwich – Sweet Italian sausage with caramelized peppers & onions,  sharp provolone and pepperoncino

·         Tacos de Pollo – Chicken ropa vieja, queso fresco and crema
  Carnitas Tacos with pineapple jicama salsa, black beans and shaved radishes

·                            Homemade Guacamole, Salsa & Chips

 Mac and Grilled Cheese

NEW Local Favorites
Financial Field brings together Philadelphia’s favorite tastes and
flavors, all under one roof. New local items added to this season’s menu
·         Seasons Pizza available in all pizza stands in general concessions
·         Melt Down assorted grilled cheese sandwiches, sweet potato fries and tater tots 
·         Tony Luke’s Roast Pork Italian Sandwich
·         Chickie’s & Pete’s Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak

·         Bassett’s
Original Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries,  The Mac n Cheese Burger &
The Picnic Burger – w/ pulled pork, coleslaw, cheese and BBQ sauce

Marc Vetri, Pete Ciarrocchi, Peter McAndrews, Tony Luke and Jose Garces wear the green.
Photos Courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Party Pixs: Ryan Howard “The Big Piece” Foundation Gala for Stand Up for Literacy

Last night at the Franklin Institute,


Ryan Howard and his new bride, Krystal Campbell Howard‘s foundation Ryan Howard “The Big Piece” Foundation, hosted The First Annual Comedy Night to benefit Stand Up for Literacy. (In the past, the Ryan Howard Family Foundation, donated over $1.2 million to
help put athletic uniforms and footwear on Philly school students)

 The night started off with a cocktail party, as Krystal and Ryan greeted their guests on the red carpet, and posed for photos with them. I really appreciated the warm welcome they gave me, especially since I was about 10 minutes late cause I couldnt make up my mind on whether to wear shorts or long pants. You know I’m chillaxing this summer. I chose pants as I knew it would look nicer, and it’s only polite too. I’ll wear shorts at the pool party I’m shooting on Thursday and Saturday.

 OK makes me think why isn’t Jenn Utley looking at me?
 Does she think I can read her mind, like when I guessed she was pregnant 3 years ago? 
Hmm what are your thoughts? Why would I get the side eye look? I think she’s three months glowing again, thoughts?
(My flash failed on the third shot that’s why it’s kinda dark.)
 Brothers Windstein: Kevin, Larry and Steven with Alicia McDade, and Mindy Brodie. They were so excited to celebrate the night, meet some of the Phillies and raise money for
 Joe and Soo Abboud
 Jacquie Craig, Anthony DelGaudio, Betty and Joseph DiGregorio, guest, Stephenie Lemma and Anthony Lemma
 And the band played on. Through that door was the VIP cocktail party, but I found many of the players in the main cocktail area mingling with guests.
Provided all of the entertainment. Billy Handy played the piano in the VIP
Lounge, Tony Forliano Jazz Trio played in the entrance way. The four of
us then joined together to play during dinner.
Always down to earth Jimmy and Johari Rollins. They really are the Mr and Mrs Philadelphia sports couple, they live here, their kids are going to go to school here, really super regular. Johari is from the Philadelphia area, as is Krystal Howard. Krystal’s family was all in attendance at the event last night.
 There was a great auction too. Lots interesting things.
Auctions are so hard to organize, so it’s not uncommon for charity galas to tap into a local auction house.
The home plate sold for $600 (I always wanted one. I once bid on one but was outbid. I do wonder, where would I put it?)
 Mike and Marietta Borinski have their eye on the prize for the Chase Utley signed bat.
 Tim Ginnettino, Tom Crane and Eileen Herncane, holding a Philles Candy Apple. (Thanks for reading PhillyChitChat too, I appreciate it.)
Ruben Amaro Jr. and girlfriend, Jami Schnell
 Krystal Howard executed the decoration of the entire room, and it was really gorgeous. When I was espousing how gorgeous the room was, friends of theirs told me she’s hand on with decorating their new house in Florida. She picks out several items and runs them by Ryan for his thoughts. I think she has great taste.
On the chairs for each guest was a Tshirt, a note book and a candy apple, which works so well since the event was raising money for literacy.

A Ryan Howard robe sold for $200
Jim Brown helmet went for $450
Lyn and David Montgomery is the part-owner, general partner, president, and chief executive officer of the Philadelphia Phillies
Cole and Heidi Hamels, another excellent community sports couple. I know they’re not having a great season, but as far as philanthropy and good role models, these two are right up there with the best. One of the MUST ATTEND EVENTS is

Diamonds & Denim Event which is
Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 6:30pm. It’s nearly sold out so get your tickets if your interested in going. 

Philadelphia School District
Superintendent Dr. William Hite is with the Hamels

Tracy and Drew Geisler
Samantha and Connor MacHugh with Michael DiSalvia

Nancy Velori, Brittney Shipp, NBC Meteorologist, Janine Leishear and Abbie Friedman
Joe and Kellie Gagliotti who own Joseph Anthony Salon (Glen Mills)

The Phillies Ball Girls: Michelle, MacKenzie, Rachal, Marcie and Taylor oh who did I forget?
Nice cake by the Cake Boss

Scarduzio’s East Passyunk Project Slated For Demolition & A Rebuild

Yesterday while I was shooting the East Passyunk Car Show & Festival, I noticed that a Zoning Notice was up on Scarduzio’s future Italian restaurant on East Passyunk ave.

Partners Stephen and Tamar Olitsky told me earlier this year, that their engineer found structural issues with the building. I thought maybe this project would take a backseat now that Scraduzio and Olitsky started focusing on their new project, the old Le Bec Fin, but a source told me they are going to develop this property too.

The zoning notice says the entire building will be demo’d and the two lots 1646 and 1648 S 12th Street will become zoned one lot. The three story building will have a restaurant on the first floor, and three apartments in the rest of the building, which will include a roof deck. Sounds great. The zoning hearing is scheduled for 8/14 at 1515 Arch Streets.


Ready for their Close Up: The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office’s New Film Venue

The Kimmel Center organization is quickly becoming what Lincoln Center is to NYC, a campus of great entertainment venues all under one umbrella. The Kimmel campus consists of Verizon Hall, home of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Merriam Theater, the Academy of Music and the
Perelman Theater, which houses the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia and Philadanco will also house Film at Kimmel Center.

On Tuesday the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts and
the Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GPFO) unveiled a new state-of-the-art
cinematic digital installation, now completed in Perelman Theater.

new digital installation now allows the Kimmel Center to house film
screenings in addition to the regional performing arts center’s world,
pop, jazz, dance and classical offerings.  The
Kimmel Center has partnered with the GPFO to attract major studios and producers for national screening events to
Philadelphia’s premier performing arts venue, as well as engage local
narrative and documentary filmmakers to host
screenings, local film festivals, colleges and universities, and
additional professional and private organizations to book Perelman

They hosted a reception for media members and community partners who were thrilled to have the 490 seat venue for film and special projects, like power point presentations, the 19 by 45-foot screen is now the largest screening venue in Center
City. June Fortunato, Professor at Arcadia University and Laura Millis McClatchy, Industry and Executive Relations at Greater Philadelphia Film Office

Philly Singer Songwriter Jennifer Logue, Rock on Philly and Andrew Karasik, Founder & CEO


30th Street Entertainment, Inc.

 Sean McKoy, Reel McKoy Media and Hezekiah Lewis, Ekah Productions
 Kyle Ebert, Summer Steele, Donald Kugelman, Cinepix, Matthew Hayden and Parinda Patel,
Managing Director at The Philadelphia Film Society
 Bobbie Booker, Philadelphia Tribune (read her article on the debut hereKristina Jenkins, uwishunu

 Desiree PeterkinBell, Communications and Strategy at Office of the Mayor, Michael A. Nutter, Anne Ewers, President & CEO of Kimmel Center, Inc. and Sharon Pinkerson, Executive Director of the GPFO. Sharon says with flexible seating for more than 490 movie-goers, the theaterwill host one-off
screenings, film festivals and series in the coming season. First up Lee Daniels Philadelphia Premiere of The Butler, on Monday night, with an appearance by Cuba Good Jr and director Lee Daniels.

During the show and tell several film clips were shown to show the quality of the new state of the art film equipment.
Karen Lewis,  Executive Director  Avenue of the Arts, Inc. – Save The Date – Tuesday 10/29/13 The Masonic Temple of Philadelphia Avenue of the Arts 20 year Anniversary Party, and 
Dafni D. Comerota Public Relations, Kimmel Center
Thom Cardwell, Director of Development for QFest, and writer for QueerTimes

Bookings for the space will be managed by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office’s Joan
Bressler, director of GPFO’s local outreach program Greater Philadelphia
Filmmakers and her team. Pricing is competitive with nearby screening
venues and traditional art houses, offering non-profit and for-profit
group rates. To book the Perelman Theater for a movie screening, contact
Bressler at (215) 686-2668 or
With Melanie Johnson, Director of Research and Big Events at City of Philadelphia (l)
Concessions, provided by the Kimmel’s vendor Garces Catering, will sell creative flavors of popcorn and an assortment of pickles and meats

Anne Ewers and Sharon Pinkenson want everyone to know that non-profit groups,
corporate entities, anyone can rent this theater for a screening, and it’s been a dream of Pinkenson to work with the City’s film students, as well.


Celebrities in Philly: BIG TIME RUSH WAS IN A BIG TIME RUSH, and Justin Bieber Fans are left disappointed as he parties in NYC & takes home two girls

The whirlwind of the past couple of weeks. Originally I was supposed to chat about this on Fox 29’s, Good Day but ran out of time chatting up the Bieber. Then time slipped away, but I hear you twitter fan girls, you wanna see the photos. Here they are Big Time Rush who is in the middle of their Summer Break Tour, leaving the Sofitel Hotel at 17th and Sansom Streets.

It’s always a safe bet to find “celebrities” leaving their hotel at check out time: Here James Maslow heads to his bus at the Sofitel Hotel on last Tuesday
 Breaking a lot of girls hearts
 as he ignored their screams for a wave, photo or acknowledgement
Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson are cuing up in the vestibule of the Sofitel, waiting for their turn to unload their stuff on the bus.
I couldn’t tell if these were two bold fan girls, or co-stars on the bands successful  Nickelodeon

 Kendall Schmidt acknowledges the fans. Tells them he’ll unload his stuff and come back and pose for photos.

Logan Henderson and  Kendall Schmidt pose with the fans. Note to celebrities. This is the way it should be done, don’t pass your fans by; if you can’t do individual pics, do a group shot. Everyone is much happier.
 2 weeks ago this was the sad scene I found at the Four Seasons Hotel as Justin Bieber fans waited in vain for him to arrive.
 It was a very hot night, with temperatures in the 90s
but everyone, including moi, expected the Biebs to roll up at any minute.
The next day I stopped by again and the Bieb fans were out in force, some waited for over two days at the Four Seasons. A tour bus pulled up to the hotel after about 2hrs of moi waiting, some of the girls started to cry thinking they were finally going to see the man, but the driver said he was only there to pick up his security guard, masseuses and hairdresser Debbie
 Debbie, Biebers hair dresser. She collected gifts and letters for him

 Then a bunch of us ran over to the Palomar Hotel where the Bieber dancers and DJ TAY JAMES were staying. Here’s Michelle G getting a selfie

a fan and a dancer from Biebers concert. They stayed at the Palomar. Tonight where’s Beyonce, it’s anyone’s guess, but I’d put my money on no where. She’ll probably bus it or fly down from the Big Apple, put on her show and then leave.

HughE’s 80s Prom/Rock & Roll Themed Birthday at the Top of the Tower July 23

First I want to thank everyone for understanding I needed to keep the number down for my bday party. I’ve had many parties in the past 5 years, many of them open to unlimited number of folks, but for my birthday I wanted it to be comfortable and minglely for everyone so I had to keep it below 150 people, and I did forget to invite some people, so if you think you should have been there you may be right and now that I am AARP age we can write it off because of my failing memory.

That being said, this was the best party I’ve ever gone to. Thanks to event coordinator, brand ambassador, public relations guru Christie Honigman (r), The Honigman Group for organizing the event, working with all the vendors, decorating the room, doing the layout of the room, and all those details I had no idea that went into creating such an amazing event. Thanks to Katie English, for all her help, and assisting Christie. A guy couldn’t ask for two better friends, who are talented to boot. (It’s their year anniversary of friendship as they met last year at my birthday party executed by Maria Papadakis.)

Holy Cupcake so gorgeous, delicious, it could only be Ms Goody Cupcake

Thank YOU Ms Good Cupcake for your generous gift

 Isn’t this a fabulous cake from Potito’s Bakery.  They created it from a description that Christie and I gave them.  Thank you for the delicious fro’nuts too. So delicious. They were a huge hit!!

 Mr Philadelphia, Al Lee. On the left is my friend Sue Fee, who I went to college with. So fun to see so many old, new and great friends.
 Gervase Peterson, Burnz Cigar Lounge in Lawnside, Madison Alpern, Chef Consultant, Jackie Baik,
Ben Haney, Mac’s Tavern and Marisa Magnatta, WMMR’s Preston & Steve

 Thank You DJ EDDIE TULLY for spinning the heck out of the ’80s. You made the party!! I can’t recommend him highly enough.

THANK YOU TO MY SPONSORS: Replica Creative who created my invitation, and the signage, heck they do my business cards and the placard I wear around my neck. Top of the Tower – What a great space. People were really impressed with it, which I knew they would be as it’s amazing. DJ Eddie Tully, Jade Starling, I wanted to surprise my friends with a song from one of my fav performers, love her (Check out her kickstarter and see what she’s planning for the future.) The Honigman Group – wow, sure she’s my friend, but I had attended several events over the years and when it came to my 50th Birthday Party there was no one else who I wanted to work with. Focused Studios – Thank you Kristyn and Kyree for filming the bday party, and for being such great friends. Korbel – cheers!! (& Carol Drumstas, Brown Forman heart you), Yards Brewery – Tom Kehoe  Stark Raving and BV Century Cellars & Christal Watkins – Multicultural Sales and Marketing Manager at North American Spirits and Wine – PA) HUGE THANKS COOL PIXS with PHIL ANDREWS,  DENISE FIKE illustrations AND Professional Tarot Card Reader
MARILYN SUKONICK-ZEFF who entertained my guests.


 Thanks to my friends who really embraced the theme that night, and to the ones who came and anyway knowing it wasn’t a big deal. Stacey Kracher, Justin Wineburg and Aida Strata
 Dr Erin Punz and Carmen Tomassetti
 Teresa Nino and her brother, and best dancer of the night Matt Nino
 Although these two were pretty damn close – Wake me up before you go go’s 
Marcus Matos and Noel Zayas

 Peter Caperonis and
 Wendy Wilhelm
Tempa Berish, Sabrina Tamburino and Lauren Colabeli
 Dash Sears and Kory Aversa

 Nigel Richards and  Eddie Tulley – serious Christie thought of this, and to put DJ in the center of the room and not off to the side.
 Mike Chobart and Barbara Katz-Chobart

 Gary DeVito, Dan Cronin and Carmen Tomassetti
 Chip Ellis and H Lee Paterson

 So fun to see two of my friends from Paul VI High School, Jacquie Fanelle Winner and Angel Mancine/ I’m not going to let 30 years go by before I see these two again. Great dancers too!!

 The room holds 200 people sit down, and it’s great for all kinds of events, parties etc. Christie and Katie decorated the room, Christie laid out the room in a way that it was easy to navigate. The whole place was set up spectacularly, staging Denise Fike, Cool Pixs and Marilyn in the hall, and moving the bars into the room.
Desiree Peterkin Bell,  Mayor’s Dir. Of Communications and City Representative and Brian Bell. It was at Top of the Tower that The City, and Desiree held the press conference about the July 4th Jam on the Parkway events, because it has an unobstructed view of the parkway, plus both rivers.

 MARILYN SUKONICK-ZEFF kicking it with a table full of peeps who wanted to know their future
 Jacky Wright and Reggie Berry
 Me, Rakia, Skai Blue Media, Courtney and Mike Jerrick
 Ian Butler and Gn Kang
Stephanie Rybczyk and Tommy Chiacchio
   Bill Reichert, Lauren Colabeli, Tempa Berrish, Craig Robinson and Craig Spitzer
Jade Starling belts out her top hits, and a new one

Jodi Shaw-Clarke (my childhood friend from Audubon NJ, who still cuts what little hair I have left, & Mike Jerrick)

Katie English, my brother Ray LaGreca, Laura Burkhardt, Senator Larry Farnese, Dafni, Annie Heckenberger, Vasiliki Tsiouris and Christie Honigman

Phil Andrews, Cool Pixs, Barry Eichner and Sara Kelly

Greta Greenberger (and I have been friends for 15 years), Mickey Rowley, Top of the Tower – (Thanks to you, and Lou Kochman co-owner, your staff, especially Vanessa and Charmaine.) Phyllis Halpern, my good friend and #1 supporter.

The next generation of tastemakers – Randyl Case and Ian M Crumm.

My sisters Margaret Goleash, Crista Bateman, and Tracy Bonaventure, with bud Matt Ray

Diane Johnson and Christian DiCicco

It’s Like the Sonny & Cher Reunion: Susan Barnett and Chris May

Roberta and RiCk Pipito
Renee and Don Freeman
High School Friends:  Gerri Matveenko DeMarshall (although Gerri & I worked as paralegals together for 10 years too), Sandee Bengel and Tom Bengel
Cass Hallacker and Tina Elmer
Elaine Graber and Jin Hee Park
Tania and Marc Schade

 Lynsie Solomon and Heathyr McNiece

Ms Goody Cupcakes

Michelle Conron and Matt Ray
Lu Ann Cahn and Justin Pizzi
Did you hear about Lu Ann’s daughter’s T-Shirt causing a stir with the Taylor Swift fans:

Robert Mendelson, Bobbi Booker and the one and only, Patty Jackson
Mike Jerrick, Jenine and David Neff
WOGL Valerie Knight and Jamyra Perry

Pedro Ramos and Amber G Ramos – Congrats on their nuptials. I was sad I couldn’t make it as I had my moms bday, which was spectacular too.
Elaine Graber, Krista Guidi, Katie Griffin, Erin Elmore, Craig Spitzer, Carol Tamburino Thorne, Tempa Berish, Carol Tamburino and Patty Jackson (Photo: Robert Mendelson)

Fantastic Dynasty inspired outfit – Rachel Moore and John Paz
Michelle Cassidy and Arthur Etchells
Michelle and Bruce Shannon, Michelle and Shawn Waters

 A.J. Marisco, Annie McCormick Marisco, Allison Young and Dave Maser,
 Mike and I right after I proposed to him (kinda), after thanking my guests for coming.
 Tony Luke, Jr, and girlfriend, Jennifer Schloder
Mike Toub, Me, my sister Crista Bateman and husband Michael Bateman

Cindy Wanerman, Board Chair of ESP, and Larry Wanerman (and my new neighbors soon. Cindy has an amazing life/diet story, you will hear about soon on my blog. She’s going to save my life. I really have to take care of a few things. Speaking of)
OMG that cake was so beautiful!! Coming up next week, photos from the photo booth and the Focused Studios video. good stuff. Sorry to the 50 or so folks who’s photos didn’t make it. But thanks so much for coming. I’m going to eventually put all the pixs in an album for you all to take. Probably in a week when I collect them from my buddy, 2nd photographer Mike Hirata.) Now what to do with the naked doll, a gift from Lee of Hopsing Laundry Mat, probably to thank me for sending me the 6 very drunk Mainline trust fund babies to his establishment a few months back. They thought it would be fun to “Vogue” in his bar.

Congratulations: Scott Conant & Henry Langston on Your Wedding Daysssss

Congratulations to two wild and crazy guys who celebrated their love and lives on several continents these past few months with friends at each location: “The Wedding Tour”

 You might know model, photographer, socialite Scott Conant from the outrageous productions he’s participating in here like Philly’s hottest parties to the first full scale fashion show, The Philadelphia Fashion Week with friends Kristie Bergey, Michael Anderer and Matthew Izzo and now to world traveler bon vivant with husband Henry Langston. 

 Originally they were married abroad, but came back to Philadelphia to celebrate with friends last month. They hosted a lovely soiree at the Loews Hotel on the 33rd floor where they toasted a fantastic future together.
 James Cullen Loomis Huth, Maggie Huth, Maja Harris, Laura Patterson and Michael Charles Deen.

Scott Conant and Michael Anderer

 Matthew Izzo
and Hans Petrich.
 Ed Strojan, Ashlee Lauren, Annalise Strojan, and Perry Golia.

 ConDRAGulations Scott Conant & Henry Langston! says Glamour Queen, Manila Luzon, 1st Runner Up of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 on LOGO (it’s fun to see Scott’s hair brushed back.)
Glamour Queen, Manila Luzon

Congratulations: Scott Conant & Henry Langston

Check out more about their weddings HERE
Thanks to Mike Hirata for taking these pixs for PhillyChitChat



The Philly Style Magazine Party was held last Thursday night at Vie on North Broad Street. It was hot, hot and hot as some of Phillies most fashionable, well heeled, outrageous personalities, and the most party clever party crashers made an appearance.

Megan Usefara and the demure Kate Beaver
Check out the rest of the party goers in my column at which I will link at bottom of page.

 The after party was held at Zee Bar. Originally I was going to put these pixs in the column, but the two ladies on the left escaped before I could get their names. One of the most stylish men in Philly, as well as the smartest, Brian Taylor. He holds the guest list to the door, and can recognize a VIP at 500 feet. With Arthur Kade, who graduated from DB to entertainment correspondence on Extra TV, he resides in NYC now. Good for him. The other day I was just pitching a story of him to a screenwriter.

 Brian Taylor and Christie Langston, Marketing director for Zee Bar & Delilah’s
Tomorrow night is  
The 11th Annual Diamond G-String Award!
Join us Wednesday, July 24th for the $15,000 “Winner Take All” Diamond
G-String Award hosted by adult film superstar, Lisa Ann. Select open
bar and gourmet hor d’oeuvres begin at 7pm. To reserve a table for
bottle service please contact 215-625-2800 x101 or email

 Saturday night I headed over to the Philadelphia Zoo for their 5th Annual Ale Festival. It was also hot, packed and people had a great time.

The zoo has a new parking garage now, it’s only $15 to park. That’s a convenient price I’d pay.
 I left the Zoo cause of the approaching lightning storm.
 In the beginning of the night it really stayed to the south so I headed to the top of the Art Museum Steps to capture a few shots.
 It was spectacular
Hey today’s my birthday. I am so grateful for your readership, and support. i cant stress enough to go out and find your passion, something you love, find a hobby, volunteer, help someone, find loving friends, exercise. I want everyone to live a happy life, and if you’re happy right now, then you’re doing everything right. xo HughE



Last week was a whirlwind for the fan girls & boys of Philadelphia as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Big Time Rush and the epic Taylor Swift’s RED tour (With Ed Sheeran & Austin Mahone) came through town.

(Updated) Friday late nite (midnight) I got a tip that Taylor Swift was eating at Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in South Philly, so I hoofed it over there. Originally her SUV was parked in front of the restaurant, so I hung across the street w/the friends I brought with me to shoot her departure. At some point a fangirl friend wrote me and asked me where the restaurant was, she had heard Taylor was inside eating from twitter. Next thing you know 7 fans are there, some with their moms in PJ’s. Taylor got spooked and had the car pick her up at the back door. We weren’t able to get close as the police kicked us off the block. When she came out she looked beautiful in a white dress, and then the police motorcade took her back to the Four Seasons. Sadly for the 20 fans waiting there, she had her driver take her into the hotel through the loading dock. Although they did say earlier in the evening Taylor’s mom did come out and greet them.
(Taylor left a whopping tip: Taylor Swift $500 Tip Ralph’s Italian Restaurant
and gave tickets to the Chef ) 

 The next day the restaurant posted this fun photo of the group inside.
Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in South Philly – Taylor Swift, Austin Mahone
and Ed Sheeran (r) had dinner Friday Night. The restaurant kept the
place open for them past their 1045PM closing time. The party arrived at
midnite and left at 130AM. Taylor and the boys enjoyed Chicken Parmesan
– Owner – Edward Rubino 
 This is how they asked the room to be set up as. note, that all the diners would face each other
 Saturday all three learned they were nominated for a VMA. They took this shot inside the restaurant.


did catch up with Austin Mahone who left via the front door. Austin
told me the concert was great, the fans were supportive and he hoped to
check Philly out a bit on Saturday.


  Saturday Austin Mahone had a meet and greet with listeners from Q102 radio station, at the Franklin Institute.

Fans hanging outside The Franklin Institute waiting for the departure of Austin Mahone from the Q102 Meet & Greet.

 Ed Sheeran performs at a private concert for listeners of Q102. It was
held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He told a story of how he was
learning to drive Friday at The Linc. He accidentally backed into
something because he forgot you were supposed to look backwards. His
guitars all have names, this one is Zero.

At one point during the event he played Rock, Scissors, Paper with DJ
Maxwell. Maxwell won and Sheeran had to tweet to his 6 million followers
that he lost the game to Maxwell. 


Ed Sheeran tweeted this photo. After the concert Ed was spotted on South Street at Jim’s Steaks having a cheese steak. It must be his favorite spot as he ate there in December after the Jingle Ball too.

 Ryan Seacrest Instagram Photo – Taylor Swift visited several patients at
Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania where The Ryan Seacrest Foundation
has a music program, Saturday afternoon.

She gave them all signed photos
 Fans outside the stadium

 Jessica Kovalick (bottom right)
She won the Q102 clicking contest to meet Taylor Swift and get awesome seats.
Read her story here.
 Ed Sheeran took this shot Saturday night from the stage at Lincoln Financial Field. What a great view, and I love the wind turbines generating electricity.

 Thanks to fan Jessica who took this photo with a pocket Sony camera

 After his performance Saturday night he headed over to the Susquehanna
venue and took in a Lil’ Wayne, T.I. And 2 Chainz concert. Lil Wayne
and Austin Mahone were both staying at the Ritz Carlton and must have bumped into
each other there. TI and 2 Chainz were staying at the Four Seasons.


 Saturday night the skies opened and delayed the concert for an hour. The fans were evacuated to the concourse without incident. But the show must go on and it did. I heard the concert was amazing, I can’t believe I didn’t go, but I didnt buy the CD and fall in love with Taylor til after they were all sold out. Next Time!