After hosting “Down the Shore” at Zahav for the past three years, Chef Michael Solomonov takes his very popular chef event to the beach at Morgan’s Pier along the Delaware River. 

 Have you been to Morgan’s Pier, what a view, great outdoor space.
 Aric Ferrell, Jerrie Ferrell and Mariko Perry at Chef Michael Solomonov
of Zahav presents Down the Shore 4: Klezmer Inferno at Morgan’s Pier on
July 1, 2013.
Arthur Etchells, Brian Lim and Jill Sybesma  (Sorry for the poor quality here, the lens got misty in the humidity)
 Alex Rolfe, Rachel Rolfe and Hahri Shin, Gastronaut, Champion Oyster Shucker. Tater Tot Connoisseur. Master of 스팸. Epic Certified.
 Jessie Tharp, Jackie Baik, Donna O’Brien, Arthur Etchells and Monica Glass
Monica was in town for her bff’s wedding over the weekend, and extended her time to include this annual event she’s attended since it’s inception.

 Chef Jen Carroll who made a delicious lamb in a baked potato, with Chef
Billy Riddle and Border Springs Farm’s Craig Rogers
, who made delicious
lamb sandwiches.
His place is located in the Reading Terminal Market. Border Springs Lamb Farm, offering fresh and frozen
cuts of their own humanely raised lamb and plus prepared lamb dishes
for breakfast, lunch and take-out. Border Springs Farm is located on
5th Avenue between Avenues B & C.

 Erinn Tillman, Angela Tillman and Ashley Macri
 Madeline Belle, A.I. Cats, James Ryan, and Mackenzie Molton,
 Brian Steixner, Jillian Crosby, Cimone Berman and Alex Isard
 Adam, Claudia and Deb
 Robert Toland and Autumn Howard– The Better Half of Fall
 Kari and Marc Konowal
 Brian Kane, Amy Henderson Jen Carroll, and Okam
 Guests at Chef Michael Solomonov of Zahav presents Down the Shore 4: Klezmer Inferno at Morgan’s Pier on July 1, 2013.
 Amy Reilly, Jessica Carroll (Happy Birthday), Emily Sorwo, and PJ Monteforte
 Congrats to Jennifer Conley and George Sabatino on their marriage,
Caroline Russock (Have fun as she heads to Jamica right after event) and
Jett Dolher
 Pushing The Needle Trio:
Lily Cope, Cook Philly, Joey Sweeney, Philebrity and Michelle Cassidy, Yelp

 Mackenzie Molton
 Lucio Palazzo of La Calaca Feliz; Terence Feury of Tavro 13; Peter
Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette; John “Chainsaw” Taus of The Corner; Billy
Riddle of Ela; David Katz of Creekstone Farms; George Sabatino,
Morgan’s Pier; Chef Jen Carroll; Erin O’Shea, Percy’s BBQ; Border
Springs Farm’s Chef Craig Rogers
 Congrats toVivian Kim and John “Chainsaw” Taus of The Corner who are getting married at the end of August. Stop by the Corner Foodery to wish them well.
 Brian from Federal Donuts. remember Saturday to celebrate National Chicken Day, Federal Donuts is having a Golden Ticket giveaway. 10 Golden Tickets will be given away for prizes, the grand prize, Chicken for life.

 Rebecca Feinberg and Lindsay Kirkert

“We’ll be getting down
all night to the disco-fied beats of the Klezmer band with dishes from
some of Philly’s best chefs, dressed in their Disco-best.”
The Complete Menu
Erin O’Shea of Percy Street Barbecue – pork tenderloin with grilled sweet onions  
Terence Feury of Tavro 13 – “actual” crab fries (not French fries w/old bay but fries made out of crab meat), avocado mousse, preserved lemon
Nick Macri of Southwark – grilled bologna and potato salad on a Martins potato roll
Top Chef’s Jen Carroll – roasting lamb on a spit over open coals
Lucio Palazzo of La Calaca Feliz – octopus escabeche, potato garnacha
John “Chainsaw” Taus of The Corner – breakfast sausage corn dogs, jalepenos, maple dip
Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette – smoked beef tongue, rye, mustard
and David Katz of Creekstone Farms – brisket chili cheeseburgers w onions

full buffet dinner will be created and served by Chef Solomonov and his
team at Zahav including soft-shell crab w/ almond tarator and BLT
w/house made bacon