Sweet Demi Lovato was in town this past week to perform at the Pop-Tart Summer Concert.  The concert was announced July 2, as I wrote on my blog. It wasn’t a surprise to me that she cancelled the July 4th appearance at Philly Jam as I stated.

 Yesterday she was making an appearance at Q102 at 2PM so I went by her hotel (Monaco, 5th & Chestnut) about 1PM to catch her departures, as did a few fans.
Love her hair do, and that denim shirt must be her fave and she has a few cause she wore it Wednesday, then on stage and then yesterday again. I love the guy behind her and his zoot suit.  Check out the photos from the Pop-Tart concert in my Philly Mag column, 
watch what I had to say about Justin Bieber living out loud. The update on NY Post, seems that he hooked up with two ladies he met at 1OAK as he left his fans suffering on the sidewalk of the Four Seasons while they waited for him. Watch my appearance on  Good Day Philly and listen to my interview on B101 today with Jenn & Michael.