JOAN SHEPP LANDS AT THE SHOPS AT LIBERTY PLACE, but that is not the end of the story.

Last week I tweeted about waiting to break some news, but it involved an advertiser/client of mine.

Finally I can state what Elizabeth Wellington tweeted earlier today, and that is Joan Shepp, who was sadly forced out of her home at 1616 Walnut Street because of higher rent, has found a landing place, temporarily, Ellen Shepp tells me.

The Shops at Liberty Place was so not on my radar for Joan Shepp as I set out a year ago to help find a home for Shepp when she first asked me to get the word out that she was looking for a place. I wrote it in my Philly Mag column, but it got little traction, I guess everyone was looking at the photos. Last winter I ran into Shepp and she asked me again to help her get the story out as they had to be out by the end of September 2013.  I gave it to Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo to write, and then it got everyone’s attention.

Joan Shepp Closing Walnut Street Boutique

“We’re definitely not wanted here.”

The 71-year-old Shepp explains that the building recently sold and
that the new landlord wants her out. “They’re making apartments
upstairs, and they want a chain store downstairs,” she says. “They’re
not really concerned about who it is. They just want to get the highest
rent, and they’ll give the space to whoever is going to pay them the
most.” Shepp’s lease is up in September [2013], and she has started looking for a
new location, although comparable real estate options in Rittenhouse are

Last week at least three people tipped me off to her new location. I asked my peeps at Shops of Liberty Place and received a no comment. Last night when I saw Elizabeth at the Nicole Miller XIX Most Fashionable Women (which I will be writing about in Philly Mag today) she told me about the temp move, I was like oh bummer, it got out before I got the Shepp go ahead, oh well.

The “pop up place” is the old Cameo Swimsuit space (near Westin hotel entrance, it’s right in the Rotunda), This space used to house Philly Sports Cave store (BTW I named that store, it used to be called Philly Man Cave and I successfully convinced them to change it.), which can be found on the 2nd level now. Shepp tells me that the store on Walnut Street will close today through Thursday. Then open with a splash on Friday or Saturday.

You’ll recall when Philly Sports Cave first moved into the shops it was in the place where 
Kiehl’s is now located. Remember when Kiehl’s was pushed off Walnut Street and moved to the Shops at Liberty Place temporarily, guess what it’s no longer a temp space as they’ve extended their contract.
Dear Joan Shepp
 There’s a lovely space on the 2nd floor
Which used to house a clothing store. It has a long hallway with large windows for your magnificent displays.
An entrance to the upscale mall, and parking garage.
The other entrance leads to 17th and Chestnut Street, with it’s large windows. It’s right there at the beginning of what I’ve dubbed Philly’s New Fashion Row – Chestnut Street from 17th to 19th Streets. Plus the door is only steps away from Rittenhouse Square and around the corner from 1616 Walnut Street.


Let’s not forget that in August I heard & blogged that Joan Shepp was going to the Witherspoon Building at Juniper and Walnut. I tweeted hints for weeks as I waited for a go ahead, but then blogger Laura Goldman tweeted it, after hearing about it from someone at the store. 
So just like this entry, I had already shot the place and hit published as soon as I read that tidbit. But something fell through, I heard, or did it? Cause the other day I went by and they started to to demo on the building that has been dormant for years.
 So we shall see

By the way Phasion Phest is on Wednesday. You can still get tickets. Can you imagine the awesome fashion shows Joan Shepp could have in the Rotunda. Plus there is great catering on the premise? I think it’s a no brainer where she should go.