Spike TV Greenlights Frankenfood with NYC Chef Josh Capon and Philly’s Tony Luke Jr

Tony Luke is headed for the big time with a new TV series on Spike TV called Frankenfood.

On each episode of “Frankenfood,” executive chef Josh Capon ( executive chef at New York’s Lure Fishbar, B&B Winepub, El Toro Blanco and three-time Burger Bash winnerm)  travels
nationwide as the show pits amateurs and their unique food combinations
against one another. The winner gets $10,000 and their dish gets
featured on the menu of a popular local restaurant.
I caught up with Tony (I shot the above photo on Monday night at Chickie & Pete’s where Tony ordered a delicious lobster pizza.) today to congratulate him as well as ask a few questions about his new role.  He told me he got a call from Sharp Entertainment, who is producing the show, they needed a temporary judge for a new food show that would be on Spike TV where Chef Capon was going to be the host as well as a judge with local judges from each of the town they visited. When Luke did the pilot, he and Chef Capon, who had just met for the first time,  it was like working with an old friend,  “they really clicked.”  When the pilot was shown it to the focus group, they scored so well together, with Chef Capon being an expert on food, Tony loving food and having a few opinions a la Simon Cowell.  Spike was pleased and made him a permanent judge.  A dream come true for anyone, plus the show is so fun to do, it’s unique, not anything you would expect from a food show. Lot’s of stories to go along with the dishes, some traditional, some innovated, most interesting.
In each city there will be two additional judges. A local celebrity, and the host restaurant chef, where the cooking of the dishes will take place by the amateur chefs.
I asked Tony was there any dish off limits, he said no. In the pilot he ate Rocky Mountain Oysters, or bull’s Testicles. He proudly boasted they were the best balls he ever had, in his proud South Philly Italian swagger.
Don’t worry about the Tony Luke Jr franchise, it’s well taken care of by his amazing crew and staff, headed by John Moser.

Tony, as you know, has dropped some serious lbs, tells me he’s gonna be working out 3times as hard during the taping as he has a lot of tasting to do.

Plus his Gay Mummer’s movie is still a go, as they raise financing for it. 

He’s excited for the opportunity, loves entertaining people, as well as the making people happy. Winning $10,000 for an amateur chef is a big deal, and then having the local restaurant carry your dish is a dream come true for anyone.
Check out Frankenfood coming to Spike TV in Spring 2014