MIDTOWN VILLAGE FESTIVAL SIGHTS AND SOUNDS and THE LETTER P including Karaoke with Maria Papadakis Singing Love Shack

Every year I shoot the Midtown Festival. Yesterday I thought I would challenge myself and only shoot scenes related to the letter “P” (PS please don’t take the photos off for 24hrs and instead just link to this entry. My mortgage company thanks you.)

After photographing the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Walk the morning I headed over to the Pennsylvania Convention Center to shoot the Philly Bridal Expo’s celebrity guest (see entry later today), then I headed over to the Midtown Village Festival.

This guy might be confusing, but he’s wearing a badge that says he’s the pilot on the Oceanic. Do you remember where that airline is from?
 Marcie Blaine Chocolates Frozen Budino Pops

I still Vine

 Technically he’s a Brother, but that’s a priest, right?
 James McManaman, Founder of Midtown Village Association & the Festival (r) and
who also owns nearby Absolute Abstract with his business and life partner David White

This is a treat


This might burn your eyes and ears