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 Jade Starling


 A funny day acting out Star Wars
 Nice set up
 Ryan and Krystal Howard

 Max from General Hospital

 so Goofy

 Dunkin Donuts kept everyone fed and filled with hot chocolate

 Adam Joseph

 Debbie Gibson


 waiting their turn
Santa and Mrs Claus – Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thanks 6ABC and Dunkin Donuts for a great parade.


Thanksgiving Thanks – A Note For The Troubled and Lonely during the Holidays….

My Family – missing here but not in our hearts Dad (1935 – 2004) and sister Judy (1960 – 2009)

Family, Policeman, Fireman, Non-Profit employees, Teachers, Doctors, Fireman, Nurses, Guileless People, Bosses who treat their employees with respect, the Military, Friends, People who live by the Golden Rule, People who work the soup kitchen, not only on holidays, but every day, Charities, People who understand that I might write about people, but I really stress charities, and the charitable works of others, my mentors, Michael Klein, Janine White, Leah Kaufman, anyone who has ever given me advice, Phyllis Halpern, my boyfriend Mike Toub – without his support there would be no HughE Dillon LLC, people who understand I am not a journalist, but someone chronicling Philadelphia life, people who don’t torture me when I spell something wrong, put it in the wrong tense or write me letters when I forget to mention it was their band that played at the charity event, now if you played pro-bono, then I would feel really, really bad, People who work on holidays, retail employees, servers, celebrities who want to be left a lone but their fans demand photos of them, Farmers – Don’t Gripe About Farmers With Your Mouth Full, Social Workers, Garbage Collectors, Anyone who had to deal with me when I was an alcoholic mess, my sponsors, Volunteers, Taxi Cab Drivers, especially the ones that aren’t on the cell phone or have their urine bottle on the front seat, MY EDITORS, you make me look so good, Philly Mag,, PhillyStyle, PhillyBusiness Journal, The Metro and every media outlet in Philadelphia that had me on this year especially Fox 29 and CBS3.
Thank You my Readers so much for this amazing ride I’m on, and the banner year I’ve had (between 7,000 and 10,000 of you read PCC ever day. That has always been the number I wanted.)

Happy Birthday to my sister Judy born on Thanksgiving 1960. Here’s a post on today that is dedicated to her. 

If you feel lonely or depressed this holiday season, please contact The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. There are people there that know what you are going through and can help.
Also if you’re lonely, and you want to meet friends, check out the various Meet Up’s in our areas. There are dozens and dozens of organizations with have members who have a similar interest as you. The bottom line is they want to meet other people too. I can’t stress how wonderful that organization is.
Finally if you have a substance problem, please check out the many AA, NA or OA organization in our area. If could save a life, your life.

Dr. Jennifer Caudle Celebrates Her Birthday With Friends at Ocean Prime

Last Thursday was one of those epic days where I covered about 6 events, and one of those twice a year days where I either left my notebook at the last event, or it got loss in the abyss of my life. I did go to some fun parties, and I was able to piece together a little of what went on, but if a picture tells a thousand words these photos are the complete story.

 Dr. Jennifer Caudle, D.O., a board-certified Family Medicine
physician. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the department
of Family Medicine at Rowan University- School of Osteopathic Medicine.
She’s on TV, we’re both on Fox 29 and she invited me to come by and shoot a few photos of her friends at her birthday party at one of my fav restaurants Ocean Prime. 
 Erika von Tiehl, Kate Bilo both from CBS3, with Jen and guest.

 Dennis Bianchi, Vice President and General Manager of WTXF FOX 29 (It’s kinda embarrassing to misplace my notebook on this entry since he’s kinda my “boss” over there at Fox; makes me look well disorganized or something. Oh well it happens.) Jen Groover, entrepreneur (I ran into her earlier in the day at the BenFM Luncheon which I wrote about yesterday.) Dr Jen, and Chris Blackman  Media/Communications (10 years as News Director at NBC10 til 2012)

Pa Ballet dancer Edward Barnes (Don’t miss the magic! December 7-29 at the Academy of Music.), Dr Jen and guest. I needed to run out the door lickedy split to catch the Blue Claw opening party, but heard such notables as Brittney Ship, Christine Madella, and Mike Jerrick arrived after I left.
Happy Birthday Dr Jen!!

Rob Molario, Chorus Communications and the outfit behind the winter dance classic: Hair of the Dog Gala. Coming up 1/18/14. Get your gowns on. Check out the Nicole Miller Men’s Night Out Event on 12/11/13. Then head to Chestnut Street between 17th and 18th for “Join donors are heroes for a fun shop night. Gift bags, champagne
,and more! Great stuff to buy for gifts or Yourself! 18th an chestnut
shops and finish at Ocean prime.”



“See Who Got Caught in Swarovski” is a series of posts sponsored by Swarovski. Find out more about Swarovski at
I popped into WMMR and caught “The Steve & Preston Show” morning show producer, Marisa Magnatta, getting ready for the “Totally Office Calendar 2014” release party by adding some sparkle from Swarovski.
Marisa was in the studio for a bit before heading out to meet the rest of “The Steve & Preston Show” crew that night at Xfinity Live. She brought some serious va-va-vroom to the producer’s room in these Swarovski Dark Fit Earrings and Smoothly Crossover Pendant.
Check out Marisa glamming it up with the studio mics.
I think my favorite Swarovski look is this fierce rocker-chic one. What do you think?
Thanks for “Getting Caught In Your Swarovski,” Marisa.     
“See Who Got Caught in Swarovski” is a series of posts sponsored by Swarovski. Find out more about Swarovski at

KACIE McDONNELL – How Did They Meet?, Hunger Games, Brian Sims Movember, Theo James, Patty Jackson, Mike Lahoud & Other Hot Shots

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray will have surgery to repair his ACL [today]. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers tweeted his girlfriend, Fox 29’s Kacie McDonnell. – Recently when I was in the Fox 29 studios to do my celeb segment, I asked Kacie how she met Aaron. Can you believe Twitter. It’s true, he began following her, and they would tweet back and forth. She found him funny, and interesting. That lead to phone calls and then he flew up here to meet her. So long, hello Twitter.

 Sometimes time gets away from me, sometimes my photos are rejected by my other outlets for whatever reason, sometimes I have so many events to post that photos get left behind, important photos like the ones on this page. A few weeks back the Hunger Games gang came to the Cherry Hill Mall.  Sam Claflin at the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” mall tour at Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey on Nov. 3.

 Jena Malone at the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” mall tour at Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey on Nov. 3

 Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Jeffrey Wright Meta Golding and Bruno Gunn
attend the ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ mall tour at Cherry Hill
Mall on November 3, 2013 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
They did make it on Perez Hilton, so I wasn’t too worried about getting invited back to the next event as they were “placed.”

I met my reader Nurse 8 there. Look at the crowds lined up even on the 2nd floor.
 Happy birthday to legendary DJ/Personality WDAS’ Patty Jackson here with son Robert and BFF Joyce Evans, Fox 29 anchor
 Philadelphia Union Soccer Player, Mike Lahoud, charity “Bowling with Mike and Friends.”

Schools For Salone is a non-profit organization that helps rebuild
schools in a previously war-torn Sierra Leone, which has one of the
worst literacy rates in the entire continent of Africa and the world.
Not only does this organization rebuild schools but the schools become
self-sufficient and fully functions environments after their inception.
In addition to building schools, they help rebuild wells to supply clean
water to surrounding villages that feed into the schools.
 Maria Papadakis was on hand to help out.

 Wait you didn’t get your PIE -No Problem, they have cash & carry sites around town & in NJ

 I forgot to post this photo yesterday. Why is his arm missing?
 Last week I attended a luncheon to celebrate the new partnership with 95.7 Ben FM and WMCM’s Dawn Stensland at Harvest restaurant in University City.

 Check out my Philly Mag column to see who my smoochers are.
 Richard Gere stopped by the Barnes Museum a few weeks ago. On Friday Franny wrapped up filming. Look for a special screening to occur, right here in Philly, when the movie opens next year. Maybe then you’ll get a chance to see Theo James. (Photo: Barnes Museum)
 Filming on JFK Bridge 2 weeks ago
at about 1AM when it was 35F out. Brrrr.
Congratulations to Carol Tamburino, here at Del Frisco’s, the League Of Women Voters Civic Leadership
Reception honored her for as being a 21st century Renaissance woman defining what it means to be a true Philadelphian through her business associations, charitable services and
civic involvement.

FINAL GASPS OF FALL – A Few Photos I took Last Week

So crazy last week, still trying to catch up. I know you want to see your photos, but it’ll just be a little longer. In the meantime check out these cuties then head over to Philly Mag for the Philadelphia Hospitality Gala honoring my friend Keith Leaphart. I’m out all day today shooting a client’s project, but should be in the office tomorrow AM.

I love Tinicum Park otherwise known as

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum

Fairmount Park


Philly Fashion Bloggers Get Caught with Swarovski at Le Méridien Philadelphia

“See Who Got Caught in Swarovski” is a series of
posts sponsored by Swarovski. Find out more
about Swarovski at

Talk about chic dining, I joined some of Philadelphia’s most
fashionable bloggers for dinner with Swarovski in the private dining room at Le
Philadelphia’s Amuse brasserie. Even the menus and place cards were
Swarovski-adorned, like this one I photographed with their New York bangles. 

I met Kerrie McLellan, Director of Marketing, Swarovski. As you can
see, she sparkles just like the brand, as did Daneen Bair (pictured here), the
blogger behind Spoiled Pretty.

Also in attendance were
Jessie Holeva from Trend Hungry and Natalia Galvis
from Fashion of Philly.  
 As well as Jade Barnes from
Style Wallflower, who mentioned that her mother is also a big Swarovski fan.
The Swarovski team shared
more about the Get Caught Philadelphia campaign, which you’ve probably seen all
around Philadelphia and South Jersey.  
And made a big announcement.
The jewelry company has partnered with Le Méridien Philadelphia and created “The Getaway,”
an exclusive high-end cocktail served in a custom-crystalized Swarovski martini
glass with a $1000 price tag benefiting the Philadelphia charity of the
imbiber’s choice.  

fashionable pair that “get caught” enjoying this libation will leave with a set
of these glasses and two pieces of sparkling Swarovski jewelry (including a
handsome pair of men’s cufflinks). Proceeds from the cocktail will be donated
to the Philadelphia charity of their choice. 

bloggers tasted “The Getaway” and some other new cocktails from Le Meridien’s
new “Sparkling” menu.  
dinner, there was one last reveal – the attendees all received individual gift
bags with Swarovski pieces to #GetCaughtPHL in.  

Got Caught in the iconic Swarovski Nirvana ring. 

did the always stunning Nena Boling of Beauty and Britches.
effervescent Jessie Holeva added more sparkle to her sparkle with the Slake

was a lovely evening and I am particularly excited about the charitable
component to the $1000 cocktail. It’s a sparkling way to give to a local
charity before the year ends.  Read more about the $1000 cocktail in Michael Klein’s column here.

Front Row (L-R): Risa of Really Risa and Daneen of Spoiled Pretty
Back Row (L-R): Nena of Beauty & Britches, Jacqueline of Burgundy Whispers, Natalia of Fashion of Philly, Melissa of Swarovski, Jade of Style wallflower, Jessie of Trend Hungry, Jimmy of Philly Street Style, and Kerrie and Terri of Swarovski.

“See Who Got Caught in Swarovski” is a series of
posts sponsored by Swarovski. Find out more
about Swarovski at