Wanna Grab A Bite with Bradley Cooper? Plus Richard Gere, Dakota Fanning and Theo James.

You might have heard Rydal native, superstar actor Bradley Cooper was in town this weekend. (Thanks to LOL and Q102 for the initial tips.)

He attended his alma mater Germantown Academy’s 20th Year High School Reunion. On Friday he stopped by the school and attended the pep rally. Then headed to the reunion at MaGerks Pub & Grill in Ft Washington. Saturday, wearing an Eagles hat, sunglasses to cover his baby blues, and a blue coat, he went to the Germantown Academy football game where GA beat Penn Charter for the first time in 14 years, 42-35. When asked for autographs, or photos, he said I’m just an alumni this weekend, but thanks.

Saturday afternoon he grabbed a bite at West Ave Grille and posed for a photo with the owner.
If you want to grab a bite with Bradley Cooper, head on over to The Palm restaurant at the Bellevue as they just finished his caricature which is surrounded by other Philadelphia notables, as well as regular diners at the Palm (and by regular you have to trade in 30,000 Palm points to get your portrait on the wall.) When approached earlier this year to do his portrait, Cooper said he’d like to have his father, Charles J. Cooper (died 2011, age 71) in in the portrait with him. So the Palm portrait artist created this touching father/son scene where they’re at a Phillies game, sitting in the dugout.  The caricature is located near the entrance of the restaurant.
Last nite Katie, Kristin, Marilyn, Christie and I stopped by the Palm for a bite to eat and a possible Bradley sighting. He hasn’t been in yet to see his portrait. Maybe today. That’s me on the wall. 

 Speaking of the Bellevue, if you are in and around the famed shopping center/hotel today, you might get a star sighting. The Richard Gere movie, which has been filming in our area for the past few weeks, is filming a big charity event in the ballroom there today with Dakota Fanning and Theo James. Last Monday they were at the NJ Acquirium, then on Tuesday at the top of the Art Museum Steps (see photo above), then Wednesday through Friday night.

They filmed on Spruce Street between 17th and 20th Streets. Even though it was chilly out, a small crowd watched the activity into the midnight hour. If you were following me on twitter @Iphillychitchat, I was giving a play by play. Thursday night Gere had Denver Sole at D’Angelo’s for dinner.
 I haven’t had much time to go out to the set, but I want to thank all my many tipsters that have been so generous to me. It allows me to give tips to a few of my fav fanfriends (they’re usually college kids who have much more time on their hands to meet celebs.) Here Ian, and not pictured, Brooke, got to meet Dakota Fanning. They only had to wait about 3 hrs for her to return to finish filming and exit 1910 Spruce Street. They told me she was really sweet.
 Also thanks to my friend at the Ambassador Apartments that sent me this photo of Theo James from a weeks ago. Franny filmed a scene there Friday 10/25, I was planning to go that day to cover the shoot, but it was the day after the infamous car drives down art museum steps day. Ironically, I had just checked the street signs on 10/24 about the closures, before heading home for that video viral moment. Later this week Franny heads to a bowling alley and then to Blur nightclub, where I hear Theo and the eccentric Franny have a boys night out.