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EXCLUSIVE TIDBITS: The Real Housewives of NJ at Revel Resorts Casino Filming Secret Scenes

This past weekend the Real Housewives of NJ (RHONJ) checked into one of my favorite casino/resorts Revel Resorts, in Atlantic City. The girls Melisa Gorga, sister-in-law Teresa Giudice, a returning RHONJ Dina Manzo and three new wives, twins – Teresa and Nicole Napolitano and Amber Marchese – arrived on Friday and were captured by instagramer Isaac Salazar in the following two photos.

The RHONJ are about as real as the wrastling my grandpop watched when I was a kid. Here’s Melissa Gorga and her sister in law, Teresa “I’m not going to Jail without a fight” Giudice (Giudice is charged with a staggering total of 41 counts of fraud and may be sent to prison with her husband Joe Giudice for a seriously long time.) These two are constantly portrayed as on again, off again fighting, but they’re laughing all the way to the bank, well at least one of them is. The other well they’re paying their past tax bill I hope.

The gals checked in on Friday afternoon. They all had adjoining suites, and a lot of filming occurred there during their stay. On the first day the gals got a private burlesque lesson, and in the evening headed over to the Royal Jelly Burlesque Hall (as you can see in this screen grab. Note lady dancing on runway,) for a show.

At one point one of the housewives joined the professionals on stage, as the others enjoyed their VIP section complete with stripper pole. Can’t wait to see this episode.

carloscrazyself posted a photo of Melissa Gorga, Dina Manzo and three of the new Housewives Teresa and Nicole Napolitano and Amber Marchese at Royal Jelly. On Saturday, the gals filmed a scene on the casino floor, had dinner at Azure, then headed to HQ for a night of dancing. This is the 2nd time they’ve come to Revel Resorts to film scenes for the show. (I was just in AC this weekend, I stayed at the Borgata, had the best dinner at Michael Schulson’s Izakaya , but I have to say Revel Resorts is my number 1 stay, beautiful, new, (& new slots) and it doesn’t smell like smoke.)
Outlets will have you think that this season is the new vs the old, and their was a battle, and in this season that’s where the battles are going to stem from, especially since there is no longer a Melissa and Teresa feud “family has to stick together”.  We love to watch this train wreck, and until someone comes out with the script we continue to believe it’s reality.
You know what is real. Teresa Guidice and hubby Joe’s legal problems. It really is quite a shock that someone on a successful franchise as the Real Housewives series could have such financial problems, especially breakout star Teresa Guidice. Not since irritating Bethany has there been such an amazing entrepreneur than Teresa. I would much rather watch a talk show with Teresa than some kvetchy winey chick like Bethany. Anyway, sad to report that she’s down to hawking anything to keep her family afloat. I would support her. I’m sad to see her in such a pickle. I photographed her in October at a poorly promoted wedding expo at the Pa Convention Center, I even bought one of her cook books.
Sunday the cast checked out of Revel Resorts so Teresa and Joe could promote her new sparkling wine Fabellini at Bayway World of Liquors in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Nothing Fabellini about their lives lately. Best wishes to her and her strength in 2014
(A few of the pixs were taken from All Things Real Housewives)



This morning I had a segment on Fox 29 on Philly’s biggest celebrity moments: Here’s what I chose.

After the July 19th show, Taylor Swift, Austin Mahone and Ed Sheeran
popped into Ralph’s in the Italian Market for a late-night dinner. Swift,
seen above in Ralph’s dining room center, had chicken parm. Swift left a $500
tip on an $800 check (that’s 62.5%), which may just make her the most
generous 23-year-old on the planet. (photo taken by Ralph’s Italian
Restaurant and used by permission.)

During the meal someone at the restaurant tweeted to Taylor Swift thanking her for stopping in. Well you know the fans are all over twitter and following her. They saw that and hightailed it to the restaurant with mom in tow, some mom’s were in PJ’s. When Taylor’s peeps saw that she made a speedy exit through the kitchen, and was then escorted back to the Four Seasons with a 3 police motorcycle motorcade.
Because of the Film Tax Credit fiasco, we lost so many productions to other cities. The first one to return after nearly a year’s absence was Franny, starring Richard Gere. Where ever he went he was a true gentleman signing autographs and posing for photos.
Same goes for little Dakota Fanning and co-star Theo James. Although Theo isn’t an America star yet, he has a huge following and everyday his fans would write me on his whereabouts.

Justin Bieber fans waiting in the 100F weather at the Four Seasons for him, but he never showed up.
Justin Beiber was supposed to check into his the Four Seasons before his
concert Oh baby. Justin Bieber seems to be inventing more and more
creative ways to cause controversy. After jet skiing in Long Island,
then partying until the early morning hours on Tuesday night (July 18)
in New York City, he angered hotel staff at the Philadelphia Four
Seasons when he failed to show up after reserving 18 rooms. Justin
canceled the block of rooms, including the luxe Presidential Suite “at
the very last minute,” leaving behind a carton of pop rocks he demanded
be in his room. He said he was afraid of the Philly Paparazzi as an
excuse. (Justin Beiber Instagram). It’s ok, the kid has blown up his career. His movie failed, his CD failed, he’s in a nose dive surrounded by people who are sucking the air out of him. Hello Austin Mahone, take a look at Justin and do better.


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went to this Wendy’s late one night after his concert. Only one photo exists, I hear it was taken by his staff member and tweeted out “they’re just like us”, well that and a few million dollars. What they are, are a master publicity machine. Kudo’s to them.

The biggest Celebrity Moment in Philly, and one that went super viral….
Sad, Sad Drake – I chatted this up on Fox 29, then sent it over to my editor at, Brian Howard, who titled it. It went viral all over the world.
was staying at Hotel Monaco. When his concert was
cancelled, he headed back to the hotel bar where he ran into Laura
Roberts, who’s engaged to Eagles player Kurt Coleman. They asked him to
pose for a photo and he did. Recently I chatted with Laura and asked
her how the photo came about, she said that she and the gals were in the Vapor Room at Stratus Lounge. The powers that be came into the space and cleared it out except for their reserved party. Drake came in and they asked for a photo, and he was super nice and complied. And that’s how Sad Drake came about. Congrats to Laura Roberts and Kurt Coleman on their 2/7/14 wedding. (Laura Roberts and used by permission)

New Year’s Day in Philly – Fireworks & Mummers Parade Schedule and Franklin Square’s New Year’s Eve Countdown

New Year’s Eve Fireworks
6PM & 12 Midnight Shows
Don’t miss this year’s spectacular fireworks display over the Delaware River!
Best viewing spots: Penns Landing
Drive carefully, people get a little crazy near show time
Franklin Square’s New Year’s Eve Countdown − A family-friendly version of the
New Year’s Eve celebration with a dropping “square” in lieu of the
famous ball.  Families are invited to enjoy music and crafts beginning
at 3 pm on December 31 in Franklin Square. The celebration culminates
with an exciting countdown to 6 pm with the lowering of the New Year’s
Eve Square from its perch high above SquareBurger.  Guests have a great
view of the Penn’s Landing 6 pm fireworks from the Square. (FREE). 
Appearance by Andrea Duffy and MORE101.  Sweet and savory
seasonal selections provided by The Cow and the Curd, The Grill Cheese,
and Surf and Turf Truck from the Philadelphia Food Truck Association
from 4 – 8 pm.

WHERE:         Franklin Square, 6th & Race Streets
WHEN:           Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 5:55 pm
                        “Square Drop” countdown to 6 pm
The Square Drop, which started in 2010, has become a delightful family
tradition, which includes family fun and fireworks.  The 2-foot by
2-foot cube sits 30 feet above the ground atop its perch on SquareBurger
and is lowered during the countdown. It contains over 1,200 lights in
the colors of the Franklin Square logo.  Kids can enjoy dancing and
music in the Pavilion in Franklin Square after the fireworks, and the
park will remain open until 8 pm, with the final showing of Franklin
Square’s Electrical Spectacle: A Holiday Light Show. New Year’s Eve in
Franklin Square is sponsored by Adventure Aquarium.
Square’s Electrical Spectacle: A Holiday Light Show is a free light
show that illuminates the Square through December 31 nightly. The
Square’s nighttime magic begins at 4 pm, with the first showing of
Franklin Square’s Electrical Spectacle igniting at 4:30 pm. The light
show creates holiday charm in the Square every half hour every evening
(weather permitting) through December 31, 2013 (closed Thanksgiving and
Christmas).  Eight shows run each night, with the first one at 4:30 pm
and final show at 8 pm. Each night at 4:30 pm, a young guest will be chosen from the crowd to “ignite” the first show. 
The two seven-minute alternating shows each feature two of the
following songs:  “Sleigh Ride” and “A Christmas Festival” by The Philly
POPS® conducted by Music Director Emeritus Peter Nero and “Carol of the
Bells” remixed by Starchild Excalibur. 
The Mummers are distictivly a Philadelphia Tradition, and I love them.

The Comics get the show started at 9:30 a.m. from Broad and Washington.

The Comic Wenches start at 10:30 a.m. from Broad and Dickinson.(Create a Wench Costume for yourself.)
The String Bands start at 10:30 a.m. from Broad and Shunk.

The Fancy Divisions begin at 10:45 a.m. from Broad and Passyunk.

The Fancy Brigades get going at 1 p.m. from Broad and Oregon.(Marching Order)
Viewing areas: Performances take place at Washington Avenue, Sansom, Pine and Shunk
streets. The main judging area is at 16th Street and JFK Parkway.

PHL 17 airs a pre-parade show at 9:30 am., with
live coverage starting at 10. The station also is streaming the event
live online at

Fancy Brigade Finale: The
Convention Center does a show with 11 Fancy Brigade clubs and more than 3,500
performers present two shows: a family affair at noon and an evening
performance at 5 p.m. Tickets, from $13 to $20, can be purchased at 

Rain date: Jan. 4, or if that day is bad,

Jan. 5.

For more information:

 Park for free at SugarHouse Casino and hop on the free Mummers Party
Bus! Departs from SugarHouse every hour on the hour starting at 10AM. Dress warmly.
Free Events & Get out of the Cold: Stop by the Kimmel Center for all day long
Center Hosts Annual
New Year’s Day Celebration w.
FREE Family Friendly Entertainment
& NEW Garces Group VIP Lounge
Wednesday, January 1, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
10:30 a.m. – 3:30

Balloon Artist, Face Painter
and Philly Pholders

Bring the kids for balloon sculptures courtesy of Black Cat Balloon Company, face painting, and crafts for everyone to enjoy.
Steve Pullara and The Cool Beans Band
Grammy Award®-winner Steve Pullara and his Cool Beans Band bring live
entertainment to the stage for the littlest music lovers! This
performance, part of our monthly PNC Grow Up Great program, will bring
music and story to life – entertaining parents and kids

The Ukuladies
The Ukuladies are a perpetually-touring, twin-sister, aunt, and one
tap-dancing-cousin act from Regina, Canada with a lust for life and its
idle curiosities. Come and join the “ladies” as they share cowboy love
songs, Ruth Wallis medleys, faves from the ’30s
and ’40s, and a host of original hits!
Broadway Dreams Foundation: Celebrating Broadway!
Students from the Broadway Dreams Foundation Summer Intensive program
perform your favorite Broadway tunes along with selections from our
current 2013/14 Broadway Philadelphia season.
The Camden Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team
Featured on Good Morning America last summer, The Camden
Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team was established more than 25 years ago
and combines choreographed hip-hop and runway into exciting drill
Happy, Happy New Year!!
Come back on January 2 and check out the fashions of New Year’s Day!!

Happy New Year Wrap Up – The Best Events, People, Best Dressed,-

I finally signed up for Instagram and I love it

I have nearly 15,000 twitter followers
It’s fun to meet them, and great when they tell me they ate somewhere, did something or saw something after I tweeted about it. Every time I tweet something it goes on all my SM outlets to a potential 22,000 peeps
Thanks to all my clients, I had the best year ever.

Thanks to PhillyMag,, Liberty City Press, Fox 29 for giving me outlets to service.
Thanks to and CBS3 for doing stories on my work, oh and that viral video. It bumped my traffic up about 3,000 more eyes a day.
Check out my year end snaps & philanthropic young friends on
Thanks to those who let me use their online photos via instagram, twitter & FB. Here’s Sad Sad Drake at Laura Roberts bacherlorette party at Stratus Lounge. It became a national story. I had more than a handful of stories that went national/viral.
Car Drives Down Rocky Steps
Thanks to my tipsters. I appreciate your trust. Justin Bieber playing hooky from the 18 rooms he reserved at the Philly Four Seasons. Hope he paid for them.
So fun to break stories on Bloomingdales coming to the Gallery 
Pearl Properties buying up 19th and Chestnut Street, and so many 
more fun stories… including celeb sightings like Taylor Swift & her $500 tip 
one of the best events of the year – Diner en Blanc

Ben Stango with Rachel Hodas. Most possibly our mayor one day. One thing I know for sure, he’s interested in the commonwealth of Pa., and is one of the good guys.

 Theater Confetti had one of the most innovated, interesting and creative parties this year. The event was  Coartistic directors of Theatre Confetti Bi Jean Ngo and Nicole Paloux (r) who tapped Creme Design to create the atmosphere which filled the room with balloons and streamers. There was also a lot of tantalizing tastes and entertainment. Check out the night here.

 It was a Great Gatsby year. One of the first parties of the year with that theme was Amber Goins birthday party, here with then fiance, now husband Pedro Gomes. The party was held in one of the ballrooms at Hotel Monaco.

Amber Goins and  Pedro Gomes. I couldn’t make it to their wedding, it was my mom’s 70th bday.

Thanks Replica. They do all my printing and had my first photo exhibit, back in February. All my girls were there.

One of the best events held annually is definitely the Philadelphia Dancing With The Stars event, that benefits the Sickle Cell Anemia. 

Founded by Megan Smith, Brownstone PR.

The first generation of PhillyChitChat girls. Nicole Cashman, Lauren Colabelli, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, Tempa Berish, Erin Elmore, Carol Tamburino and Kristin Foote

Jimmy and Johari Rollins and baby Camryn

I loved the Rittenhouse Square Ball anniversary ball this year

Story of the year – Joan Shepp’s store moves off of Walnut Street to The Shops of Liberty Place

Sarah van Aken closes her eco-sustainable clothing store to pursue personal endeavors. Sal D’Angelo survives a life threatening accident, and Elaine Graber re-meets the man of her dreams.

Always one of my favorite event’s The Conservancy Gala

The Radnor Hunt

Anne Hamilton chaired a really fun event called Art After Dark: All That Glitters gala, here with David Schwartz, of Sophy Curson, and Jim Miller.

Marilyn Russell judged the City of Hope’s Let Them Eat Cake competition at the Merion in SJ. This year it’s 4/7 at the Doubletree

Maria Papadakis looks for her prince at the PHS Flower Show

The NAACP Mayor’s Ball – Lisa Nutter – Best Dressed

The dress that started a conversation. Kate Beaver at the Hair of the Dog. Let’s see what you have to top this?

Heidi and Cole Hamels at the Academy Ball. If you buy your ticket today, you are entered into a contest for a pair of tickets.

 Best Dressed Couple: Joe Weiss and Sharon Pinkenson

2nd runner up Cindy and Larry Wanerman

Top Chefs are always a great subject. The Lemon Ball is coming up.

On Sunday night, after the 1983 Sixers were honored at the Wells Fargo in a celebration of their championship season, Julius “Dr. J” Erving
was honored by his family at a private party held at the Stratus Lounge
at Hotel Monaco Philadelphia
. Family and friends flew in from around
the country to celebrate this special night. Pictured: Moses MaloneStedman GrahamDr. J, Reggie Johnson, and Clemon Johnson.
The Johnson brothers were excited to be back in Philly and feel the
love of the great Philadelphia fans. The first thing they did when they
got to town was to run to the Reading Terminal to eat a cheesesteak.

Anytime Suzanne Roberts is at an event I know I’m at the right event. (Saw her at PIFA, also at Feastival)
 My mid century birthday party w/150 of my closest friends, really. It was hard to exclude people, but I go to events every night and I hate a packed house.
 my sisters and Matt Ray
 Jade Starling

The Photo Booth Photos, so love…


My 2014 New Year’s Resolution. More of the same, promoting the good in Philly, the people, events. Photographing the hottest events, but being selective. I’m always sad when I can’t cover something, and six years in, there are 1000 percent more events than when I started.
Learning to say no. Sleeping more. 
Being creative. I’m excited for several projects with new clients. 
I am very grateful to have your trust.
I am grateful to have today.
I am grateful.
So honored to be honored by so many this year. Replica, The Palm putting my mug up on their wall, The Do-Gooder’s Inaugural Innovation Award for charity doings ie promotion and then 
in December the Linda Creed Volunteer of the Year Award.

Meeting this kid in September 2012, who was interning for Sharon Phillips Waxman, and writing about women’s fashion. (Here at my 5th Anniversary Party.)
Becoming a mentor in January 2013, and convincing him that he should write about men’s fashion since it was obvious he knew men’s fashion, especially those pocket squares he tied around his neck.  It’s rewarding to see where he is today with his career, one year later with a column in Racked Philly, Philly Current, Details magazine and something to announce very soon. It was fun to be a mentor, but we became friends too so that was nice; Plus I get to see life as a 21 year old again, except Ian is much more focused than I ever was.
My friends, I am blessed to have the friends who protect my soul. I admire them for their success in their fields, while still maintaining amazing friendships with women, some who are competitors.  I love that my IncHUGHbator, where I hosted a gathering of PR, Media and business owners in May, was a huge success. The mission bring professionals in business 3 years or less, teach them about media placements, and introduce them to peers in hopes they would work together on projects to better Philadelphia. It worked, as all of them do partner on projects. I will be having another one in the Spring, if you would like to come or you know someone who should be on the list email me.

2014 – Happy 20 Years Together Mike. Let’s Get Married, I bet Brian Sims can get it done in Pennsylvania.

I mean really, Utah has legalized Same Sex Marriage before Pa, crazy!


The Evoluer House puts on a great Show at Uof Arts – Lots of fashion, and fashionable people

Friday night the fourth annual fashion gala benefiting The
Evoluer House (

, J’adore la Mode, took place at
The University of the Arts Dorrance Hamilton Hall. Looks in the show reflected
The Evoluer House’s values; bright yellow and metallic fabrics, revealing silhouettes
and tall stilettos broadcasted a message of empowerment. The organization
strives to challenge girls to think bigger, dream higher, love the skin they
are in, and overall be the best person they can be. Kithe Brewster, fashion
designer, editor and honoree at the event, captured those messages with his
garments. (The tall and toned Wilhelmina of PA models definitely added to that
message as well).

Models walked down the Hamilton Hall steps. It’s easy to
fall in those high stilettos, but thankfully no one did!

 Sessilee Lopez is an American model. She has appeared in Vogue and
graced one of the four covers of its “All Black” issue, while Naomi
Campbell, Liya Kebede, and Jourdan Dunn graced the alternative ones – She was honored at the event. She’s with designer and
celebrity stylist Keith Brewster
 Maraparet Livingston and David Samson
 Shante Boykin and Phyllis Beard
 David Forman, Rhonda Forman, Stacey Lee and Andrew Middleman
 Goberto Gonzolez, Loraine Ballard Morrill and Bobbi Booker.
Bobbi chaired media relations for this event to help raise awareness for The
Evoluer House. Congrats and thank you for the invite, Bobbi!
Dyana Williams, celebrity strategist/radio&television personality/producer

wanderlust traveler in this time & place interacting with God’s creations, Jeweler & artist, John Wind who just showed his art work at Basel a few weeks back, and Jennifer Francis director of marketing for Philadelphia Museum.

 John wears a “W” tie bar. It was subtle and classy.
 The Wilhelmina models’ makeup was very “Black Swan”
 Debra Ginyard, Sheldon Vernil who was a guest model, Sarah
, honorary chair of J’adore La Mode, and Kittura Dior who said she is Dash’s biggest
 Rachael Violi and Will Ball from Wilhelmina of PA. Will
works to book models and grow the Wilhelmina modeling agency. Nice orange tie!
 Schlito Crawford, Isis Rodgers and Sherman Byers

 Andore Temelemen, Sparkel Hill, Anesha Samiyah and Erica Nichols

Faatimah Gamble, Sergio Alanbarrios and Danielle Bowlach  

 Simone Billings and Alicia Pinckney. Alicia owns and designs
G. Leon 1938 ( clothing.
 Jared Roberts and Ayash Afi, designer
Semina Adens and Cheryl Ann Wadlington, author of “The DivaGirl’s Guide to Style and
Self-Respect,” style director of Evoluer Image Consultants and founder
of The Evoluer House, is the quintessential authority on all matters
regarding beauty, style and self-image.
It was great to see so many people come out to support The
Evoluer House ( Since opening its doors in 2004,
the organization has helped over 700 girls through two core programs – the Evoluer
Personal Development Workshop and the Evoluer Workforce Development Program.
Wearing bold fashions are a perfect way for girls to show ambition, personal
development and positive self-image.
You can read more about the organization/donate to the cause here:
(Thanks to Ian M Crumm for his assist on writing this blog post.)


The 500 Club New Years Eve 12/13/2014

guys who brought #DAYLOAD and a host of many other events to the City
of Philadelphia are ringing in the New Year at this exclusive event!
 You won’t want to miss out as the 3NERDS transform one of
Philadelphia’s most luxurious ballrooms into a swank 1960’s Night Club.
Enjoy the sounds of DJ Montone and NYC’s very own Dj Nemysis this New
Years Eve at the 500 Club… The night won’t stop there as there will be
transportation provided to an after party going till 3:30am!!!! 

Watch promo video here ->
Located inside the Loews Hotel Philadelphia – 1200 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Important Details: 10pm – 2am Premium Open Bar & Passed hors d’oeuvres Tickets Available so get them before they are all gone!!!Dope DJs, 4 Hours Premium Open Bar, & VIP Deals including discounted rooms!!!

–  Pre-Sale General Admission Ticket – $100 (includes 4 hours premium open bar).
– Pre-Sale Bottle Service for 8ppl – $1000 (includes 8 tickets, open bar + 2 bottles of spirit + seating for entire night)

– Pre-Sale
Hotel Package for 4 ppl-  $700 (includes 4 tickets, open bar and a Room
for one night with 2 Double Beds). *** There only 10 of these packages
– Pre-Sale Bottle Service and Hotel good for 8ppl – $1500  (includes 8 tickets, open bar + 2 bottles of spirit + seating for entire night + 2 Rooms w/ 2 double beds in each)

  • There will be no tickets sold at the door. You can only purchase tickets online through Guestflo.
  • 1960s Attire is NOT required.
  • If
    you are ordering a hotel package, you will receive a ticket
    confirmation e-mail. You will receive your hotel confirmation directly
    from the hotel within 24-48 hours of purchasing your tickets.




 Noah Hoffman
 Snapped by Stacey Kracher at the Ritz

My good friend Katie Curtis in Manhattan shot these.

 Darren Fava took this photo of a South Philly window, and the one of the lemon hill tree below

Lemon Hill Christmas Tree

My thoughts and prayers are with those struggling today, the soldiers, the inflicted, people who have been in accidents, who are coping with tragedy, those who are bullied, or have no family, those alone. People do care, you need to reach out to them. Check out the local Meet Up organization and find your interest. Go to church, a 12 step program, and remember suicide is a long term solution to a temporary situation American Suicide Prevention Awareness has a 24 hr hotline.
 The tree in my lobby surrounded by bags of groceries left by residents for Philabundance
Please don’t drink and drive, or tweet or text, ever. Not just during the holidays.
 Pa Ballet Dancer Edward Barnes
 Garrett Snider is in Germany
 Katie English and Ryan at the Eagles game
The Obamas with NBC White House reporter Kristen Welker and her mom, and Fairmount resident, Julie Welker
 Kasia’s holiday spirit.
 The Miracle of 13th Street
Lisa and Rick’s tree

 Two trees from the Ritz-Carlton’s Tree Festival – This one is the PHS Tree.
 The Franklin Institute Tree. i liked these two trees out of the ten cause they were elegant, plus promoted the sponsors well.

Philip Bahr

The Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation Gala – Photos, Friends, and A great organization

Every year the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation
provides over 325 mammograms and 200 diagnostic tests, breast health
information to over 5,000 women, field numerous calls every week to
women who have just “found” a lump, and help women and their families
survive the financial crunch that often comes with cancer treatment.

Donna M. Duncan, MBA Executive Director and Patricia K. Bradley, Ph.D., RN President with
Volunteer Recognition Awards:

John Whitelaw, Suzanne H. Kaye Advocacy Award (John is a graduate of Standford Law School and has worked for legal aid and community legal services since 1995. John has worked with Linda Creed on many difficult cases.) Linda Lopez, Spirit of Hope Award (Breast cancer has touched Linda Lopez’s life, and has used her personal story to help others.) and I was honored to receive the Gene Kaplan Volunteer Award for volunteering my photography services for the past 7 years as well as raising money for the organization. What an amazing honor, really, especially coming from Shirlee Kaplan. 

The day was also a remembrance for Remembering:
Beverly Brownstein (r), with Carol Saline, a long time volunteer and friend of the Linda Creed Foundation.
Linda Creed co-wrote many amazing songs including The Greatest Love of All, made famous by Whitney Houston, Betcha By Golly Wow by the Stylistics and The Rubberband Man by The Spinners.(crazy the other day when I was at Revel the Rubberband Man played and I won $300 on a slot machine during it’s duration. That never happened. It’s kinda like every time I play “Prove it all Night” by Bruce Springsteen I have bad luck, wish I had remembered that on Saturday.)
 Beverly Kraut, Shirlee Kaplan, and Patricia Niemtzow, MS
 Peggy Greway, Colleen Pierzynski and mom Susan Pierzynski. Susan worked with my father at Virtua Hospital, while her sister Peggy rented the apartment that used to be my house growing up in Audubon NJ til I was 9. My dad converted the big house into an apartment and doctors offices.
Jeff Kellmer Jeweler donated a lovely bracelet that was auctioned off during the live auction. It’s on this lovely ladies wrist as Linda Creed Board Member Pat Friel and radio DJ Marilyn Russell from BenFM looks on.
Sherri Savett and Bernie Jacobs
Brett, Michael and Berny Brownstein. Berny’s wife Beverly was also honored at the day’s luncheon. It was this past spring that the duo celebrated their 50th Anniversary, and 43rd year in business with Brownstein Group Brand Communications in Philadelphia.
Carol Saline and Moi. Carol’s daughter Sharon and I went to school together in Cherry Hill NJ growing up.

Mike, Susie Celek and Penny, Eviama Day Spa
Alexander Hankin, Katie Griffin, Stacey Kracher, Kristyn Aldrich and Ian M Crumm came by to support my big day.
 I have the best friends you could ever ask for, so supportive, and they have my back. They advise me, nurture me and love me with all my flaws. They’re not all pictured here, but you know who you are. Thank you so much, I am who I am because of your support.
co-chairs Mary Olson and Isabel Momenee
 Kathy Lentini, Immediate Past President
There’s a game that’s played every year at the luncheon, and the winner gets the centerpiece. So fun to see my friends Tony Bruno, Robin Austin, Tony Luke and his girlfriend Maria Trofu
Terri Weiss, Elaine Chakor, Nancy Kaplan and Marlene Lubin
Thanks to Aversa Pr, and Maria Papadakis for their sponsorship in the program. I know more of my friends would have done so had I given them enough time. 

Please help out the Linda Creed Foundation,
keep the money local and for the people suffering from this terrible
disease that might not be so fortunate to have health insurance. (source) Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, and for my readers that don’t celebrate the holiday, have a wonderful day of Chinese and Movies. Don’t forget the Roxy Theater is open now. That is the greatest gift for Rittenhouse Sq. of late. Tomorrow I will have the cutest entry about Christmas Trees and holiday fun photos I took off from SM.


Sun Myst Celebrates the Holiday’s – Don’t Forget Your New Year’s Sun Tan On

Earlier this month Sun Myst hosted what will become a bi-monthly soiree for their customers, friends and future customers with cocktails, DJ Music, and delights

Sun Myst Tanning Spa

proudly uses
state of the art tanning equipment to give you the tan you crave. Our
location offers three levels of exposure: Totally Bronze, Glow and Sun
Kissed. Click Here to Read More.

 DJ Adrien Hardy

 Sun Myst Tanning Spa proudly uses state of the art tanning equipment to give you the tan you crave. Our location offers three levels of exposure: Totally Bronze, Glow and Sun Kissed

  Jennifer Bisicchia, Jason Matthews Salon was on hand to help out with new hair styles to go with the new skin care, Marilyn Kellmer, Sun Myst Tanning Salon and Christine Honigman

Pamper someone special this holiday season with a Sun Myst Tanning Spa Gift Card and receive $5 for every $25 you spend. So many Award Winning Services to choose from:

Custom Spray Tan, Mystic Spray, UV Tanning, Teeth Whitening, Eyelash/Eyebrow
Tinting, Waxing, Eyebrow Specialist, Skin Care offering specialized
Skin Treatments for the body and the face, entire line of dermalogica
and a wide variety of products to shop from!

It will be the One Stop Shop of Beauty to give this Holiday Season ….. Order your Gift Card online or stop in 124 S. 16th Street between Sansom and Walnut …. Happy Holidays!

Katie English, Kristin Foote and Christie Honigman, The Honigman Group PR & Publicist

Sabrina Tamburino Thorne loves her spray tan at SunMyst


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