I DID AC THIS PAST WEEKEND, SO FUN check out my #DoAC, then fill out the survey

My bud Kory and I headed to AC this weekend to see what the City had to offer by way of Christmas fun. We got a great deal on Travelocity for two nights at Revel Resorts, which included $100 for food. On the first night we skipped that food deal and went over to Showboat’s buffet.

It was nothing to write home about, so I won’t. The servers sad they were usually opened in December until 12/24, so maybe that’s what their food reflected. Anyway I was away from it all and it was a spectacular time.

Revel, I love Revel. I hear Caesar’s and MGM Las Vegas are looking to purchase it. That would make me very happy. The place is a jewel. It’s beautiful, the views are the best in the City, and the folks that work there are super nice.
Even the random guests, who allowed me to shoot this of them and their dog in the lobby at Revel.

Full moon lighting up the Atlantic Ocean

There’s a new dining experience at Revel, it’s called Relish. Light fare, but doesn’t make your wallet lighter.
I went for that shot everyone does on the beach with the barefeet. I chatted about having a virgin Mojito, who knew but a little while later I would have one.
Sunrise over the Atlantic. Does it get any better at the shore, especially at The Revel. Although sunset from Harrah’s and the Borgata is pretty sweet too.
Chef Christina Martin saw that we were in AC for a few days, and invited us to go to Viking Cooking School at Harrah’s to make Gingerbread houses. So much fun.
Kory is fascinated by my unbelievable talent in decorating ginger bread houses.
OMG what is my father doing in this photo?
Here’s Chef Christina Martin and beau Chris, who works at Revel’s Mussel Bar. 
The Viking Cooking School is part of the Viking Culinary Group and is
the group’s 16th culinary school. It gives guests a chance to learn and
perfect culinary skills in a state-of-the-art facility stocked with high
performance, professional Viking appliances, cookware and cutlery. The
school is is for those who love to cook, entertain or just appreciate
the pleasure of great food to indulge their passions. What a fun way to spend the day. Check out the Calendar here.
Thanks to Chef Elaine and Chef Christina
Then we popped over to the Tropicana Casino for their light show.

It was short and sweet. Not so sweet was their $10 parking fee when others were charging $5, or were free like the Showboat and Harrahs. So park elsewhere and walk over if you want to see the holiday laser light show. I didn’t get to make it to any other events, as I spent a lot of time in the casino’s having fun, losing money, winning money etc. I broke even, which is always a good thing to do. So do your research, and go #DoAC and have fun.
Plus you have a chance to win some snazzy prizes!!