The Evoluer House puts on a great Show at Uof Arts – Lots of fashion, and fashionable people

Friday night the fourth annual fashion gala benefiting The
Evoluer House (

, J’adore la Mode, took place at
The University of the Arts Dorrance Hamilton Hall. Looks in the show reflected
The Evoluer House’s values; bright yellow and metallic fabrics, revealing silhouettes
and tall stilettos broadcasted a message of empowerment. The organization
strives to challenge girls to think bigger, dream higher, love the skin they
are in, and overall be the best person they can be. Kithe Brewster, fashion
designer, editor and honoree at the event, captured those messages with his
garments. (The tall and toned Wilhelmina of PA models definitely added to that
message as well).

Models walked down the Hamilton Hall steps. It’s easy to
fall in those high stilettos, but thankfully no one did!

 Sessilee Lopez is an American model. She has appeared in Vogue and
graced one of the four covers of its “All Black” issue, while Naomi
Campbell, Liya Kebede, and Jourdan Dunn graced the alternative ones – She was honored at the event. She’s with designer and
celebrity stylist Keith Brewster
 Maraparet Livingston and David Samson
 Shante Boykin and Phyllis Beard
 David Forman, Rhonda Forman, Stacey Lee and Andrew Middleman
 Goberto Gonzolez, Loraine Ballard Morrill and Bobbi Booker.
Bobbi chaired media relations for this event to help raise awareness for The
Evoluer House. Congrats and thank you for the invite, Bobbi!
Dyana Williams, celebrity strategist/radio&television personality/producer

wanderlust traveler in this time & place interacting with God’s creations, Jeweler & artist, John Wind who just showed his art work at Basel a few weeks back, and Jennifer Francis director of marketing for Philadelphia Museum.

 John wears a “W” tie bar. It was subtle and classy.
 The Wilhelmina models’ makeup was very “Black Swan”
 Debra Ginyard, Sheldon Vernil who was a guest model, Sarah
, honorary chair of J’adore La Mode, and Kittura Dior who said she is Dash’s biggest
 Rachael Violi and Will Ball from Wilhelmina of PA. Will
works to book models and grow the Wilhelmina modeling agency. Nice orange tie!
 Schlito Crawford, Isis Rodgers and Sherman Byers

 Andore Temelemen, Sparkel Hill, Anesha Samiyah and Erica Nichols

Faatimah Gamble, Sergio Alanbarrios and Danielle Bowlach  

 Simone Billings and Alicia Pinckney. Alicia owns and designs
G. Leon 1938 ( clothing.
 Jared Roberts and Ayash Afi, designer
Semina Adens and Cheryl Ann Wadlington, author of “The DivaGirl’s Guide to Style and
Self-Respect,” style director of Evoluer Image Consultants and founder
of The Evoluer House, is the quintessential authority on all matters
regarding beauty, style and self-image.
It was great to see so many people come out to support The
Evoluer House ( Since opening its doors in 2004,
the organization has helped over 700 girls through two core programs – the Evoluer
Personal Development Workshop and the Evoluer Workforce Development Program.
Wearing bold fashions are a perfect way for girls to show ambition, personal
development and positive self-image.
You can read more about the organization/donate to the cause here:
(Thanks to Ian M Crumm for his assist on writing this blog post.)