Happy New Year Wrap Up – The Best Events, People, Best Dressed,-

I finally signed up for Instagram and I love it

I have nearly 15,000 twitter followers
It’s fun to meet them, and great when they tell me they ate somewhere, did something or saw something after I tweeted about it. Every time I tweet something it goes on all my SM outlets to a potential 22,000 peeps
Thanks to all my clients, I had the best year ever.

Thanks to PhillyMag,, Liberty City Press, Fox 29 for giving me outlets to service.
Thanks to and CBS3 for doing stories on my work, oh and that viral video. It bumped my traffic up about 3,000 more eyes a day.
Check out my year end snaps & philanthropic young friends on
Thanks to those who let me use their online photos via instagram, twitter & FB. Here’s Sad Sad Drake at Laura Roberts bacherlorette party at Stratus Lounge. It became a national story. I had more than a handful of stories that went national/viral.
Car Drives Down Rocky Steps
Thanks to my tipsters. I appreciate your trust. Justin Bieber playing hooky from the 18 rooms he reserved at the Philly Four Seasons. Hope he paid for them.
So fun to break stories on Bloomingdales coming to the Gallery 
Pearl Properties buying up 19th and Chestnut Street, and so many 
more fun stories… including celeb sightings like Taylor Swift & her $500 tip 
one of the best events of the year – Diner en Blanc

Ben Stango with Rachel Hodas. Most possibly our mayor one day. One thing I know for sure, he’s interested in the commonwealth of Pa., and is one of the good guys.

 Theater Confetti had one of the most innovated, interesting and creative parties this year. The event was  Coartistic directors of Theatre Confetti Bi Jean Ngo and Nicole Paloux (r) who tapped Creme Design to create the atmosphere which filled the room with balloons and streamers. There was also a lot of tantalizing tastes and entertainment. Check out the night here.

 It was a Great Gatsby year. One of the first parties of the year with that theme was Amber Goins birthday party, here with then fiance, now husband Pedro Gomes. The party was held in one of the ballrooms at Hotel Monaco.

Amber Goins and  Pedro Gomes. I couldn’t make it to their wedding, it was my mom’s 70th bday.

Thanks Replica. They do all my printing and had my first photo exhibit, back in February. All my girls were there.

One of the best events held annually is definitely the Philadelphia Dancing With The Stars event, that benefits the Sickle Cell Anemia. 

Founded by Megan Smith, Brownstone PR.

The first generation of PhillyChitChat girls. Nicole Cashman, Lauren Colabelli, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, Tempa Berish, Erin Elmore, Carol Tamburino and Kristin Foote

Jimmy and Johari Rollins and baby Camryn

I loved the Rittenhouse Square Ball anniversary ball this year

Story of the year – Joan Shepp’s store moves off of Walnut Street to The Shops of Liberty Place

Sarah van Aken closes her eco-sustainable clothing store to pursue personal endeavors. Sal D’Angelo survives a life threatening accident, and Elaine Graber re-meets the man of her dreams.

Always one of my favorite event’s The Conservancy Gala

The Radnor Hunt

Anne Hamilton chaired a really fun event called Art After Dark: All That Glitters gala, here with David Schwartz, of Sophy Curson, and Jim Miller.

Marilyn Russell judged the City of Hope’s Let Them Eat Cake competition at the Merion in SJ. This year it’s 4/7 at the Doubletree

Maria Papadakis looks for her prince at the PHS Flower Show

The NAACP Mayor’s Ball – Lisa Nutter – Best Dressed

The dress that started a conversation. Kate Beaver at the Hair of the Dog. Let’s see what you have to top this?

Heidi and Cole Hamels at the Academy Ball. If you buy your ticket today, you are entered into a contest for a pair of tickets.

 Best Dressed Couple: Joe Weiss and Sharon Pinkenson

2nd runner up Cindy and Larry Wanerman

Top Chefs are always a great subject. The Lemon Ball is coming up.

On Sunday night, after the 1983 Sixers were honored at the Wells Fargo in a celebration of their championship season, Julius “Dr. J” Erving
was honored by his family at a private party held at the Stratus Lounge
at Hotel Monaco Philadelphia
. Family and friends flew in from around
the country to celebrate this special night. Pictured: Moses MaloneStedman GrahamDr. J, Reggie Johnson, and Clemon Johnson.
The Johnson brothers were excited to be back in Philly and feel the
love of the great Philadelphia fans. The first thing they did when they
got to town was to run to the Reading Terminal to eat a cheesesteak.

Anytime Suzanne Roberts is at an event I know I’m at the right event. (Saw her at PIFA, also at Feastival)
 My mid century birthday party w/150 of my closest friends, really. It was hard to exclude people, but I go to events every night and I hate a packed house.
 my sisters and Matt Ray
 Jade Starling

The Photo Booth Photos, so love…


My 2014 New Year’s Resolution. More of the same, promoting the good in Philly, the people, events. Photographing the hottest events, but being selective. I’m always sad when I can’t cover something, and six years in, there are 1000 percent more events than when I started.
Learning to say no. Sleeping more. 
Being creative. I’m excited for several projects with new clients. 
I am very grateful to have your trust.
I am grateful to have today.
I am grateful.
So honored to be honored by so many this year. Replica, The Palm putting my mug up on their wall, The Do-Gooder’s Inaugural Innovation Award for charity doings ie promotion and then 
in December the Linda Creed Volunteer of the Year Award.

Meeting this kid in September 2012, who was interning for Sharon Phillips Waxman, and writing about women’s fashion. (Here at my 5th Anniversary Party.)
Becoming a mentor in January 2013, and convincing him that he should write about men’s fashion since it was obvious he knew men’s fashion, especially those pocket squares he tied around his neck.  It’s rewarding to see where he is today with his career, one year later with a column in Racked Philly, Philly Current, Details magazine and something to announce very soon. It was fun to be a mentor, but we became friends too so that was nice; Plus I get to see life as a 21 year old again, except Ian is much more focused than I ever was.
My friends, I am blessed to have the friends who protect my soul. I admire them for their success in their fields, while still maintaining amazing friendships with women, some who are competitors.  I love that my IncHUGHbator, where I hosted a gathering of PR, Media and business owners in May, was a huge success. The mission bring professionals in business 3 years or less, teach them about media placements, and introduce them to peers in hopes they would work together on projects to better Philadelphia. It worked, as all of them do partner on projects. I will be having another one in the Spring, if you would like to come or you know someone who should be on the list email me.

2014 – Happy 20 Years Together Mike. Let’s Get Married, I bet Brian Sims can get it done in Pennsylvania.

I mean really, Utah has legalized Same Sex Marriage before Pa, crazy!