PHLCVB luncheon – The Best Kept Secret and Networking event of the year

The PHLCVB luncheon
is held annually at the Marriott Hotel on the day before Thanksgiving, I
have been known to put off my trip over the hill and through the woods
to attend the event.

Many of the movers and shakers in the hospitality industry attend this fairly exclusive event. So many stories are gathered at this event, some of which I have tweeted about, some I hold onto for a more appropriate time.

The best part of the event is catching up with old friends.
Mike Sheridian, Temple School of Tourism, Jim Werner, GPTMC
and Larry Cohen, Brulee Catering
Bruce Shannon, FMP Media, Darren Fava, Fairmount Park, Bill
, Center City District, Nancy Goldenberg, Pennsylvania Horticultural
Society  and Michelle Shannon, Center
City District

 Christina Cassiday and Crystal Hayes both of Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
Kelly Devine, Brownstone PR, Zabeth
, Global Philadelphia Association and Elise,
Ben Franklin and his doppelganger with Elise and Kelly from Brownstone PR
Megan Smith, Brownstone PR and
Communications Manager of Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
Angela, Darwin and Angel
Jack Ferguson,  President & CEO The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, Larry GiuffrReplica Creative, Michael Connor, Danielle Cohn, VP Marketing & Communications PHLCVB, Jacob Alvarez, Replica Creative
Council people: Blondell Reynolds Brown, Marian Tasco, James Kenney and Cindy Bass
Kathryn Ott Lovell  Executive Director at Fairmount Park Conservancy and Andrew Love, Temple University School of Tourism
Gina Harrigan and Evan Evans both of Le Meridien hotel

Philly-opoly is based on having fun with young people. Our goal is that
all children and families who need CHOP’s services will one day be able
to visit these great Philadelphia destinations and enjoy themselves
without the worries of illness. Seth Birch and Matthew Williams – 2010 Solutions