Cescaphe Throws A Holiday Party For their Employees with a Speakeasy Theme

The other night I stopped by the Cesacaphe Employee Holiday Party. Yes, holiday party. When you’re in the executing the most fabulous holiday parties for others, you’re employee has the holiday party in the slow month of January. (Yesterday I tried to go to R2L for lunch, and they were closed for their holiday party, it’s a trend.)

 The party was held at a warehouse in Northern Liberties; the theme:

Speakeasy, which has been on everybody’s lips these days with the success of Franklin Mtg & Company, Hopsing Laundry and The Great Gatsby movie.
Musician Earnest Stewart (he also plays at Time) with fire dancer
  Luc Garant and Tad Myers
Colleen Ianni, Fritz Jenlouis and Justin Hoffman
 Max Hensen Catering did the catering for the Cescaphe catering company’s Holiday Party
 Ryan Herting and Megan Kearney
 So many shy employees – Guests
 Raya Stearn and Davina Williamson
 Many of the employees I spoke to said it was fun catching up with the people they don’t see often, as it’s such a big company.
Others like seeing their co-workers dressed to the nines at their fancy event.
Gretchen, Lisa and Nicky
Jim Hummel, Ray Burg (Shipley Enterprises Event Planning & Event Services. They do all that great drapery at the Cescaphe events. I love what they do at the Curtis Center.) and Lilly Lozano
Oh like this drapery
Andrew, Joanne and Sarah

Tyone Biotton and Ibn Keys

Sara Fernandez (Beautiful Blooms) and Megan Kearney
Ed Eberto Fernandez