Meet The Philadelphia News Director – Hosted by NATAS and Drexel University

I was tapped to cover this event last week at Drexel University at 8AM, yes 8AM. You know how I feel about that hour now that I am self employed, but I couldn’t pass up a really unique event, one that brought the five big news directors together for a panel discussing the latest strategies our local media use to stay on top of news.

 With this 24/7 news cycle that is now our norm, stations scramble to fill the time via the traditional over the air news programs, as well as on the internet, via traditional live broadbasts, as well as on the internet, especially social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Susan Buehler, Bellevue Communications Group, Anzio Williams, NBC10/Telemundo, Jim Driscoll, Fox 29, Lori Doyle, Drexel University, Guest, Susan Schiller, CBS3/CW Philly, Chris Satullo, WHYY and Tom Davis, 6ABC

Lori Doyle, Drexel University welcomes the guests and the audience members, most are students who are planning to go into broadcasting
Susan Buehler, Bellevue Communications Group moderates the panel, feeding questions to them to ascertain the most important information that will give the audience an understanding of the diversity of news coverage demanded by audiences today.
Jim Driscoll, Fox 29, Susan Schiller, CBS3/CW Philly, Tom Davis, 6ABC and Chris Satullo, WHYY. There was a discussion on a little know publicized service, that I’m fascinating with, called L&S, where news channels use the footage from the same source camera crew. It was started by NBC 10 Philadelphia and Fox 29. Later CBS3 joined. 
 This is an example of the footage from L&S, which is tv news using the same footage. This is from the tragic fire in Center City yesterday which a man in his 60s passed away from a smoky fire on the 10th floor. Above CBS3 shot from L&S.
Here is Fox 29’s footage. The photos are the same, but the news sent out to the viewer is specific to each of the news stations. At this time NBC10 has broken off from L&S and decided to go with their own crew, and helicopter – SkyForce10 
A still from the video from a NBC10 reporter.
Jim Driscoll, Fox 29 and Susan Schiller, CBS3, told the crowd that they engage the community to find share their voice on the news. They are involved in a lot of community affairs organizations. Driscoll says his team goes out to schools and events to hear what the people have to say, sometimes weather gal Sue Serio will do the weather from local schools, and every Thursday on Fox 29, she does a Fursday event where pets are highlighted. Schiller talked about phone banking to raise money for organizations, and in October  the reporters and station are very involved with the LIGHTS FOR THE CURE, a joint effort by CBS 3 and Susan G. Komen Philadelphia.
Anzio Williams explains why his station exited L&S, they really wanted to be on their own, covering stories from their angle, getting the footage they really needed. Everyone on the panel praised their camera people, relying heavily on them to capture things that maybe the reporter doesn’t always pick up on; which is good because even if some reporters are required to carry pocket video camera’s or IPhone’s to capture a story, the quality will never be at the high standard as a seasoned camera man.
Social Media ie FB, Twitter, etc is an important aspect in getting the news to the viewer these days, but the entire panel stressed that getting the story right, was much more important than getting the story first.
Susan Buehler and Jim Donovan, CBS3