Friday Fashion: Street Style Fashion & Real-Life Looks + My Fashion Pick of the Week

Friday Fashion: Street Style Fashion & Real-Life Looks + My Fashion Pick of the Week

I fell in love with the idea of shooting people on the street after seeing a Robert Capa photo exhibit at the Phila Art Museum about 15 years ago. It featured women doing errands during their lunch hour in the 1950s. The photos showed a lot of stress and determination of very stylish women as they hurriedly about completing errands in the 60 minutes, as it was a time, as I’m sure it still is now, where the women were responsible for many of the household chores, taking care of the kids and getting dinner on the table in a timely fashion for Don Draper. Over the years I’ve run a street style column on a random basis, but I’m going to try, scratch that, I’m going to run one every Friday. It’s Fun, Friday, Fashion. It might not be high fashion, but who doesn’t check the mirror before they head out the door, we care what we look like, even if most of us shop at Free People, H&M or the Gap. It’s about the accesories and how we carry ourselves.

On Tuesday my location was the Rittenhouse Square area. Rittenhouse seems to be the epicenter of the universe in Center City.
People from all walks of life utilize the square, either to walk through, meet up or people watch.
Rarely do I find a person that doesn’t pique my interest.
These days I’m fascinated by people navigating the streets while using their cell phones.
And selfies, but no one was doing that. These folks were in a hurry to get somewhere.
Well most of them…

This shot appeared in my instagram PhillyChitChat, but in color. It got a lot of love.
Over on Racked Philly I saw similar leggings. This is really a bold statement, and that gal must
has a serious style sense.

Funky colored socks in all kinds of designs seem to be the rage these days. I like to buy mine at Blue Claw on Chestnut Street.
As you might know, Ian Crumm is my style guru. He told me you need a niche, how about wearing fun colored socks with your all black outfit. So now I do.

The Bill Cunningham of Philadelphia, Reuben “Big Rube” Harley, Philly Daily News, scouting out the center of the universe in Philadelphia, 18th and Walnut streets for the ladies with heels, lips and hips. It’s always fun to shoot with the Big Rube for a couple hours.
Rube’s shooting style is getting his subject fully in the frame, and if they see him shooting he just captures that moment. It’s breathtaking art to capture the unexpected.
I photographed Bill Cunningham at the opening of the Barnes, then Anne Hamilton introduced me. What a thrill for me. I love, love his style. Which is also full frame, plus picking up on trends usually before designers even discover them. He, like Anna Wintour, influence style.

Super classic.
Walking in stride.
 A great scarf
American Hustle
Photojournalist Colin Kerrigan from Once a week he heads out in the City to see who he thinks is styling it. Colin’s column consists of shooting stylish peeps and getting specific details, which reminds me of a street style shot that was taken of Madonna and published in the Village Voice before she hit it big.

The Matrix
Fierce in those heels.  Definitely my Fashion Favorite of the Day. What about you?

 Hope to see you Saturday Night at Hair of the Dog!!