SNOW PHOTOS #JANUS 2014 & Video of Sledding at the Art Museum Steps, People Coping & Other Pixs I didn’t tweet/instagram etc

Originally I photographed most of these for Philly Mag, but because I was stuck in traffic in University City between 1PM and 3PM, I was never able to get them in on time. Now they seem a little dated as it’s gorgeous out today and I’ll take more photos. But I do love them and wanted to share them with you.

 Rittenhouse Square – 19th and Spruce, or is it 18th? Hmm
 Who drives their Rolls Royce in this weather?
 I’m obsessed with bikes in the snow, not riding one though.
 I’m obsessed with why people ride their bikes in the snow


Oh I get a little out of order here, but bare with me…

Cross Country Skiing on Walnut Street

 8PM total


Thanks to Kaci McDonnell for tweeting the art museum sledding shot I took. It was retweeted about 1300 times. You’re probably curious how many followers you get from that, about 150.

 But when your name gets on the 11 O’clock news you get emails from your grade school girlfriend
 And bragging rights cause over 24000 people liked this on FB, and 11000 shared it.
 (This is the 2nd time in less than 3 months a shot I took of the Art Museum Steps has made news (remember the car driving down the steps, and now these series of shots have made national news including Good Morning America,
 a video I made was featured on CNN today.) Sledding is also great behind the Art Museum as well.
 Divine Lorraine at about Noon yesterday (Instagram PhillyChitChat)
 Thanks to GM for giving me a Buick Enclave for the week. What great timing, this suv is unbelievable in the snow. There’s no way I would have driven my Ford Fusion in weather like last night. Check out for more info.
 Near Penn’s Campus – I’m not a huge fan of shooting people in weather. First, I’m in that weather,
secondly there’s snowflakes or rain drops in the photo.
  Near Penn’s Campus
Penn’s Campus

 Near Drexel’s campus
 Spring Garden Bridge
 The Art Museum is barely visible
South Street
 Italian Market
At the height of the storm last night, the building that houses Bettie Page, their sidewalk is so clean. Not so much for the Apple Store, next door.
 Rittenhouse Square


2nd & South Streets. Definitely my favorite photo of the day. Mom and dad pulling the kids on sleds.
PhillyChitChat trended twice on Twitter in Philly last night. That was rather cool.