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Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

2014 M.L. King Drive Event Closures tentative
Day Event Time

 April 5, 2014 MLK Drive Seasonal Weekend Closure Begins 6 AM to 5 PM

April 6, 2014 Hot Chocolate 5 and 15K 6 AM to 11 AM

April 12, 2014 Walk Against Hunger 6 AM to 11 AM

 April 13, 2014 Dash For Organ Donor Awareness 6 AM to 11 AM

April 19, 2014 Run for Clean Air 6 AM to 11 AM

April 22, 2014 UCP Run/Walk 7 PM to 8:30 PM

April 26, 2013 Out & Back 4 Mile Run 7 PM to 8:30 PM

April 26, 2014 Sandy Rollman 10K 6 AM to 11 AM

April 27, 2014 March For Babies 6 AM to 11 AM

 May 3, 2014 MS Walk 6 AM to 11 AM

May 11, 2014 Race for the Cure 6 AM to 11 AM

May 17, 2014 RAPCS Bike & Hike @Black Road 6 AM to 11 AM

May 18, 2014 ADL Walk 2 PM to 5 PM

June 1, 2014 US Pro Bike Race 6 AM to 3 PM

June 8, 2014 Oddyssey Half Marathon 6 AM to 12 PM

 June 8, 2014 Strides for Stroke Walk-a-thon 6 AM to 12 PM

June 15, 2014 Run For Your Life 6 AM to 12 PM

June 21, 2014 Philadelphia Triathlon – Sprint 7 AM to 2 PM

 June 22, 2014 Philadelphia Triathlon 7 AM to 2 PM

 July 4, 2014 July 4th Celebration 6 AM to 12 Midnight

July 19, 2014 Back on My Feet 24 hour 10 AM to 10 AM

July 20, 2014 Back on My Feet 24 hour Until 10 AM

August 9, 2014 Fun Run 7 AM to 11 AM

August 17, 2014 National Veterans Wheelchair Games 6 AM to 11 AM

 August 30, 2014 MIA Concert 6 AM to 11 PM

Last Sunday of August August 31, 2014 MIA Concert 6 AM to 11 PM

September 13, 2014 Undy 5000 6 AM to 12 PM

September 21, 2014 Rock n Roll Half Marathon 6 AM to 12 PM

September 28, 2014 The Parkway Run 6 AM to 12 PM

 October 4, 2014 Step out for Diabetes 6 AM to 12 PM

October 5, 2014 Suicide Prevention Walk 6 AM to 12 PM

October 11, 2014 Walk for Parkinsons 6 AM to 12 PM

 October 19, 2014 AIDS Walk 6 AM to 3 PM

October 25, 2014 Domestic Violence Awareness Walk 6 AM to 12 PM

October 26, 2014 JDF Walk To Cure Diabetes 6 AM to 12 PM

October 26, 2014 MLK Drive Seasonal Weekend Closure Ends 6 AM to 5 PM

November 2, 2014 Race For Hope 5K Run/Walk 9 AM to 12 PM

November 8, 2014 Y12 K Walk/Run 9 AM to 12 PM

November 22, 2014 Philadelphia Marathon 8K & Kids Run 9 AM to 12 PM

November 23, 2014 Philadelphia Marathon 9 AM to 2 PM

November 27, 2014 Thanksgiving Day Parade 9 AM to 2 PM

The above special events are held on M.L. King Drive in addition to the Drive’s normal closures for

recreation activities on Saturdays and Sundays 6 AM to 5 PM, lower portion of M.L. King Dr.

from Eakins Oval to Sweetbriar Dr. reopen to traffic at 12 Noon between April and October

2014 Kelly Drive Event Closures tentative

Day Event Closure Time

April 1, 2012April 6, 2014 Flick Horvat Regatta Partial 6 AM to 5 PM

April 15, 2012April 13, 2014 Flick Horvat Regatta Partial 6 AM to 5 PM

April 19, 2014 Kerr Cup Partial 6 AM to 5 PM

May 6, 2012May 4, 2014 City League Championship Regatta Partial

May 10, 2012May 8, 2014 Dad Vail Partial 11:00 AM

May 11, 2012May 9, 2014 Dad Vail Partial To
May 12, 2012May 10, 2014 Dad Vail Partial 6:00 PM
May 17, 2012May 15, 2014 Stotesbury Regatta Partial 11:00 AM

May 18, 2012May 16, 2014 Stotesbury Regatta Partial To

May 19, 2012May 17, 2014 Stotesbury Regatta Partial 6:00 PM

 June 2, 2012June 7, 2014 International Dragon Boat Festival Partial 6 AM to 5 PM

1st Sunday of June June 3, 2012June 1, 2014 US Pro Bike Race Full 7 AM to 3 PM

June 24, 2012June 22, 2014 Philadelphia Triathlon Full 6 AM to 11 AM

July 4, 2014 Welcome America Partial Lower 24 Hours

July 4, 2014 Independence Day Regatta Partial 10:00 AM

july 5, 2014 Independence Day Regatta Partial to

2July 6, 2014 Independence Day Regatta Partial 6:00 PM

September 16, September 2012 21, 2014 Philadelphia Distance Run Full 6 AM to 12 PM

October 6, 2012 October 4, 2014 Dragon Boat Regatta Partial 5 AM to 5 PM

October 13, October 2012 11, 2014 Navy Day Regatta Partial 6 AM to 5 PM

October 16, October 2012 19, 2014 AIDS Walk Full 8 AM to 11 AM

October 27, October 2012 25, 2014 Head of the Schuylkill Regatta Full 6 AM to 5 PM

October 28, October 2012 26, 2014 Head of the Schuylkill Regatta Partial 6 AM to 5 PM
 November 4,November 2012 2, 2014 Race for Hope Partial Lower 8 AM to 9 AM
3rd Saturday of November November 17,November 2012 22, 2014 Philadelphia Marathon 1/2 & 8K Full 7 AM to 3 PM

3rd Sunday of November November 18,November 2012 23, 2014 Philadelphia Marathon Full 7 AM to 3 PM

Dad Vail, Stotesbury, and Independence regattas are multi-days closures – starting Thursday after AM rush hour and remaining closed until Saturday around 6:00 PM.

Full closure means that the entire length of Kelly Drive – from Eakins Oval to Ridge Avenue / Lincoln

Drive – is closed.

Partial closure means that only a section of Kelly Drive is closed – generally from Fountain Green

Drive (south) to Strawberry Mansion Drive (north).


Video & Photos: PATTI LABELLE Makes an Appearance at Keven Parker’s Soul Cafe One Year Anniversary

Legendary PATTI LABELLE Makes an Appearance at Keven Parker’s Soul Cafe One Year Anniversary at the Reading Terminal Market on Friday afternoon.

 Arriving at 3PM for her 12PM to 3PM appearance, all was forgiven as Patti looked flawless
In her white coat, stylish brown hat and the cutest purse. Here she is with good friend, KeVen Parker owner of Soul Cafe as well as Ms Tootsie’s on South Street.
Patti greets the fans, making her way over to the Cafe to thank them for coming, she talked about what a good friend KeVen Parker is, as well as his mom. Then she belted out one of my favorite songs.
BTW Patti LaBelle, flawless even without make up on.

About Last Night: Purple Dish It Up With The Ladies of the Culinary Art of Philadelphia

LIVE from the ‘purple carpet’, Philadelphia’s strongest advocate for victims of domestic violence Women Against Abuse kicked off Dish It Up 2014 last night at the WHYY Studios in Old City. The only fundraising event and food competition that celebrates our city’s women-owned restaurants and women chefs.

 Chef Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran (Marcie and Val have participated in #DishItUp for the past 4 years and told me that it’s a great honor to be recognized for doing something they love, and the event is a wonderful celebration of women and in the culinary field.)
– two pioneering entrepreneurs whose seven restaurants and boutiques on
13th Street in Philadelphia have helped transform the once desolate
neighborhood into a trendy Midtown Village – have been selected as the
2014 inaugural honorees with 6ABC’s Melissa Magee
Daniela D’Ambrosio, The Pickled Heron
Stacey DiPlacido, Fitzwater Cafe | Bridget Foy, Bridget Foy’s
Kate Jacoby, Vedge | Rachel Klein, Miss Rachel’s Pantry
Moon Krapugthong, Chabaa Thai | Karen Nicolas, Citron & Rose
Jess Nolan, Brauhaus Schmitz | Aimee Olexy, Talula’s Garden
Susan VanVreede, Distrito
 Chef Caleb from Barbuzzo whips up a delight.
Women Against Abuse, a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency, is Philadelphia’s
leading domestic violence advocate and service provider and among the
largest domestic violence agencies in the country.
 In the VIP party, all of the Safran/Turney restaurants were represented included the latest dish, Little Nonna’s.

 Drew Lazor, food writer and Matt Siwek, Miles Catering

 Maria Papadakis on the purple carpet
Pam Kingsland, Pamcakes with her tasty treats, unfortunate I can’t have any as I’m on my one millionth new diet, which is Paleo – The Caveman Diet. They didn’t have cupcakes in the Caveman era. But I was hanging with Nathan Learner and he told me they were delicious.
 Katie McDermott and Jen Kremer, Sweet Freedom
There was a dessert competition too.
Pam Kingsland, Pamcakes | Jen Kremer, Sweet Freedom Bakery
Toni and Chrissy Walton, Sweet T’s Bakeshop
 Rachel from Miss Rachel’s Pantry. It’s a Vegan catering & meal delivery company located on East Passyunk Ave.
 Monique Berry and Melissa Falello
 Lauren, Allison and Laura – Vedge (Hmm I’m draw to vegetables lately, is the universe trying to tell me something?)
 The Face of a Vegetarian: Susan and Bill Henley.
 Senator Anthony H. Williams and James F Campenella
 Chef Jen Carroll was the inaugural Purple Dish Winner in 2009, and returns as a judge in tonight’s competition. Other judges included Drew Lazor, Natalie Maronski, chef de cuisine, Volver
Caroline Russock, City Paper food editor
 Macy’s was one of the sponsors, and these models
are walking Social Media billboards. It’s interesting to see how Twitter is taking over the world. Oh are you following me yet, you should @iphillychitchat I’ll tell you things, like last night M Night had his wrap party for Sundowning at The Stratus Lounge, I tweeted last night.
Bridget’s Foy’s of South Street. Great tomato soup. Fun low key place. Has an outdoor patio that faces South Street. Great people watching in the warmer weather & delicious food.
Millennial Fashionable
 Kate Olmann, Jason B. and Erin McKenna
 Krystal Souvanlasy, South Street Headhouse District, Melissa Bocage, Heather Yocum
TONIGHT: Fourth Friday Relaunch in South Street Headhouse District
The Purple Dish Award goes to Aimee Olexy of Talula’s Garden and Pam Kingsland of Pamcake won for best cupcakes.


Back before the cupcakes became the rage, steakhouses were the rage and it seemed like one was opening up ever other week.
The well heeled, the who’s who, 
Uche Ojeh and Sheinelle Jones, Fox 29 & Good Day Philly for one more day
sports and news figures, the movers and
shakers walked the red carpet of the new carnivore/seafood steakhouse
that once housed the Kellemer Jewelers store before they moved uptown. 
The economy was not kind to the opulent steakhouse, as well as several behind the scenes dramas, and it closed at the end of 2012. (the beautiful interior was done by DAS Architects)
The building lingered for awhile with rumors rampant that the owners would try and open the place (or maybe the Cheesecake Factory would open there), but then in the spring of 2013 the facade began to fall apart and L&I posted signs for them to correct the problem or they would tear it down. (OK as if that was really going to happen.)

The building was sold in December 2014 to 715-717 Chestnut Street Corporation, dba as Parkway Corporation – FOR $4.2 Million

Parkway headed by magnate, owner Joseph Zuritsky also bought the adjoining parking lot next door to Union Trust. (It used to be a 5 Star).

Don’t fret, they’re not tearing it down, it’s becoming a catering hall and Finley Catering will be taking over the operations. A Finley catering source told me they will be gutting the entire building to create another spectacular event space for me to photograph the well heeled, reporters and sports figures as well as my people. Look for the new rental space to be available for the busy holiday season.

About Last Night: Cocktails & Bites with the Ambassadors of The Wistar Institute at Rosa Blanca

Cocktails & Bites with the Ambassadors of The Wistar Institute at Rosa Blanca last week.
Guests gathered for an intimate cocktail party to launch a new
focus on the Wistar Ambassodors program and to meet the president and CEO and hear about the importance of Wistar Foundation.

Janet Fiore, Russel E. Kaufman, M.D. is President and CEO of The Wistar Institute and Eden Gruber


Ambassadors are a group of young residents of the Philadelphia region between
the ages of 25 and 40 years old who want to learn more about the bold
new advances in cancer research at The Wistar Institute and find new
ways of raising local and national awareness of these efforts.

 Joy Deibert, Elisabeth Hill and Emily Gerstal

 Jason and Rachel Cerva,

Josie  Burri, Manager of Events and Donor Marketing and Laura Torchin

Michael Magnatta, Allie Fumo, Allison Becker
Ben Leach and Jessica Martinez
AMBASSADORS – Stephanie Desjardins, Katie Adams, Jen Guarino, Elaine
Battaglia, Gabriela Guaracao, Katie Griffin, Dr. Russel Kaufman, Lynsie Solomon,
Rachel Luber, Alexa Lustig
Noelle Burg and Jenny Perkins
Lynsie Solomon. Chair and Evan Solomon
Gabriela Guaracao and Mathew Fontana
Guest, Katie Griffin, Krista Guidi

Josh and Noelle Burg
Katie Adams and Joy Deibert (Photo bomber Jason Cerva)
Stephanie and Garret Desjardins

Latest Links to My Party Photos at PhillyMag and & Philly Daily News w/Molly Eichel plus #PCCInsider

Sorry about not posting on Monday. I keep failing at my #1 rule which is bloggers must post everyday to be taken seriously, as well as to feed the Google Gods. Anyway, I was feeling a little under the weather so I slept in til about 10AM, but progress doesn’t wait for me to stop hitting snooze.

The snow that falls tonight, will not be enough to sled on the Art Museum Steps.

I immediately went to work on getting columns up in Phillydotcom and PhillyMag.  I’ll put them up first. PS I don’t send photos out people, sorry. I don’t have time, and even when I used to sell them for $7 they just never moved, and most of the time when I am hired for a job the photos I don’t use in my media outlets go back to the client for media distribution, and usually at some point they post them on their FB pages.

Manna’s Shut Up and Dance

 The Dunton Brothers

PhillyDotCom Photos: Goals for Giving Hockey Benefit at Flyers Skate Zone Read more at 

Thanks to Philly Daily News’ Molly Eichel for publishing a photo from the event.

Nissan LEAF® Electric Car: 100% Electric. 100% Fun. people were fascinated by it.

Sponsor of Zarwin Baum’s March Madness Party


Sometimes on twitter or on my blog, I like to give you a little #PCCInsider on how I do things. I love looking at an event, and seeing where the photos would fit in my media outlets. I don’t get the final say, I have editors who make that decision, but I’m grateful they put a lot of trust in me too.

I try not to have competing columns on the same subject in both my and columns, but it was a 9hr party. I was hired for 4.5 of the hours, but I stayed for the 9hrs as the shifts were separated by 3 hrs and well there was free food, friends and people. If I had left during my off hours I would have missed Todd and Brent as they came at 3PM. Anyway, if you look at both columns you’ll see I was true to each of the brands the outlets represent. (Inside tidbits) Photos: 12th annual Zarwin Baum March Madness Party at the Crystal Tea Room Read more at

PhillyMag Online

Zarwin Baum 12th Annual March Madness Watching Party

Thanks for your support. I promise not to miss any more days of posting. It’s like my diet, if I cheat then it takes me forever to get back on it. So a few weeks back I missed a post, and now I’ve missed four dagnabbit.


Doctors Express Urgent Care OPENS TODAY – VIP Opening Party Pixs

A New Doctors Express Urgent Care opened on Montgomery Avenue in
Narberth. The new facility is open 7 days a week with hours for the center are 8-8 on weekdays and 8-5 on weekends..
Doctors Express services include: urgent care for injury and illness,
X-Rays, Vaccines, Lab Work, Prescriptions and Physical exams. There’s a
Doctor’s Express located in South Philly too.

The Doctors Express Local Doctors; Dr. Kate Kirksey and Dr. Leo Robb.

April Andrews and  Liz Vassal

Acute illnesses are typically those of rapid onset, brief and oftentimes, severe in nature. We have state of the art equipment and the resources necessary for acute care.
 FC Doctors Express treats everything from cuts and bruises to fractures
and colds and everything in between. We have on-site lab tests, x-rays
and prescriptions with no appointments needed. They have a state-of-the-art
urgent care center with professional medical staff on-site every day.
 I’ve used Doctor’s express before, and it’s great if you have a cold, or the flu. They can even do xrays, and write prescriptions. Sometimes I don’t have time to make it over to my doctor, so this alternative choice is perfect for me.

 If you’re going on a trip, it’s a great place to get all your the necessary vaccinations.

 Jason Barrett, Kathy Hansell, and Fred Hansell.

 Marcellus Alexander and Mike Young.
 Jillian Palmer and Jen Sherlock owner of Jenna Communications, who does the PR for Doctors Express.
 Jeff Evans, Joe DeCamara, Dr. Kate Kirksey, Dr. Leo Robb, and Luke Demo.

Address & Phone

AFC/Doctors Express Narberth
934 Montgomery Avenue
Narberth, PA 19072
Phone: 484 270 8600
Fax: 484 270 8632 
Opens TODAY MARCH 25!!
 Cristina Mucchetti and Christine Marron.
Thanks to PCC photographer Mike Hirata for shooting this client event. If you need to hire a PCC photographer, contact us for rates.

PHOTOS: The Kidney Ball, MC’d by Mike Jerrick, entertainment by the Mummers #CharityGala

The last two weeks, as you may surmise, have been dominated by event after event. It doesn’t matter that I have 4 outlets, when you shoot 26 events in a week there’s going to be a delay. Plus my feedburner is on the blitz. I’ll have to address that when I have time. Today we’re going to the Kidney Ball which was held Saturday a week ago. The same night I went to the HRC Dinner and the Red Ball, which the later I have yet to publish. I do hope you follow along with me on twitter and instagram, when I do #LiveReport from these events. Thanks so much and on with the show…

 Every event needs to begin with the Mummers
and then have Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick MC their event. I don’t think there’s another reporter/anchor in this City that participates in as many charity events as he does. Plus he’s so darn good at commanding the attention of an audience, while being funny at the same time.

Denise Lomento and Luis Ortiz, both of Saks Bala Cynwyd
Cheri and Kevin Sperling
Mian Jan, Zarshawn Jan and Ambereen Jan
Joseph Anton, Jennifer Anton, Johanna Walters and Ryan Swiney
The evening began with the delicious Cescaphe signature seafood and Italian buffet, and that’s just the cocktail hour.
Samantha Peruto and Anca Stanescu

Robert Talley, Ken Maminski, Capt Aqua String Band, and Margie Talley
Barb Kucia and Mary Kay Cousart
Fred Vitaly, Shannon Oats Rivera, Leonard River, Bill Campbell and Joe Mullen
The event welcomed over 370 guests and together we raised over $375,000 toward the awareness, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease in the Delaware Valley.
only did the Pearl Anniversary honor Dr. George Francos, the Beatrice
F. Nicoletti Professor of Nephrology at Thomas Jefferson University,
the event also reunited him with Mary Sullivan, a former patient’s
wife. The evening stood as a “gift of remembering” for her and Dr.
Francos as they remembered her husband’s struggle with kidney disease.

Janaea Holmes and Christine Holmes

Co-Chair Taylor Campitelli with mom Mary
Frankie Mancuso, Toby Delarosa and Peter Lance. Later the trio hit up City of Hope’s Dragapalooza at Voyeur. I heard I missed something special. I covered the Red Ball, which I will be writing this week. So behind in my events.


Sorry I’ve gotten behind, some events haven’t posted cause I’ve discovered when you shoot 26 events in three weeks there’s just not enough media outlets to place them all in.  Here are a few events I have placed in my outside media outlets…

Also I know you haven’t been recieving my email, for some reason the RSS feedlink is broken. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. Otherwise I might start doing a the Chimp Mailing thingy.

The following are events I photographed this past weekend:

Stars for Strokes Gala in Philly Mag

Bi at Sundown the New bi-weekly Dance Party at Ultra Lit. I did do a column for both and G Philly. See if you can figure out the theme of both columns, and why they are different.

Philly Mag – Entertainment Section – TICKET

Last week: Chasing Dreams Opening Night Gala

The Mayor’s Second Annual Masquerade Ball

Purim Ball at the National American Jewish Museum

Philadelphia Union Cocktails and Cleats Gala