2014 Philadelphia Dyke March

Since 1998, the Philly Dyke March has been an opportunity for self-identified dykes to gather, march and rally.

Gloria Casarez is Mayor Nutter’s liaison to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and was the Grand Marshall of the GLBT Pride Parade on Sunday.
Sit back and enjoy the love of these ladies.

 and their supporters.
 Including Rep Brian Sims

 Samantha Giusti and Amber Hikes
(Check out Amber on the Career Wardrobe catwalk later today in my PhillyMag column)

 John C. Anderson Apartments residents see their first Dyke March. What a great year Philly’s GLBT have had. I remember when it wasn’t so great, when Rizzo and his gang were shaking down the gay bars. It was a scary time.

Message from the bride >>>
skgally This
was truly amazing! I’m so glad our paths crossed- it’s amazing that the
federal government has finally lifted the ban on same sex marriage in
our state and I was honored to stand, if only for a moment, and show my

Happy Gay & Lesbian Pride Month!!