Lourde’s magical week in Philly, poses with fan sans Makeup, Burger.Org closing, A Look inside Chop at Comcast

I think we have to listen to her song while we read this post. It’s an annoying little ditty, that propel her from not being a royal right up there next to Taylor Swift.

I like how Lourde doesn’t put an advertisement on this video and it starts immediately.

 Lourde was still down to earth while staying in Philly in anticipation to kicking off her tour at the Mann Music Center on Friday night. Wednesday she her mother headed to The Forrest Theater and caught one of the final showings of The Book of Mormon (It closes on 9/14) She was gracious and went back stage to meet the cast and pose for a photo.

 Thursday night a few fans (Team Ian) caught her as she returned to The Palamor Hotel at 17th and Sansom Streets. She was super nice and posed sans make up. I love her bacon and egg cover phone. She’s also carrying her laptop. I like her street style.

 The other day I walked by Chop, which took over the space that once was Table 31. It looks like it’s almost ready. I love the decor, simple with a touch of throw back ’70s wallpaper.

Nice supper club feel. I can almost taste the steak now. When’s it open? The outdoor space is open now, and was reasonable for lunch, but the atmosphere is priceless. I love eating outdoors, especially in the business hub of Center City. I don’t love that it closes at 7PM. I wish it were open later, I think it would draw a crowd.

 OMG while I was chasing the naked Bike Riders through Center City the other day as I wanted to shoot them in several different locations, (Check out my column here on PhillyMag.), I noticed that had a rental sign on it. As it was closed I couldn’t tell if that was a permanent thing or not.

Monday afternoon on my way to a book signing at Barnes & Noble, I saw there were people inside. I asked what was up with the rental sign. The owner indicated that the landlord wanted to raise the rent, and he wasn’t going to have any of that. He told me he was planning to stay there a long time and that sign was just a threat. OK then, I do recall last year there was a similar conflict with an Italian restaurant near Rittenhouse Square where the rental company wanted to raise the rent and slapped a For Rent sign on it. Eventually they found a middle ground.