The 5th Anniversary Audi Feastival in Photos

For the first time in 5 years I wasn’t able to make it to Audi Feastival event on Penns Landing; so I’m featuring the best instagram photos of the night to tell us the story. This year Feastival headed to Penns Landing parking lot and pitched a few tents to host their gala. The views were magnificent. Hopefully they’ll be in the same spot next year. I’m sorry I missed it, it looks spectacular!!

Richard Vague, Mike Solomonov, Audrey Taichman, Stephen Starr and David Lipson at #PhillyFEASTIVAL #AUDIFEASTIVAL

@twistedtailphl is whipping up some sick cocktails…shown here is the fig #bramble #phillyFEASTival #cheersto5years @thetowndish
Keving Yanga from Izakaya at the Borgata and Travis Masar chef at Sampan and the PHL Beer Garden

Looks cool, They held it the the spot where in the winter the ice skating rink sits

With #TopChef winner Nick Elmi at #Feastival!

The spectacular end.