The Secret Life of Cats – Can they Get Any More Adorable in these Photos taken at a promo event Friday?

Nat Geo WILD’s The Secret Life of CATS, premiering Sunday, Sept 21. @ 10PM. 

 Secret Life of Cats Sunday at 10P on Nat Geo WILD.

 But today at Commerce Square there was a fun promo for the event which included 5 cats , kittens really, who were ready to be adopted. All you needed was $75 to get a spayed, cat with all it’s shots.

 Combining the latest scientific research with intimate macrophotography, illuminating thermal images and slow-motion footage, The Secret Life of Cats
exposes the awe-inspiring qualities that every cat possesses. Tracing a
cat’s development from birth to six months, see how a blind, deaf and
ultimately defenseless newborn evolves into an agile hunter, savvy
survivalist and trusted confidant.

 I heard lots of people say, let me see if I can convince my husband, boyfriend, roommate because they’re so cute.

 Mrs. Pennsylvania Amira Hamid Joseph tells me she loves volunteering for the  SPCA

 Jesse Cute is thinking maybe my dog will get along with you!

 By the end of the day all 5 kittens were adopted.
 The Allied Crew

.Don’t forget to watch on Sunday at 10PM on Nat Geo. Check out the trailer below.