Tina Fey Stops By The Betsy Ross House sans Make Up and Gladly Poses for a Picture

On Monday, Tina Fey did the tourist in my hometown thing and stopped by the Betsy Ross House.

She was accompanied by a friend and two young kids. The mommies chatted while the kids shared an audio tour on the history of Betsy Ross and the flag. They visited the house for over 2 hours, and came unannounced. At first the folks working thought the Upper Darby, PA born actress was Sarah Palin, a character she’d performed on SNL from September to November 2008, in a series of parodies of Republican vice-presidential candidate, but after a bit they were squealing in delight when they realized it was Tina Fey.  Other famous peeps who have stopped by the seamstress’ house include former  Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov