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Photos: 2015 Run for Clean Air Presented by Toyota Hybrids, Rock Climbing, Victory Beer Garden, Where I Saw Geoff Peirce

2015 Run for Clean Air Presented by Toyota Hybrids
  The events of the day started at 8AM with registration, and stretching.
I ran into a few friends Kathe Archibald and Mike Sheridan
The Run for Clean Air Presented by Toyota Hybrids has something for everyone to enjoy!
  Denise Trembley, Harish Sethu and Lydia Chaudhry on
The Humane League
 Julia Bacon and Syretta Bacon before the 5K race.
 Gisela Negron and Chris Negron hydrate before teh race
 Geanynan Chung, Helene Sisti, and Marisa Wyland
 Toyota Hybrids pace car
 And they’re off
 Olivia Snyder, Karen Maneely and Natacha Vidal had relaxing massages for the runner. They were packed after the race.
  Zach Miller (1st place in 10K), Justin
Simard (2nd Place)

 The kids fun run

Joseph Otis Minott, Esq., Executive Director Clean Air Council, Evan Urbania, Chatterblast was recognized for his company’s efforts to be green, as well as encouraging them to ride their bikes to work.

 Zach Miller (1st place in 10K), Justin
(2nd Place) and Andrew Vanhoogenstyn (3rd Place) These
are the guys who placed in the 10K,
 Katie Edwards, Environmental Health & Waste Project Coordinator/5K Run for Clean Air Director, Carolyn Cicilia (1st place
winner in the 60 – 69 age group.)
 Nick Vanore placed in the 10K.
 Congratulations of EPA Region 3 for raising the most money for a largest corporate group.

Katie Edwards places 
a medal on Patty Smith Gardener as first place winner in the 55 – 60, 5k
After the run a lot of the racers and supporters hung out on the famed Art Museum Steps. It’s there that I spotted a guy doing exercises, shot a few videos/photos and it went viral.
The best part, most every time this story appeared in the media it linked back to my original story where I mentioned that I took the photo at the end of the Clean Air Run. That made me very happy.

Arden Rose Launches Big City Closet Fashion and Lifestyle Blog with a Party at Calypso St. Barth

Arden Rose is a name that is destined to make it big. Beautiful, bold, stylish, kind and she knows style. She’s who I would call a one to watch. Born in Philly, raised a few blocks from Rittenhouse Row to parents involved in the community, culturally aware and doting on daughter Arden Rose. Arden is visually aware of the beauty that surrounds us and has a keen eye on picking out what should go where, especially on her. To channel all this creativity she created a blog called Big City Big Closet, and it launched last year. Originally the launch party was scheduled for December at Calypso St. Barth, but we had that darn ice storm and it was postponed until Spring of this year.

Arden Rose looking fashionable.
 Friends and family came out to celebrate the Official Launch of Big City Closet

Arden Rose Neff and Alana Hauptly checking out threads.
 Arden Rose Neff, Marci Neff, and Elaine Neff
 Robin Gavitt, Mari McKaba and Desiree Gaines
 There was a nice breakfast spread available at the Big City Big Closet soiree

 Barry Neff and Marci Goodman

 Kathie Lister

 Arden Rose and dad Barry Neff
You might know him as the co-owner of 
independently owned 18th Street Apothecary
Follow Big City Closet on Instagram
recently Arden Rose went to a SJP event in NYC
Check out Arden Rose in Rowhouse Magazine

Let Them Eat Cake – The Cakes and The Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, Carlo’s Bakery Judging

On Monday, April 27th The 11th Annual Let Them Eat Cake competition rolled into the City once again. This year fifteen bakeries and student chefs created “Masterpieces” to be judged at the Crystal Tea Room. Let Them Eat Cake attracts brides, and cake fans where proceeds benefit City of Hope (A Leading Cancer Research Hospital in Los Angeles) at the Crystal Tea Room.

 One of my favorites by Merion Caterers won
#4 The Merion Best of Show & Most artistic
 Winner: classic cake Best use of Theme

 Chef Kathy Gold and other judges judging.

 Gina Mather, Susan DiFlorio and Rita D’Angelo with their to go containers.
 #19 Sweet T’s Bakery Won Best Tasting

 Sarah Doheny, Tracey Deschaine, guest, Jen Reed, JB Braun, guest, Buddy, Roberta Pipito, Harry Giordano, guest, Kathy Gold and Laura Burkhardt

 Laura Burkhardt, Roberta Pipito
 The Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, Sarah Doheny and Nikki O’Connell. Cake Boss said look for his new bakery at 2101 Walnut Street to open in about 3 weeks, just in time for the summer and tourist season. Next to Rocky, The Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross’ house, I think Carlo’s Bakery Philly will become a must stop.
 Then there was this cake.

#16 Art Institute Kristina Wolff Best Student

Alex Holley Celebrates Birthday at Ubahn, Caitlin Roth Announces she’s heading to DC Fox 5

Alex Holley Celebrates Birthday at Ubahn Friday night with lots of friends.

 Ubahn put out a delicious spread

#CaitlinRoth and #MikeMissanelli celebrate @alexholleytv birthday @ubahnphilly . Caitlin is excited for her new adventure where she will be the daily weather forecaster for Fox 5 in DC working M-F. Hangin at the party was her boyfriend of 2 years Mike Missanelli.


CARLOS RUIZ AND THE PHILLIES BOWLED for The Philadelphia Futures Last Night

Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz
and his Philadelphia
his teammates “got in the game” on behalf of Philadelphia
last night at South Bowl. 

Jen Fred, Fox 29
 Proceeds from the event will support the college aspirations of
Philadelphia’s low-income, first-generation-to-college students. Get in the Game,
a bowling tournament and fundraiser, pairs competitive teams, sponsored by
individual donors and businesses, with team captains including Phillies players
and local celebrities. For the fifth year, Ruiz will host the event, demonstrating
his strong commitment to the mission of Philadelphia Futures and the students
it serves. The Phillies’ catcher has made it his personal mission to ensure that Philadelphia’s high-achieving, low-income students are provided with the opportunities
and resources needed for college success.
Ruban Amaro congratulates Scott Palmer on his strike as Wendy Saltzman, 6ABC looks on

Ryan Howard was in the house

There were kids activities

Players posed with fans

Congrats to Ruben Amaro Jr. and Jami Schnell now Amaro, who were married in November.
Joan Mazzotti, executive director of Philadelphia Futures thanked the crowd for securing the future for a child.
 Secret greeting among players?
 Justin De Fratus grew up outside of LA but is a fan of the Oakland Raiders, but wearing this jersey in Eagles territory.

 Mr and Mrs Phillies Chase and Jen Utley. So many boys have been named after the famed second baseman during his tenure here.
 The players were happy to sign autographs
There was an active live and silent auction to raise more funds. With this event the Get Into The Game fundraiser has surpassed the two million dollar mark. Thanks

Party Pixs: Alicia DiMichele Boutique Opens in Marlton NJ

On Saturday, the former star of the VH1 show Mob Wives, Alicia DiMichele,

opened her new self titled boutique in Marlton, NJ at the
Promenade at Sagemore. Friends, family and fans came out to celebrate
the event.

There was a ribbon cutting at 2PM with Randy Brown Evesham
Township, Mayor along with Alicia and her brother Anthony DiMichele, her
partner in the business.

Alicia DiMichele and Anthony DiMichele on the red carpet of their new boutique Alicia DiMichele Grand Opening Party at the Promenade, in Marlton, NJ on April 18, 2015.
Sandy Applegate and Sheyla Hershey at the Alicia DiMichele boutique Grand Opening Party
Inside guests could find clothing &
accessories from Alicia DiMichele’s Exclusive Spring Collection, as well
as plaques with inspirational quotes on them.

Renee Serano at the Alicia DiMichele boutique Grand Opening Party at the Promenade, in Marlton, NJ on April 18, 2015.

Sophia Giacobetti and Gianna Cianfrani at the Alicia DiMichele boutique Grand Opening Party at the Promenade, in Marlton, NJ on April 18, 2015.
The party served
complimentary cocktails  Hors D’ Oeuvres by La Scala Pronto, 
candies and treats from Sweet Memories Chocolates, henna tattoos from
Mora Salon and entertainment was provided by DanIel Cronin on the
Marcus and Meg Gilmore

Sophia Giacobetti
Renee Serano and Isabella Serano
Josephine Delio, Maureen Vecere, and Tiffany Delio
Ryan O’Donnell, Alicia Di Michelle and Buffy Harakidas
Cherokee McFadden and daughter Sienna McFadden
Dan Cronin killed it on the turntables, and you know I’m just saying turntables cause killing it on the keyboard just doesnt sound right. #OldSchool
Michael Roback and Maribel Cepero
Darnell Hicks and Ang Cottone-Hicks
Sean and Stephanie Murphy, Jerry Barrett and Anthony Fioravanti
Michelle Ranieri, Jill Rizen, Cherokee McFadden, Sam Rosenblum,  Melissa Natoli
Lyndsey Grandshaw and Megan Applegate at the Alicia DiMichele boutique Grand Opening Party at the Promenade, in Marlton, NJ on April 18, 2015.
Wanda Mora, Tina Romano and Kathy Ciancaglini. Wanda sorry to hear of the passing of your grandfather.

The Beast Revealed: Geoff Peirce is the Guy Who Was Working Out on The Art Museum Steps

Monday I posted a series of photos and a video of a guy, i named the Beast, working out on the Art Museum Steps. Doing serious moves like burpees and push ups where he would jump from one step to another.

His name is Geoff Peirce and he’s a super nice guy
In my blog post I wondered if he was single as I have a lot of girlfriends who are always asking me to make introductions
Look how he attacks these steps going up them
and then down head first
He’s single girls, but I already have him lined up for a few of my friends. With two set ups that ended in marriage already at, I think I’ll be able to find a cupid to keep him company on the steps soon. BTW he works out, and with friends Saturday and Sunday on the Art Museum Steps around 10AM

Thanks to Philly Mag’s Josh Middleton and Fox 29 for picking up the story and helping it go viral. Geoff told us today on Fox 29 that his friends in NY and LA contacted him after they saw the story on That was pretty cool to hear that I have readers there too.
Check out us on Fox 29 today.

Geoff told me that a lot of people photograph their workouts on the steps, sometimes tourists want to pose with him. He gets a kick out of it, but if anything he’s hoping it’s an inspiration and others will want to get into healthy living and exercise. When not working out on the steps, he works for his family company as a Product Manager at Peirce Phelps Inc. in the HVAC industry.

Follow Geoff on his instagram here:

 reminds me of Jen Selter and her career as it took off after a photographer shot her   


New Restaurant: Aqua at 120 S 15th Street is Closed, Dos Tacos is opening

This spot has had some memorable and not so memorable eateries here

 Aqua was one of the more memorable, and delicious spots

but Chinese food on the run just wasn’t on the menu and it recently closed.

 But the grills won’t be cold for long.

 Chef Sylva Senat and Ryan Dorsey (Recess Lounge) are in the process of creating a late night taco spot, inspired by tacos  & food trucks of America. 

“We will have about 8 -12 tacos on the menu as well as sides. We will be open till 3am on the weekends.. more cool stuff to come” Ryan Dorsey tells me. dos tacos opens late May, early June. It’s right around the corner from all your favorite Rittenhouse Square hot spots. See you there.


Scene & Heard: Amber-Joi Watkins Tommy Domalski Wedding, Mike Vick, Shawn Bullard & Kijafa Vick

I really goofed this weekend, I was supposed to attend Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011 Amber-Joi Watkins wedding to Tommy Domalski at the Ritz-Carlton (10 Avenue of the Arts) on Saturday, but I hadnt RSVP’d, she wrote me the day before, and I found I had double booked myself, I was so bummed, but excited that these photos popped up so quickly.

I know that’s no excuse, I really do feel bad. Anywhoo.
Their photographer Ron Soliman  captured some amazing photos
 Amber Joi and Tommy, and bff Kate Beaver 2nd from left.
I took some of the very first shots of Amber Joi and Tommy when they first started dating. I got the privileged to see them fall in love. 
Here’s a shot of the happy couple in 2012 at Hair of the Dog.
 Ashley Johnson, former reporter at CW Eye Opener, where Amber Joi worked for a bit. Now Ashley is at
Amber-Joi and her sisters from the Philadelphia Sixers Dancers where
they all used to dance for, including Beyonce’s right hand dancer Kimmie Gee
(next to her on the left). I remember photographing her with Beyonce
during one of her Philadelphia concerts during my newspaper years.
(The above quote and photos are from photographer Ron Soliman who also has more pixs on his site.)

 Another casualty of Saturday, me covering the opening of Pink Elephant at 828 N. Broad Street. Now I will say I did a drive by at 5PM and the place was packed. But I couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere (Ugh 5PM was the time I was supposed to be at the wedding. What happened was I got stuck in traffic in NJ and then never made if back into Philly ontime to attend the Wedding or properly cover this event, zoink and I had a migraine.)
 Mike Vick at his wife’s new store on Broad Street with Shawn Bullard, the bachelor
 Mike Vick and Kijafa Vick standing in front of Pink Elephant’s new weave product.
 Congrats to Hadas Kuznits, Dan Reinherz, Geffen on the arrival of little Axel.

 Christine Maddela has settled into Las Vegas nicely, and completed a little makeover.