The Devon Horse Show Grand Prix Night – Today is the Last Day for You To Check out The Horse Show

In 1896, the Devon Horse Show started as a one-day show. Now, years
later, it has become the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed
competition in the United States. It is internationally recognized,
USEF-rated 6* Jumpers/Premier Hunters, and one of the most exciting
events to happen in our area. While it draws top competitors from around
the world, the show continues to reflect the local traditions and
lifestyles of the Philadelphia Main Line.

 I went on Thursday night for the Grand Prixe
 It’s a fancy dress night too.

 There were peeps with hats on
 and serious spreads.

 a lot of the “boxes” in the grandstand are passed down through the family. Or you can buy in when someone gives the box up. Even if you’re fav horse loses a few seasons, the boxes remain sold out.
 The best jockey of the night was also the youngest ever, a 17 yr old girl from Colorado.
 Even the photographers are dressesd nicely

 I ran into a handful of Fox 29 viewers. Hi!!
The Devon Horse Show is more than just horses, there’s shopping and a carnival with rides too. It’s really a fun place to go, and if you’re not in a “box” you can dress a little more casually and fit right in.
Thanks to Michelle “The Hat Lady” Leonard for inviting us to her box party. It’s the 2nd time I’ve been there and she’s always the hostess with the mostess.