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Party Pics: Philadelphia Magazine hosts ‘Uncorked’ at the Shambles in Headhouse Square

It was hot as hell, but that didn’t keep the wine affectionatos from coming out to mingle, mix and enjoy delicious food and great spirits at the Philadelphia Magazine ‘Uncorked’ at the Shambles in Headhouse Square on Tuesday night.

”Uncorked” featured more than 200 wines, cocktails

Philadelphia magazine
is lifestyle content for better living in the Philadelphia region. The
brand has an authentic and authoritative voice that gets to the heart of
what matters. The content is always smart and stylish, funny and
pugnacious says our website – I work there, in fact today is my 4th anniversary there. Yeah!! Read my column online – The Scene

Guests enjoyed samplings from many of Society Hill restaurants and enjoyed
live music, outdoor games, local vendors and boutiques. 

There was even a Fine Wine
& Good Spirits Store was on-site where guests could purchase a
bottle of their favorite wine from the evening.

Joann Giangiulio, Kevin Cornell, Amanda McFaul and Maureen Marinucci
Julian Prince and Mandy Faust
Dena Hillson and Samantha Tempesta
Jeremy  Swinter and Lita Savagno

Widell Design and Liberty Events were responsible for the planning and execution of the event.

Chelle Buffone enjoying a bite

Deborah Crinigan, Patrick Portner, Tom Zerone and Heather Cini
Patrick Wirt, Cody Trahan, Joe Ribecchi and Steve Schnieder with that unfortunate lamp post on his head, but Joe had his eyes shut in the other photo, I didn’t notice as I had sweat in my eyes.
Tammy Stewart and Daniel Palermo
Dr. Thanuja Hamilton and David Weiss

NEXT UP FOR PHILLY MAG, their Best of Philly Mag Party with my buds from the new movie Equity in attendance as our guests!!


#KnockKnockLive Brings Cheetah’s Adrienne Bailon and ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Tyler Posey to Philly

Last night I got a tip that there was something filming in the Francisville section of Fairmount.

 I went over and checked it out, I saw they lit up the street, but didn’t see a camera crew.
 I checked out this notification and it said that the Dick Clarke Production Company was filming on this block, and basically this sign said if you’re on this street you are giving your consent to be on TV. 
I ran into a couple neighbors and a production guy who filled me in that this was the new TV Show on Fox called Knock Knock Live and it was happening right now at 9:15PM

   The premise is a celebrity will knock on your door and award you prize money to make your life easier or for you to succeed in your dreams. Last night Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girls and The Talk) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf)

surprised Rashuan Williams, a community activist, with

 $25,000 to renovate his home, and another $25,000 to help him with his community work. They found him because one of his mentor’s nominated him. The crew knocked on his door about 9PM then filmed his surprise live on TV.  

His mentor was in LA with  Ryan Seacrest the host of the show, who explained why Rashuan was deserving of the acknowledgement.

Here’s RashuanWilliams being interviewed by Fox 29 on his new found fortune.

 Then Adrienne Bailon and Tyler Posey went down the street to “surprise” two more neighbors with neighbors in tow, it’s TV some of the neighbors in tow were “actors” hired to make sure there was a nice, obedient crowd, meaning no yahoos trying to get on TV or manhandling the co-hosts. You want a crowd, it’s a nice touch.

 Adrienne Bailon and Tyler Posey went to each of the doors and had the neighbors open the gold suitcase, see the gold suitcase. They had to choose from two foreign currencies, Katzastan and Costa Rica to see their prize money.

 Here’s the filming in the Kleppel house. It was great when the real neighbors started to gather and were excited this was happening in the neighborhood. It was so fun when the guys saw Adrienne, they were so excited.
Jarrett and Hillary Kleppel picked Kazakhstan currency which was $1800. Rashuan was nominated by a friend and the folks at Knock Knock Live felt he was deserving. Then a week ago the producers walked up and down the street vetting others to see who might need some extra cash. They asked a few questions then made sure it was ok to film inside your house. They told the Kleppel’s they needed to be home between 9 & 10PM but nothing else and they didn’t know what time they’d be knocking on the door. I had no idea what was going on and you’ll see in my instagram video cause the crew knocked on the door next to where I was standing. I had a little cameo I imagine.

A video posted by Philly ChitChat (@phillychitchat) on Jul 28, 2015 at 6:49pm PDT

 The family up the street picked Costa Rica currency and that equaled $5,000

 At the end of the show the actors and the neighbors gathered in the street and cheered. I wish I had taped the show I would have loved to check it out. Next week.

 When the show went off the air Adrienne Bailon posed with the fans
for about 10 minutes.

Read more about Rashaun here and check out the video below for his surprise

How you can be on Knock Knock Live, apply or nominated someone.


#Eagles Mural Dediction: Philadelphia Eagles and City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

In 2014, the Philadelphia Eagles and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program collaborated with Eagles
season ticket members to create the “Our City, Our Team” mural that
runs the entire length of the buildings along Darien Street across
from Lincoln Financial Field. 
Phillip Adams and Jonathan Laidacker, lead muralists, City of Philadelphia Mural

Arts Program

Over the course of four community paint days last November, the mural was brought to life with the help of Eagles
players, staff, season ticket members and lead artists Philip Adams and
Jonathan Laidacker. Hundreds of painters of all abilities
and ages came together to put their own personal touch on the creation
by painting sections of parachute cloth in Lincoln Financial Field’s SCA
Club that eventually became the enormous mural.

The mural was designed not to honor particular
players or historic moments, but to capture the unique relationship that
exists between the city, the team and its fans. 
Lincoln Financial Field’s L Lot (located on Darien Street across from the mural)
The project was completed earlier this month after
688 five-by-five sections were applied to the wall and then touched up
by the artists from the Mural Arts Program. Altogether, more than 2,900
man hours and 386 gallons of paint were devoted
to the project that currently stands as the second-largest mural in the
city of Philadelphia and the fifth-largest in the nation.
Swoop even joined in on the fun with Earl Wolff , Riley Cooper and fans.

On Thursday, July 23, a dedication event was
held to celebrate the completion of the 17,000 square-foot mural. Season
ticket members who participated in the paint days are invited to join Eagles staff, representatives of Mural Arts,
and the mural artists to dedicate the mural and enjoy a tailgating experience in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field.
Season Ticket Members gather around the #OurCityOurTeam Mural 

Great souvenirs

These folks are pointing to their likeness in the mural

About Mural Arts

The Mural Arts Program is the nation’s largest
public art program, dedicated to the belief that art ignites change. For
nearly 30 years, the Mural Arts Program has united artists and
communities through a collaborative process, rooted in
the traditions of mural-making, to create art that transforms public
spaces and individual lives. Mural Arts engages communities in 50 to 100
mural and public art projects each year, including a restoration
program that maintains the collection. The murals
also create unique project-based learning opportunities for thousands
of youth and adults in the Art Education for Youth, Restorative Justice
and Behavioral Health programs. The Mural Arts Program has created more
than 3,600 murals and works of public art,
earning Philadelphia international recognition as the “City of Murals.”
Each year, 14,000 residents and visitors tour the Mural Arts Program’s
outdoor art gallery, which has become part of Philadelphia’s civic
landscape and a source of pride and inspiration.
For further information, please visit


Launch Party Photos: Philly Happening Is Happening

The website Philly Happening has been around for a year, but I don’t think anyone heard, I never did. In the past few months Nicole Michalik came on board and the site began to take a hold as the go to place to find out what’s going on in the City as well as a place to read in depth news on Philly Happenings. Recently they held their luanch/award party to honoree Philadelphian’s. The event was held at the new subterranean bar Ubahn on the 1300 block of Chestnut Street.

Marisa Magnatta, Justin Pizzi, Joe McCollum, Nik the Web Chick and Diana Quattrone, the latter two are the editors of Philly Happening. The “Launch Party” also acknowledge some of Philly’s Phinest by handing out best of Philly certificates which were based on fan voting.
Octavia Latuisor, Elina Shaterncova and Ursula Augistine
Donald Carter, Doug Freshness and Ruth Wessberg
Happening is Philadelphia’s premier digital magazine.  We
share valuable insights about dining, culture, shopping, entertainment
and events. The Philly Happening team is dedicated to keeping you in the
know about everything happening in Philly! – See more at:

Philly Happening is Philadelphia’s premier digital magazine.  We share valuable insights about dining, culture, shopping, entertainment and events. The Philly Happening team is dedicated to keeping you in the know about everything happening in Philly!

Billy Creagh, Sumo Steaks (just voted Best Cheesesteaks by  and Samantha Shorette
WOGL Morning Vixon Valerie Knight husband, Frank Sestito DJ from the famed Second Story club, which was located right up the street at 12th and Walnut.
The placed was packed with well wishers

Philly Happening isn’t just limited to us, they’re are franchises in all the big cities in the USA for your traveling needs.
Cindy Brown, Core Fitness and Perry Ohearn, Best Trainer – Philly Phitness
Christine Briganti and Michelle Jennings – The Girlfriends – Music Band

Penny Ordway is one of the city’s leading green pioneers – and owner of green designed and operated spa – Eviama in Midtown Village, Kory Aversa, of Aversa Pr and Kayli Moran, co-hostess of Diner en Blanc

The check in gals

Dr Casey D’Arcy, chiropractor and Steven D’Arcy

iT’S a bOY: Sabrina Tamburino Thorne and Steve Thorne are proud parents of Baby Savino Thorne

I’m on vacation until Wednesday, but I know Sabrina is due today. I have a feeling that baby Savino Thorne is either here already or is going to be born today.  I photographed Sabs baby shower in May, but it was a crazy busy schedule at the time and I never had a moment to publish the photos that week. I told my one time muse, that I would publish the photos on her mommy day, I think it’s today.

Baby Savino Thorne is named after Sabrina’s beloved Grandfather.

How amazing is this cake?

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Then there’s instagram

 Lots of her friends and family were in attendence.

 I was honored to be the only guy invited, but I couldn’t stay long as I had another gig.
 Sharon Pinkenson and Hope Cohen hang on the 10 Rittenhouse Terrace enjoying lunch.

 The proud grandmother, Carol Tamburino, will surely be swooping in to take baby Savino on trips Auntie Mame like.

 Colette Gabriel was the event planner for the soiree, here with daughter
Juliet Gabriel

Canolli’s and cake from Isgro’s

 Sabrina Thorne and step daughter Julie Thorne

The theme was blue

Savino and mommy



Two years ago I had the most fabulous birthday party, with 150 of my closest friends, even though I did forget to invite a few dozen. I should have double checked my list.

Thanks to my sponsors for my Bday Party:
Focused Studios – Thank you Kristyn and Kyree for filming the bday party, and for being such great friends. Korbel – cheers!! (& Carol Drumstas, Brown Forman heart you), Yards Brewery – Tom Kehoe  Stark Raving and BV Century Cellars & Christal Watkins – Multicultural Sales and Marketing Manager at North American Spirits and Wine – PA) HUGE THANKS COOL PIXS with PHIL ANDREWS,  DENISE FIKE illustrations AND Professional Tarot Card Reader
MARILYN SUKONICK-ZEFF who entertained my guests.

(Please Save the Date 11/14/15 for my next celebration, more on that soon.)

 One of my favorite event spaces in the city is Top of the Tower, and was excited when I could work out a plan to have it there. Thanks to event coordinator, brand ambassador, public relations guru Christie Honigman (r), The Honigman Group
for organizing the event, working with all the vendors, decorating the
room, doing the layout of the room, and all those details I had no idea
that went into creating such an amazing event.
  Isn’t this a fabulous cake from Potito’s Bakery.  They
created it from a description that Christie and I gave them.  Thank you
for the delicious fro’nuts too. So delicious. They were a huge hit!!
(The following year I approached Potito’s to advertise with me cause they’re make fabulous cakes.)

Krista Guidi, and Katie Griffin
Mike, Me, Tim Young, Laurie and Benny

Tania and Marc Schade, Jamyra Perry, Tony Luke, Jr
 Katie English, my brother Ray LaGreca, Laura Burkhardt, Senator Larry Farnese, Dafni, Annie Heckenberger, Vasiliki Tsiouris and Christie Honigman
 Greta Greenberger (and I have been friends for 17 years), Mickey Rowley, Top of the Tower – (Thanks to you, and Lou Kochman co-owner, your staff, especially Vanessa and Charmaine.) Phyllis Halpern, my good friend and #1 supporter.

 Susan Barnett, moi and Chris May

  Barry Eichner and Sara Kelly
 My sisters Margaret Goleash, Crista Bateman, and Tracy Bonaventure, with bud Matt Ray
 Jade Starling belts out her top hits, and a new one

Yesterday I was able to place Jade Starling in the Philly DN and pitch a story about her to Jenny DeHuff for her gossip column. (Jenny then did an interview with Jade) I adore Jade Starling. Such a huge fan, can’t believe she sang at my bday party, and call her my friend. Pinch me!!


 Marisa Magnatta, Kory Aversa, Natanya DiBona and Mike Jerrick


 Annie McCormick and Allison Young

 Mike Chobart and Barbara Katz-Chobart
Tempa Berish, Sabrina Tamburino and Lauren Colabelli
 Jacquie Fanelle Winner and Angel Mancine 
– Two lovely ladies I went to Paul VI High School with.


 Stacey Kracher, Justin Wineburg and Aida Strata
Fantastic Dynasty inspired outfit – Rachel Moore and John Paz
 Michelle Leonard

Michelle Cassidy and Arthur Etchells
 Evan and Lynsie Solomon

 Michelle and Bruce Shannon, Michelle and Shawn Waters
 Cindy Wanerman, Board Chair of ESP, and Larry Wanerman
 Gervase Peterson, Burnz Cigar Lounge in Lawnside, Madison Alpern, Chef Consultant, Jackie Baik,
 Gary DeVito, Dan Cronin and Carmen Tomassetti (CTO Entertainment)
  Thank You DJ EDDIE TULLY for spinning the heck out of the ’80s. You made the party!! I can’t recommend him highly enough. 
Chip and Henry
 Mr Philadelphia, Al Lee. On the left is my friend Sue Fee, who I went to college with. So fun to see so many old, new and great friends.
 Jodi Clark (cuts my hair, and I’ve known her for 30 yrs) and Mike Jerrick
 Ian Crumm and Randyl Case
Robert Mendelson, Bobbi Booker and Patty Jackson 
  Gerri Matveenko DeMarshall and Sandee Bengel- (high school friends, but in my brother and sisters class.)
 Renee and Don Freeman
 Desiree Peterkin Bell,  Mayor’s Dir. Of Communications and City Representative and Brian Bell.
 Amber G Ramos and  Pedro Ramos
 Michelle Conron and Matt Ray

 Justin Pizzi and Ben Haney

 Craig Robinson and his date that night.

 Craig Spitzer and Erin Elmore
 Hadas Kuznits, Michelle Leonard and Marilyn Zeff The Professional Tarot reader.
 Kyree Tyrell and Krystin Aldrige
Not photo’d:
Le from Hop Sing, Reggie,
Valerie Knight,

Cass Hallacker and Tina Elmer,
 Jacky Wright, Rakia Reynolds,  Stephanie Rybczyk and Tommy Chiacchio,

Jenine and David Neff, Roberta and Rick Pipito,

Elaine Graber and Jin Hee Park,

Bill Reichert, Diane Johnson and Christian DiCicco,
Phil Andrews, GN Kang, and Ian Butler, and I’m sure more. Sorry.

  I had the most fabulous party for my 50th Birthday, now some of you are
probably thinking to yourself, holy hell Hughe is over 50. I sure am, and at the party I didn’t tell anyone til nearly the end, only a handful of close friends knew before than. As for me, I embrace the age, how much fun is my life,  to do this crazy career in the 2nd part of my life.
I’ve lived a full life, long life which helps me bring life’s expertise to this job. In my 20s I was on drugs, an alcoholic, homeless, aimless, and jobless living in temporary housing, in abusive relationships and sleeping on couches. By the grace of God, I dragged myself to an AA meeting and got
sober at 28, started building my life and my relationship with my family who I was estranged from. I went to Community College
got an 2yr degree as paralegal; I worked in that career for 20 years at Kohn Swift & Graf, started PhillyChitChat as a hobby in 2007, was laid off in 2011, and then my hobby became my career/life.

The Last Family Photos before Grandmom, Dad and Judy died.

The best part of of reaching 50 is you really do care less about how others think you should live your life. But I also care a lot that others live their best life. I hope I help them through my work.


Today 52 is a blessing because I’m still here when I really shouldn’t be. I live on borrowed time.


The Polite Way Foundation presents Suit Up Fashion Show With Birthday Boy Jon Dorenbos

The Polite Way Foundation presents Suit
Up, a fashion show featuring NFL football players was held in May (But now I have time to catch up with these events.)

Admission to the
event included live music, entertainment, drinks, and hors-d’oeuvres.
Proceeds from the event go towards single mothers in the Philadelphia

Amber Joi, Drew Milstein and guest
Jill Rizen, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne and Alisa Martino
Randi Berger and Sylvester King Jr with Guests
Amber Joi, Shannon Shensky and christine Folkins

Happy Birthday Jon Dorenbos!!

It was difficult to write about this event without a press release or knowing who the football players were.


Eli Kulp’s Fundraiser Photos and Avenir Mirco Apts – The Peeping Tom Amentity they didn’t know they had

Last week I attended a fundraiser to ease Eli Kulp medical expenses after he was paralyzed in the Amtrak 188 train crash.

 Over $130,000 was raised through ticket sales and a silent auction.

 The turnout was over whelming for the popular chef who has 3 eateries in Philly, and one on the way in NYC. Check out the photos here in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

 I also went to the opening of Avenir, Micro apartments packed with the most unbelievable amentities

Altho make sure you get curtains, someone left a comment in the comment section that was very eye opening.

Philadelphia Style Magazine Hot List Party “Style in Wonderland” 2015

PHILADELPHIA STYLE invited guests to join
Publisher John Colabelli and Editor in Chief Kristin Detterline to the magazine’s
11th Annual Best of Style Party.

This year’s theme was, “Style in Wonderland”, which immersed guests in an Alice in Wonderland ambiance set inside the expansive and picturesque Kimmel Center.

than 1,500 guests dressed to impress and experience an evening of
extravagance with notable Philadelphia socialites, dignitaries and
celebrities. It was a great venue for such a huge party.

 A stunning array of stylish cocktails,
hors d’oeuvres, and desserts were enjoyed

  in addition to an
exclusive casino room presented by Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. All
proceeds from the casino room will benefit the Borgata Heart & Soul
Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to
impacting the lives of others in a positive way through supporting
community, health and human services, culture and education.

The 2015
Best of Style Party is sponsored by the Delaware Valley Audi Dealers. I heard there was an Audi VIP VIP room, but I couldn’t find it. I asked someone where it was and they told me the whole party was a VIP Party. But I still missed a whole bunch of people like the hosts. Although in my defense I only stayed one hour as I am still reeling from this summer cold, and it was Mike’s Bday. So bummed I didn’t take any pixs of him and he looked so cute in his new glasses, from Eye Encounters owned by Billy Nigro, who I saw for a fleeting moment. 

 Who did I see, well legendary Jade Starling, looking as fabulous as ever. Jade tells me she’s been touring this past year since she released her CD “Captive”, and several of the songs were hot on Billboard.

 Brendan Smith (Smith’s, Vesper and  with Salvatore D’Angelo and Michelle DeVecchis DiMatteo at D’Angelo’s Ristorante Italiano and Lounge.

Smith and his partners are opening up a second The Milk House Restaurant, next to Smiths, in the old Matyson restaurant. Smith tells me on the weekend they’ll have late hours closing at 3AM.

 Michael and Bruce Shannon stopped by for a bit
Red hot was definitely the color of the night: 
Lauren Schneider and Jennifer Galle, Valley Forge Casino Resort. Lots happening at the western suburbs casino, besides great gaming, they have a pool, Valley Beach, during the day swim and sunbathe, at night it turns into a nightclub with dancing. I was there last week and it was crowded. The foods good too.
 Noel Zayas, Vasiliki Tsiouris, co-owner of Opa, Sheena Parveen and Anzio Williams.
 Jillian Mele and Laura Elliott

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman,
who was celebrating her daughter Jenna Furman‘s 21st birthday. 

 Lisa Silveri and Barbara Ann Zippi, producer of the TV show Ciao Bella Living Italian Style, has lots of segments coming up on the Pope’s visit to Philly.
 Regina Tuchinsky and Alexander Mason Hankin, shortly after this photo was taken the duo jetted to Les Hamptons est le terrain de jeu de Chavs en Amérique, hopefully Alexander found his socks.

 Newly married Katie English Gagnon still glowing from her fabulous wedding and honeymoon in Greece posed with the Queen of Hearts and sister Kerry English.
 Holden Hummel and Betsy Hummel
Joanna Jatkowska, Kasia Hopek, Rachel Bryn, and Daina Iaman

Newly minted couple, as in FB status changes: Thomas Ashley and Danielle Robinson
 In  the photo booth
This was one of the best, Best of Philly Style Magazine parties ever. So many people, so much food, amazing decor and event planning by Nichole Maurer, Business Development Coordinator at Niche Media, LLC, who with her team conceptualized the entire night and pulled it together.
Matty Benigno and wife Cristina Potito, together they co-own Potito’s Bakery
Will Moscowitch and Chelsea Blasco
Courtney Sze, The Geisha House (149 N 3rd St), Andrienne Volpetti, Baked Sunless Tans 
(815 S 4th St,) (Both ladies are wearing dresses from The Geisha House)
, Ginger Dochner and Andrew Volpetti
Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3 and The CW Philly 57’s Emmy Award-winning medical specialist with Jim Donovan is a 13-time Emmy Award-winning consumer reporter whose honors … reporter for the “On Your Side” consumer unit at CBS 3 and The CW Philly.
Keith Kovalevich, Lindsay Kravitz, Erica Heilman and Ron Hansen.

Matt Vlahos (2nd from right) holds court with the men from Suits Supply and a new man on his arm?

Chris May and wife Lea looking forward to traveling this summer before announcing any news.
Nestor and Cecilia Torres, Casa Papel
Amber-Joi Watkins and Tom Domalski
Dave Warren Fox 29 wife Ali Frick Jeff Skversky 6ABC and wife Mandy Skversky

Ali Gorman, Wendy Saltzman, Eva Pilgrim, Justin Pizzi, Melissa Magee, Nicole Michalik and Kristy Sevag

Steve Wheatley, Steve Elis, Jennifer Shamy and Shawn Johnson, of Delilah’s

A few of the people I did miss: Kate Bilo, Christie Honigman, Nicole Brewer, Jessica Dean, Ukee Washington, Meisha Johnson, Erika von Tiehl, Kristin Detterline, 

Jill Rizen (who wins the internet with the above photo), 

Sara Kelly and Garrett Olthuis

Natalie Egonolff, Susie Celek, Mary Dougherty, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz. 

Chef Robert Bennett of Classic Cake in Cherry Hill.
Robert Fung, President at Robbini Bespoke and Aida Sparta
Nancy and Mark Feldshuh 
Nancy and Angela
Jeff Lankenau and Jimmy Cameron, Slice Pizza
Drew “The Mayor” Carballo (glad to see him back at DelFrisco’s), Brian Taylor, guests and Alp Aktan
Anthony Vittese and Kate Beaver (in another interesting outfit. You’ll recall that in 2013 she made a splash at Hair of the Dog in this number, with Anthony on her arm.) Over the weekend they headed to the shore were there where there was a party going on at the Princeton.

Vittoria Woodill and Matt Schenk, speaking of the shore, catch Tori at the Shore this summer on CBS3 Philly. Reporting on the going ons at our favorite beach resorts. 

Potito’s Bakery created the centerpiece cake for the party, as well as all the cannoli’s
Check out the rest of the Cut and Paste shots here

2015 Be Well Philly Health – Nominate Someone You Know

Philadelphia magazine and Independence Blue Cross are looking for
the 2015 Be Well Philly Health Hero, a local champion who inspires
others to be healthy, fit and well. Nominate someone you know TODAY!
The winner receives a feature in Philadelphia magazine AND $7,500 directed to the charity of their choice. 
Nominate today: 

can be anyone who’s truly helping and inspiring others to make strides
for healthier lives. Nominate family, friends, teachers, coaches, chefs,
co-workers, trainers, nurses, doctors, therapists, chefs, hospital
staff, community leaders, nonprofit staff, and yes, even YOURSELF.

may nominate more than one person. Nominations are now open and close
on Monday, July 20, 2015 at 11:59pm. Then we select 16 semi finalists
who face off in a social community bracketology-style voting, until we
get to the Final Four. In the final 2-week round, voting and social
engagement surge as supporters advocate for their Health Hero to win.

just be 21 or over and live in the Philadelphia area (Philadelphia
County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester
County, South Jersey or Northern Delaware). Anyone doing innovative and
extraordinary work to advance the health and wellbeing fits the bill.

Get inspired with these past winners stories:

Pia Martin, 2014,
health and physical education teacher at Science
Leadership Academy, a partnership high school between the School
District of Philadelphia and the Franklin Institute

* Leslie Marant, 2013, owner of Temple Building Fitness, and co-ambassador at Black Girls Run Philadelphia

* Dr. Beth DuPree, 2012, breast surgeon and medical director for Holy Redeemer’s Breast Health Program

For more information, visit:

like Be Well Philly on Facebook, follow @bewellphilly on Twitter and
engage with #BWPHealthHero on Twitter and Instagram. You can also email
me for help during the process.