Party Pixs: LGBTQ Supporters of HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Enjoy the Annual Dinner in Philly

Earlier this month the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) hosted their annual dinner at the Marriott Hotel with nearly 500 supporters. This year HRC moved to a bigger venue, as the demand to attend continues to grow. Snap!’s Thea Austin with 90s hits “Rhythm is the Dancer” “The Power”, Jim Obergefell – the plaintiff at the heart of a Supreme Court case , Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, and the L Word’s Katherine Moennig were guests of honor.

Did I mention lots of fashionable, attractive gay men, friends and the ladies. Liz Bakom, Chris Labonte, Greg Drey ( When he’s not at Fishtown Social, you can find him at Starbucks. Last week the barista at his fav coffee spot gave him what I would call a most unique pick up line: “This morning my barista told me I have gorgeous lashes. I guess drinking all that Latisse paid off!” ) and Marvin Rocha

Stylish couple Chuck Moore and Stacey Salter Moore
Charlie Massacci and Joe DiDio
Melissa Shideleff, Alexa Rupnik, Sherrie Cohen, Kathi Lex, Dawn Dupre and Megan Dupree-Keating
With any great gala, there’s a gotta be a great auction. I love the captions on the HRC auction. This is for the Borgata’s concert with Diana Ross called the I’m Coming Out package. Did you know that the Borgata has a gay friend program called

OUT at Borgata: Gay Atlantic City,

Then there’s this Adult Chuck – E- Cheese, Dave & Buster package.
Gays never have enough sunglasses, and stylish pillows
Mary White and Tina White.  Last year Tina published a book on her, and Mary’s life called:
HRC volunteers Ariella Davner and Morgan Wu
G.T.L. package
A Sanders supporter, Kim Campbell and best bud Duane Myers a Trump Suporter. “Can’t we all just get along.”
David Hullhorst of Delaware Investments, Jayne Keyser (Recently celebrated her birthday – Happy BD) and C. Richard Horrow, Esq. Attorney-At-Law and president of the IBA.
A clothing optional vacation was on the silent auction list
Denise Fike illustrates the guests. She’s fun to have at parties.
Mayor Jim Kenney and Nellie Fitzpatrick, Philadelphia’s Director of LGBT Affairs

Sara Dejan, Molly Bokind, Michelle Svonaver adn Jordan Martin
Florence Roson -Hart and Tyrone Hart
Photo booth fun. Boy have these changed since the little telephone booths they used to be.

Yoninan Drenstein, Benjamine Eichel and Jodie Eichel
Diana Haussling, Brendan Slavin, and Caleb Kearney
Putting their best foot forward, Maureen Pursh and Fay Stevenson still came out to support the HRC Dinner despite their fractured feet.
As always I had to scoot to my next event, which happened to be across the street at the Loews. The LLS Student of the Year event. It’s a good read HERE>