That Loud Noise You Heard This Morning Was The Implosion of North Philly PHA Buildings – Photos & Video

Good Saturday morning. It’s a good day for progress as the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA)  imploded the outdated high-rises to make room for low-rise townhouses.

Built in the late 1960s, 2100 people lived in the Norman Blumberg high-rises; the 18-story buildings, the Judson and Hemberger Towers. There was also 15
barrack-style buildings and another tower for senior citizens. All of them were taken down except the senior citizen building.

 In it’s place PHA will build units townhouse-style buildings, and PHA will has also developed a plan to create a retail coordinate in efforts to revitalize the neighborhood.

 Fairmount in the morning
 The PHA website has more information on the project HERE.

Front row viewing

 smoke blasting out of chimney

It was a great way to get rid of those pesky pigeons too

People on buildings close to the explosion

 Ohhh didn’t expect dust cloud to envelope the Philadelphian
All clear. Ready for the new neighborhood. Thanks Phyllis Halpern for letting us get this shots from your balcony.
Thanks Mike Toub for videoing. That clicking noise you hear in the beginning is moi taking all the photos above with my noisy camera.