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Halloween Costumes 2016: What Philebrities Wore When They Hit The Parties – Marisa Magnatta, James McAvoy, Alycia Lane

Halloween Costumes 2016: What Philebrities Wore When They Hit The Parties this past weekend


First we’ll start with a celebrity. Actor James McAvoy was M Night Shyamalan’s annual Halloween bash called Shyamaween, which was held Saturday night at The Fillmore, at the Foundry. McAvoy is starring in the upcoming M Night film called “Split”; it was during that shoot he met production assistant Lisa Liberati
Since the filming ended nearly a year ago, James has been spotted all over town, in Northern Libs, around Rittenhouse Square at 30th Street Station. I like that he’s smitten with a
Philly Girl.  Split opens January 20, 2017


When she’s not stumping for Trumplicans, Erin Elmore is hanging with her adorable family in Rittenhouse Square; here with hubby Craig Spitzer.
Catch Erin on Election night with Piers Morgan


Bill Gerhman wondering when I will actually show up at his and Chris Mullins fabulous Halloween Party. This year I thought it was on 10/28 and I held the date, later to find out it was
really 10/27. I’m usually much better with my schedule. Anywho the costumes I saw on line were fabulous. I was shooting the Monster Ball for the Young Friends of the Academy of Music.


Bless me Father10-29-2016-11-29-48-pm-custom

Tom Louden produces The Q Show Monday through Friday on Fox 29. Check it out at NOON. Which reminds me I’ll be on Good Day
this morning in the 9″oClock hour.


Elizabeth and Todd Herremans


Erin Como used to be the traffic gal on NBC10 and now does the duty on Fox5 in DC. She’s dating Chris Smith, also from Fox 5, who grew up
in the Philly burbs.hits

Alycia Lane and beau dancing into a bright futurehits

By day Sarah Maiellano is the PR princess for the Philly Pops, by night she writes a column for Philly Eater.


The WMMR Crew at M Night Shyamalan’s #Shyamaween hits

Former Mob Wife, now clothing queen Alicia DeMichele makes a dynamic duo with beau Rob LaScala hits

Dr. Nina Radcliff and Jacqueline London | NBC 10 Philadelphiahits

Former Philly Mag cover gal, Dr. Thanu Hamilton10-30-2016-10-13-47-am-custom

Philly Eye Opener WPHL 17 Weather Gal Gina Gannon looks wonderful


Dan Kessler,
Real Estate Investment Associate for Brandywine Realty Trust, Former White House Intern, and Progressive dedicated to helping lead the next generationhits

Everyone looks spectacular but these last 4 knocked it out of the Walking Dead Park


hit 10-31-2016-1-19-42-pm-custom


Heather Mitts and AJ Feeley win Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!


No more AMOR at the Art Museum, Grace Kelly Museum News, Celebs in Philly & a Halloween Question

Good super Sunday morning. Get out, no really get out and enjoy this day. I’m going for a walk right now, then heading to Ian and Jamie’s Wedding. What a great day for a White Wedding!
Let’s chit chat Philly Gossip Sunday Morning



No more AMOR at the Philadelphia Art Museum
Unceremoniously the Philadelphia Art Commission has removed the AMOR by Robert Indiana Margot Berg, the city’s public art director, told me earlier this month
that the beloved sculpture would appear at the Sisters City Park and Logan Cafe in 2017, probably with a terrific ceremony.


The Grace Kelly home will not be a public museum.
It’ll be restored and will then can be seen by appointment only especially for visiting Monégasque citizens a family member tells me.
The Prince enjoyed seeing the house on Tuesday, and remarked to those gathered that it was exactly how he remembered it but much smaller.

(BTW Kristin Foote is not my source, I just liked her FB post.)


Philly native and former NBAer Cuttino Mobley stopped by Rumor last night, and posed for a photo with legendary doorman Tee Fish.


Martin Short finally got to perform on the stage of the Academy of Music stage this past weekend, after his show in January at the Academy Ball was cancelled because of nearly 20 inches of snow. He was joined by good friend Steve Martin and they both posed with Alicia Vitarelli who had a cameo in their production.



Dish of the week: Octopus at Fine Palate. Plus get the Baked Alaska for dessert.


I ran a question on my FB page for the best time to cut off trick or treaters. Looks like everyone agrees 8PM.
Monday I will have a post of notables in the best Halloween costumes.


Meet and Greet with William deVry from General Hospital

PARX Casino

(Parx is a PhillyChitChat advertiser)


Photo: Taylor Kinney and South Philly Girlfriend Alanna DiGiovanni, The Union League Steps & Kristen Welker

Taylor Kinney with South Philly Girlfriend Alanna DiGiovanni Photo Emerges, Loving,

Happy Thursday Afternoon, and welcome to another edition of Philly Gossip. Since I posted the Page Six article yesterday on all my social media about Lady Gaga’s ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney and his “new” girlfriend, South Philly’s Alanna DiGiovanni, I’ve been bombarded with photos and stories from people who know her. A lot of people tell me she’s a home town girl, close to her family, super nice and everyone said she’s a good friend.  First I said she was a radiologist, wrong, that’s a doctor my readers tell me. She actually works in radiology. OK
(Don’t try and look for her on Social Media, she’s completely deleted her online life, even her 2nd name which was still active over the weekend as i found her friends tagging her in photos.)


They also tell me Taylor and her are just friends. They met last July 2015, when Taylor and Lady Gaga were in AC for a Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett concert. Taylor and Alanna began
following each other on instagram and kept in touch that way. At some point they began seeing each other in person. Last weekend Taylor, and a friend, and Alanna and her friend went to Austin, Texas, together to attend the Formula One race and Taylor Swift concert where the above photograph was taken. That’s Taylor and Alanna on the left. She kinda looks like Lady Gaga. BTW I bought Joanne, and I LOVE IT. It’s a different genre of singing, but it’s deep and compassionate. The Daily Mail reports that Lady Gaga and Taylor are working to get back together, and I hope that is true. None of the other photos indicate that the Taylor/Alanna friendship is anymore than that, even though it is a bit odd that he’s hanging out with a gal he met at a club last summer, shortly after he broke off his engagement to a gal he was in love with for 5 years.


My friend at the Union League tells me they caught the guy who broke the Union League steps at the junk yard. The 6 foot piece of brass would only have
brought in $40 because it was hollow, plus there was concrete inside which was there to make it more durable in case people sat on it. Can you imagine
how heavy it was to carry. Sadly the steps will cost $100ks to fix, and it’ll take time, at least until spring of 2017. BUT there will be celebrations and dedications when it
comes time to unveil the brand new railing and brand new pictures .


Congrats to Philly’s Kristen Welker, she’s from my neighborhood Fairmount.

In 1967, Richard (Joel Edgerton) and Mildred (Ruth Negga) Loving took their case to the Supreme Court after violating a Virginia law that prohibits interracial marriage. The movie on their battle opens next Friday, November 4.

Speaking of Fairmount, what are you and the kids doing this weekend?


  Join us at Eastern State Penitentiary for the 2nd Annual Fairmount Fall Festival – Oct. 29, 12:30-3:30… kids activities, arts and crafts, trick or treating, history scavenger hunt, picture and more!


Also here’s a few last minute ideas for Halloween Costumes. So honored R Eric Thomas created one about me.


Chio in the Morning Re Marries Shawn Live on Fox 29 at Cescaphe Water Works

Last week a very special wedding ceremony took place for  Mix 106.1’s “Chio in the Morning.” and his former wife Shawn. In 2014, the veteran on-air personality divorced Shawn, his wife of 25 years, then headed out west to a gig.


True love prevailed and the couple reunited this year. Chio and Shawn officially got remarried, and two lucky Mix 106.1 listeners brought their fiancés to participate in the ceremony at the Cescaphe Event Group’s Water Works in beautiful Fairmount Park. The post-ceremony celebration took place at the Fillmore with Gavin Degraw and Andy Grammer before their evening performance. Two lucky Mix 106 listeners, who won a contest, were also married at the beautiful fall ceremony – Rich Stillings and Jackie McBride as well as Chad Eli Farrales, who works for the U.S. Navy who renewed his vows with Jennifer Farrales.



The blessed event took place October 19, 2016 live on Fox 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia” officiated by host Mike Jerrick.


Jessica Roomberg, Emmy Award-winner. Executive Producer/Good Day Philadelphia on FOX 29


Mike Jerrick and Jen Fred co-hosted the Chio in the Morning wedding at the Waterworks






Springfield’s Rich Stillings marrying Jackie McBride




Mike, Chio, Shawn, Jackie McBride and Rich Stillings



Chad Eli Farrales, who works for the U.S. Navy in Levittown, renewed his vows with Jennifer Farrales


Springfield’s Rich Stillings  married Jackie McBride


After the ceremony there was a lovely reception


It’s a real cake

Jackie McBride captures a moment with a selfie


Nik the Web Chick


Chio hd1_4749-medium-custom hd1_4751-medium-custom Chio




Congratulations Chio and Shawn


Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston to Film In Philadelphia, Taylor Kinney’s Philly Girl Friend, Wanda Sykes Eats Out,

Good Wednesday morning. There’s a chill in the air, but now here’s some exciting news. After a lonnnnnnnnggggg drought in film making in Philly. Philly’s own Kevin Hart is on his way back to film another movie in our fair City. Last night Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Film Office, tweeted for joy with the good news for which she has worked so hard to get.

Lancaster, PA on Sunday


GFPO Press Release: Philadelphia, PA – (October 25, 2016) – Philadelphia will be the primary filming location early next year for The Weinstein Company’s The Untouchables, directed by Neil Burger, who also directed Limitless in Philadelphia, written by Jon Hartmere and executive produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein.  The Untouchables stars Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston and Philadelphia native, powerhouse comedian Kevin Hart in the US remake of the French comedy, The Intouchables.  The movie follows an aristocrat who, after becoming a paraplegic following a paragliding accident, hires an unemployed man with a criminal record to be his caregiver. (SOURCE)


I was wondering why Bryan Cranston was in town earlier this month. Super fan Team Derek caught up with him at 30th Street Station.

Kevin Hart was just in town too promoting his comedy stand up routine movie “What Now?”, which was filmed in Philly last summer at the Linc.

I heard about the movie last week while I was at the Philadelphia Film Festival Opening Party on Thursday night, my friends tell me filming will begin in late January, brrr.

Speaking about hot, fresh off her appearance with Ellen last week, local gal comedian Wanda Sykes celebrated her 8th wedding anniversary with wife Alex Sykes
at Chef Nick Elmi’s eatery Laurel (1617 E Passyunk Ave). If that wasn’t awesome enough, earlier in the week Inquirer’s Craig LaBan formidable food critic, upgraded Laurel to 4 bells. LaBan originally
reviewed Laurel in 2014.  It’s not unusal for LaBan to re-review restaurants and either add, keep the same or subtract a bell, as he once did for Del Frisco’s.
To buy the special edition of Craig LaBan
‘s reviews of his favorite 25 places in Philly go here.
Holy Cow Lady Gaga‘s ex Taylor Kinney is dating my radiologist @TJUHospital, South Philly’s Alanna DiGiovanni
Alanna DiGiovanni (l)
Sources tell me Taylor & new gf met a yr ago in AC, when Gaga performed with Tony Bennett last July 2015, but didn’t start dating til aft he broke off engagement to
They were social media friends and had kept in touch. Sadly I can’t check her SM cause she has erased her online life. Fortunately her friends read me and
have filled me in.
Alanna DiGiovanni (r) and her sister.
Recently the Flyer’s Michael Del Zotto stopped by Salon Vanity to get his locks looking great to skate
OK NOW – what a cutie – Ms Patti LaBelle’s granddaughter.
We are only a few weeks away from the Marian Anderson Awards, where Patti LaBelle and Gamble & Huff will receive the 2016 Marian Anderson Award at the annually anticipated Gala on November 15, 2016, at The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. TICKETS HERE

Photos: Back on My Feet Gala at The Marriott

Back on My Feet Gala at The Marriott

Back on My Feet (BOMY) combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources. Operating in 11 major cities coast-to-coast, Back on My Feet recruits members at homeless and residential facilities and begins with a commitment to run three days a week.  The second phase of the program, Next Steps, provides educational support, job training programs, employment partnership referrals and housing resources. Last week BOMY held their annual gala at the Marriott Hotel in Center City

 James B. Broms, Managing Director at Accenture and Chair of Back on My Feet’s Advisory Board, Carol Fromer, Sheila Hess, Phila City Rep, Mayor Jim Kenney and Cathryn Sanderson, Executive Director at Back on My Feet Philadelphia Chapter – ‎Back on My Feet


Back on My Feet Philadelphia honored Constellation and Accenture for their exceptional community service efforts, especially for the cause of homelessness.

“Back on My Feet Philadelphia is excited to recognize the contributions of these organizations and their significance to the development of our program. Both Constellation and Accenture embrace the importance of building a strong, supportive community and meaningful relationships,” said Cathryn Sanderson, Executive Director of Back on My Feet Philadelphia. “Back on My Feet is an organization deeply rooted in community. It’s the force that bridges the socioeconomic gap between our members (those experiencing homelessness) and volunteers, enhances our members’ confidence and self-esteem, and is the motivator to stay on a path to independence.”

Run with Back on My Feet to secure your spot in the the 2016 Philadelphia  Half or Full Marathon today!

Accenture, a national corporate partner of Back on My Feet since its beginning, facilitates a job readiness training program called “Tools for Success” to Back on My Feet members once a month. These educational resources play a crucial role in Back on My Feet members’ preparedness to re-enter the workforce and achieve self-sufficiency. James B. Broms, Managing Director at Accenture and Chair of Back on My Feet’s Advisory Board, shares that, “Alongside Constellation, we share Back on My Feet’s commitment to helping those experiencing homelessness achieve economic independence and transform their lives. Equipping people with the skills to secure lasting work, and in turn making a sustainable difference in the vitality of our communities, is a mission we all stand behind.”


Constellation has recently become involved with Back on My Feet. Their enthusiasm for and engagement in Back on My Feet’s mission since partnering has been impressive. “Constellation is inspired by Back on My Feet’s mission and is proud to support their efforts,” said Gary Fromer, Senior Vice President of Distributed Energy for Constellation. “Their ingenuity and hard work in combating homelessness is something we can all take as an example of the greatness in our community.”


Volunteers: Colleen Murphy, Terri Rivera, Heather Murphy (the new City Hall Tour Director) and Jerry Azarewicz


Chris Massanova, District Sales Manager at AT&T Jim Marino, Race Director at Broad Street Run 10 Miler and the Philadelphia Marathon and Bob Wyliner


There was an extensive silent auction with trips, experiences, dinners, sneakers


and this interesting handmade doll


Perry O’Hearn and his fiance Melissa Magee | wearing the shoe of choice at this event, sneakers.


Marshall Harris and his Darryl Dawkins socks



Alyssa Pomponio and Alex Smith









Zorbey Canturk, Comcast and Kyrsten Kamlowsky, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Dairum Poke and Julius Green







Leslie Odom, Jr. Helps University of the Arts Celebrate their 140th anniversary

Leslie Odom, Jr. Helps University of the Arts Celebrate their 140th anniversary


The University of the Arts hosted a Creative Black Tie Gala as part of a year-long series of events celebrating its 140th anniversary. The star-powered, Grammy-style gala featured Philadelphia native and Hamilton star Leslie Odom, Jr., and performances by some of UArts’ most renowned ensembles and was held at the Hyatt at the Bellevue, Sunday October 16, 2016.


Brian and Sherry Effron, University of the Arts president, David Yager, Leslie Odom, Jr , Jeff Hammond, auctioneer extraordinaire, as well as emcee for the evening, and Jeffrey A. Lutsky,  chairman of the Board of Trustees for UArts and Stradley Ronon’s managing partner.
Yager was officially installed the next day, October 17. “Mark today in your calendar, as we celebrate 140 years and this inauguration. We are standing at the threshold of something new… the University of the Arts will be what it has always been—distinctive and bold—and it will be like something we have never seen before. Because that is our obligation—and our passion—as artists and makers.” – David Yager


Neil Kleinman is the director of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy and a former professor of Multimedia and Communication at the University of the Arts, Kate Genzer and Richard Genzer, Genzer Associates


Frank Giordano, President & CEO | The Philly Pops and Dottie Giordano


Leslie and Al Borish


The highenergy event wove together musical and theatrical performances, awards and remarks to create an impactful evening honoring the University community’s contributions to the creative economy. Mole Street produced the musical part of the evening.



Brandy Tynes and Bernard Tynes


Award winning Artists Nadia Hironaka, Chair of the Film and Video department at The Maryland Institute College of Art and Matthew Suib, Hironaka & Suib

are both alumni of The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA


Alyson Frank and Sherry Effron


 Aubrey Fink, Kim Fink, Karin Copeland and Sage Copeland.


Leslie Odom Jr. with honorees Eleanor Davis and Stephen Tarantal.


Raised in Philadelphia, Odom made his Broadway debut as a teenager in “Rent.” He later performed in productions like “Leap of Faith“ and “Venice;” Odom also appeared on TV as Sam Strickland on the NBC musical series “Smash”, before but before appearing in the smash hit on Broadway “Hamilton.”  Up next for Odom is the release of his Christmas CD “Simply Christmas,” on November 11.



Beth Fredrick, Lisle Hummerston, Meghan Walsh and Francina Girard,


Cheryl Hazzard, Alumni Board, Composer, musician, and scholar J. Donald Dumpson (he Curated the Papal Visit Choir With Aretha Franklin) and Valerie V. Gay, CFP | Art Sanctuary. Saturday night she performed at the PABJ Awards


Anna Ready and Anna Clarke


Before I knew it the gal ringing the chimes to signal the guests head to the ballroom passed by, and it was time for me to go….




Brooke Thomas, Sharon Reed, Nefertiti Jáquez, & Lori Wilson, Rarest First Look – a.lounge Opens, Jon Dorenbos’ Engaged

Philly Gossip: Brooke Thomas, Sharon Reed, & Nefertiti Jáquez, Lori Wilson, Rarest First Look, Dorenbos Engaged

Good Sunday Morning. WOW it’s winter finally. I’m happy, don’t get me wrong I love warm weather, until I discovered how hot it can get in one’s concrete walled apartment. There’s an ordinance in Philly that after October 1, all apartment buildings in Philadelphia have to provide heat to their tenants if they don’t have individual units, and it can’t be turned off til May 1 (meaning the AC and heater use the same HVAC system. You’re either getting heat or AC.) There’s no provision for global warming as the law was written in the 1940’s. Councilman Greenly told my neighbor that it’d have to go before City Council to change and he just didn’t see that ever happening. Any who my apartment has cooled down from the high of 85 it was maintaining for 4 days. Now I have some cool gossip for you….


Rarest (834 Chestnut Street)  Chef Anthony Marini, winner of CNBC’s hit show Restaurant Startup, tells me that the restaurant should be open on November 1. Marini, who I met about 3 months ago when I was at the AKA shooting the Equity movie screening party, tells me that the restaurant is going for the unpretentious, inviting vibe. The price point is on point, and people will be quite pleased with the unique menu of well prepared and curated traditional small and large plates. Plus the raw bar which will feature crudos, ceviches, and tartars as well as cured seafood, American cured hams, and artisan cheeses.

In the lobby of the AKA Washington Square is a.lounge.

There’s live music four nights a week in the grand lobby, curated by Eddie Bruce. Wednesday nights highlight a pianist from 5pm – 8pm. Thursday nights feature a pianist at 5pm, and Bob Egan’s Piano Bar goes on at 7:30pm to play the resident’s favorite requests. Friday nights begin with a pianist at 5pm, and then the Shayne Frederick Trio perform at 7:30pm. The Ella Gahnt Quartet entertains residents on Saturday evenings from 7:30pm – 10:30pm
(I was there again on Thursday night for the opening party for the Phila Film Festival, which runs until Oct 30


On the same day Brooke Thomas was released from CBS3, she was named one of the baddest anchorbaes in the USA by Bossip. Also on the list, and serious bad baes
who once graced Philly’s anchor desks – Sharon Reed, Brittney Shipp & Nefertiti Jáquez.And bad bae on air in Philly Alex Holley, Fox 29 (Bossip)


Speaking of anchorbaes, former NBC10 anchor Lori Wilson got married earlier this month, (Oct 9) to Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad “The Love Doctor”. Seems the doctor counsels couples on love; he has published several books, and is an alumni of the reality TV shows The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Real Gilligan’s Island. I love Lori Wilson, miss her infectious smile, and am happy for her. Congrats you two love birds. Here’s how they met according to their wedding page.

Once Upon A Time… Long, long… really long ago…

A man met a woman at a Step show on the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta. The man and woman were attracted to each other right away. They dated. He moved out west. She moved out East. After years of not seeing each other, or even keeping in touch, one day, her best friend suggested they reconnect. She flew to see him. He flew to see her. He flew to Africa, came back to the US and proposed. She said YES! Woot-woot!


Congrats to Jon Dorenbos and Ananlise Dale on their engagement. The duo met in Las Vegas in 2015, and have been inseparable ever since.  They’ve been engaged for about
two weeks, and haven’t set a wedding date yet. Their schedules have been jam packed between Jon’s appearances America’s Got Talent and his job as long snapper for
the Philadelphia Eagles.  Jon told me he’ll be really busy on the off season as his appearance on AGT and last weeks appearance on the Ellen Show has opened up a lot of doors and stages for him. Next up though is the Malcolm Jenkin’s 3rd Annual Blitz Bow Ties & Bourbon Monday, October 24, 2016


Spotted at Matt and Maries (100 N 18th St) – Phillies Ryan Howard stopped in for lunch on Friday.




The 6th Annual Monsters Ball Masquerade party will be held at The Ritz Carlton next Friday.

Ticket info here


CELEBRITY SPOTTING – William deVry from General Hospital will be at Parx Casino on
Friday Nov 4 at 1130AM to 2PM
It’s a Meet & Greet as well.



The Moyer Foundation’s 4th annual Champions for Children Celebration with Shane Victorino

Good Friday morning/afternoon: Busy, busy week and last night was no exception. I headed over to the AKA Washington Square for the Philadelphia Film Festival Opening Night Party where they honored M. Night Shyamalan (Photos will be on Philly Mag) and then I headed to the Crystal Tea Room, where former Phillies great Jamie Moyer’s foundation was honoring my friend Shane Victorino.  I arrived at the event a little late, but luck would have it as I was running in Shane was coming out for some air. It’s hot everywhere, we’re all looking for air this week. He immediately greeted me, gave me a big hug and asked me about myself. Sometimes I do think how the heck did this happen. Shane Victorino know’s who I am. We chatted for a bit and then Jon Dorenbos exited. Shane and I went over to greet Jon. Their conversation was so enjoyable, especially when Shane was engaging Jon about being on America’s Got Talent and impersonating his performance. (Both parties tonight were catered by Finley Catering.)


The Moyer Foundation’s 4th annual Champions for Children Celebration  Funds raised will support The Moyer Foundation’s signature programs in Camp Erin®, Camp Mariposa® and its newest initiative, The Moyer Foundation Resource Center.


Glen Bennet, Shane Victorino, Jon Dorenbos, Annalise Dale, Bryan Ehrlich and Jamie Wybar

Congrats to Jon and Annalise on their engagement.


Emceed by Phillies announcer Tom McCarthy

Created by former Phillies pitcher and World Series Champion Jamie Moyer and his wife Karen, The Moyer Foundation honored former Governor Ed Rendell, as well as, Shane and Melissa Victorino. Philadelphia Phillies


Guests were encouraged to wear their favorite Phillies jersey



Or just be Legendary Phillies connected like Chairman David Montgomery and his wife Lyn are part of our honorary co-chairs and


Phillies owners John and Leigh Middleton, as well as, Jim and Lin Buck are part of the honorary committee.


The Kape Family: Greg, Rima and Jordan with Melissa Victorino. Melissa is wearing a vintage Modell’s Phillies jersey.
A few years back Modell’s did a limited custom made Phillies jersey for 5 Phillies, Ryan, Jimmy, Raul, Werth. Each player got to create a jersey that
represented them. They sold out.


Camp Erin is the largest national bereavement program for children and teens ages 6-17 who have experienced the death of someone close to them. Camp Mariposa is a national mentoring and addiction prevention program for children 9-12 affected by addiction in their families. Both camps have locations serving children and families in Philadelphia, serving more than 1,600 children since 2007.  Camp Erin and Camp Mariposa are offered at no costs to families and combine fun, traditional camp activities with expert counseling that helps children understand and express their feelings while learning to cope with what they are going through.   Since Jamie and his wife, Karen, started The Moyer Foundation in 2000, the organization has grown to host nearly 100 free camps in more than 50 locations nationwide serving more than 4,000 children and teens annually.



Honorable Ed Rendell with Shane’s parents.


Wil Block and Rebecca Rosenberg


World Series Champion Jamie Moyer warm’s up before pitching to guests and Shane Victorino in the netted batting cage inside the Crystal Tea Room.





a unique highlight will include Jamie Moyer pitching in an on-site batting cage to event guests.

Jamie Moyer pitching at the Jamie Moyer Gala last night. Yes they had a batting cage inside Crystal Tea Room

A video posted by Philly ChitChat (@phillychitchat) on


After the event was over Shane Victorino was coaching his son Kingston, age 6, on how to hit a baseball. Seriously the cutest thing you’re going to see today.









Philly Gossip: Philly Fights Cancer, JHud Misses Cue To Go On, Lionel Takes Her Place, Details

Philly Gossip: Philly Fights Cancer, JHud Misses Cue To Go On, Lionel Takes Her Place, Details

Saturday night I covered The Abramson Cancer Center presents Philly Fights Cancer Round 2, benefiting translational research and clinical trials, held at The Legacy Tennis Courts on Ridge Avenue. I still don’t know why they retired the name the Arthur Ashe Tennis Courts, but that’s another story. WHAT an amazing night, event, the guest list, the glamour, A List celebrities, creative food, action, it was all the elements a society photographer wants to capture and share with his audience.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the color is pink. BTW the only drawback about this event is it was on the same night as The Pink Tie Gala (Susan Komen’s fundraiser), that
just shouldn’t be. I couldn’t make both, because I needed to be there for the cocktail party when I get most of my photos for columns, and I have to be there for the entertainment to complete the story of the night, and well I love Lionel Richie and Jennifer Hudson.


Brian Kappra, owner of Evantine Design, and his team did a spectacular job at creating a comfortable, eye catching magnificent space for 1300 guests


to wow over


Brian Toner, owner of Eventions Productions created the light scapes that lit up the rooms


Guests transitioning from the cocktail party to the sit down dinner. I spotted Madlyn Abramson. I jetted over there and then put together the best shot of the night,


Sharyn Berman Honoree, Philly Fights Cancer,  Madlyn Abramson, Amy Gutmann, PhD, Leonard Abramson, Dr. Kristy L. Weber, MD and John H. Glick, MD Honoree, Philly Fights Cancer, Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Professor of Clinical Oncology.


Brûlée Catering created the menu for the night.


I loved their presentation of the hordouveres during the cocktail hour. A real art .


During the cocktail party, there was also a VIP cocktail reception where sponsors, and higher price ticket holders were able to meet and greet Jennifer Hudson and comedian Tig Notaro. Just before Jennifer left to go back to her hotel to change for the evening, which was slightly mind bogling since the traffic on Kelly Drive was a hot mess getting there just from my house across from the Art Museum. (Jen was staying at the Ritz), I grab Nicole Cashman and asked her to pose for a shot with Jen.

Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Assocs. They did the media and publicity for Philly Fights Cancer.


Dinner is served. I believe it was a roast, and it was delicious.


I gave my dessert away, but not before I got this nice shot of the chocolate bomb.


Comedian Tig Notaro after performing for 15 minutes she told the audience that her set was to go longer than planned, oh good they’re giving her a chance to be funny


Then it was time for the entertainment JHud was supposed to go on first, but didn’t make it back in time getting caught up in Center City Traffic and the regular Saturday night
traffic mayhem that happens downtown. So Lionel Richie, who literally just landed at Phila Airport at 9PM, took to the stage at 10:15 and wowed the crowd. He sangs a lot of his biggest hits, people were slow dancing to Endless Love, Once Twice Three Times a Lady, and then dancing in the aisle for BrickHouse, All Night Long and Dancing on the Ceiling.


At one point Lionel called guests to join him on stage and they were more than happy too.


Then Lionel held his meet and greet, at the same time as Jennifer going on.


But I ran back and forth for a bit to capture both


While singing Jennifer Hudson went into the audience up close and personal. Even mid song she would pose with guests.


She did a heart-wrenching gospel song, plus a wonderful version of Leonard Cohn’s “Hallelujah”.

Next week (10/24) will be 8 years since her family was killed. She’s been saying on her social media  that this period is hard for her.
She did a medley of Whitney Houston songs, and her signature song, saying I wouldn’t be here without this song,
“And I Am Telling You” XOXO Jennifer. Wish she had sung my fav song, her original Spotlight


Then it was the afterpart at 1130PM. A young friends event.


There was “gambling” with proceeds going to the charity.




Specialty Cocktails at the after party


Guests at the afterparty cash their chips in to buy these items


Dessert at the after party


Brian Toner, Eventions, Brian Kappra, Evantine, and Paul Toner


A few press clippings placed


So bummed I had a cold and couldn’t get into the station to chat about the party, the stories and the WOW factor


Love this photo of Jen singing to a party guest


So grateful the media picks up the photos which helps get the word out on the charity.


Philly Mag online. Pixs will be in December issue as well.

Look for photos to pop up in Liberty City Press next week.