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Come Celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Glitter City Gala at The Bellevue

Just imagine. It’s a few minutes before midnight and the clock is counting down. Then we hit 11:59pm and our own special lit up Liberty Bell starts to fall.


We inch closer to the new year and then everyone starts to shout “10, 9, 8….” all the way to “1”…  As the clock strikes 12, a Liberty Bell stops and tens of thousands of pieces of confetti explode on the crowd at the stroke of midnight to ring in 2017.  WOW IS RIGHT!  There will be something truly amazing happening at this event.  The very first Bell Drop™ – a moment you’ll never forget and you can only experience this at the Glitter City Gala.



A Liberty bell drop will symbolize how our city showcases the idea of brotherly love by donating to three charities this holiday season. This year, the Glitter Gala has chosen to donate a portion of their proceeds to PAWS, Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House, and Big Brother Big Sisters.  “We believe that every great party should support charity.  That’s why we are donating a portion of our proceeds this year.  In addition, you can support these great charities by selecting a “donation” ticket,  and 100% of the money you select will be donated to charity. Giving back in a fun way is what we do,” says Dennis Gaudenzi, Founder of


(I’ll be there between 8 – 10PM so bring your smile with your glamour)


About is a lifestyle and entertainment marketing agency.  We publish a hyper-local social content platform that focuses on advertising, ticketing, and event production through our family of websites.  We produce & ticket many high-profile Philadelphia & South Jersey events, and execute innovative client promotions. Decades of experience, extreme attention to detail and a love for what we do drive hundreds of thousands of people to our website, newsletter, and our events each year.



The Last of the Christmas Parties: Fumo, James and Mark Segal’s

Happy week after Christmas. OMG so depressed this week George Michael , Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher gone. Two icons done in by drugs. How many superstars this year died of drugs or the results of long time drug use – Prince, Carrie and George Michael, icons dead too soon.   I never photographed GM, but had seen him in concert. About 3 years ago I photographed Carrie Fisher at a Minding Your Minds event, which is a youth suicide awareness event. Did I mention that Drew Bergman, Associate Director of Development at Minding Your Mind will be honored at AFSP Save a Life Gala is January 7th at the Curtis Center. Also Today and for the rest of the week I will be working on the BEST OF columns for best dressed, best photos, best celeb stories and BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR. Before I headed out to Charlotte for the most magnificent time with the family for Christmas Weekend, I hit a few parties I didn’t write about yet. Let’s enjoy the pictorial.


Debbie Pastrana and former sen Vince Fumo, at their Christmas Party


Moi, Carol Tamburino and Mike Toub


Larry and Cindy Wanerman who finally moved into their dream apartment in Center City


Ann from Ten Pennies decorated the Fumo tree and interior of the house, for as long as anyone can remember.

Hacina it’s always great to see ya


Tonya Whitmore Stack and Lt Gov Mike Stack



Peter Nero




Brandon Mandia, Alissa Frick, Justin Pizzi, CJ Honigman and Christie Mandia, Honigman Group and PR for James.
William Arrison, and Danielle DeSandis from The Philly Voice


The Donatucci’s. They endured an incredible loss of their son and brother, Michael, earlier this year. But created The Michael P. Donatucci Foundation
raising over a hundred thousand dollars to Raising Awareness of Mental Health. Bravo!!


Ben Haney, co-owner of James (l) and Jamie McFadden fresh off of their wedding vows in St. Thomas over Thanksgiving Day weekend. In January they’ll be hosting a reception for friends and family at THE ARMORY. I can’t wait to see how spectacular it’ll be.  In the meantime James is open for New Year’s Eve. Stop by for a bite.

12-28-2016-1-14-48-pm 1835 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  (267) 324-5005 -We still have a few available tables for New Year’s Eve! Seatings at 5, 7, and 9pm.


Then there was Mark Segal and Jason Villmez‘s annual holiday soiree, which I ran in Liberty City Press this week


Jarrod Williams‘ best dressed at any holiday party this year….



Emily and her Entourage Battle Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in Philly

Emily has Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a progressive and fatal genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system. Each day, Emily spends countless hours on breathing treatments, injects multiple shots for CF-related diabetes and takes over 30 pills in an effort to salvage every ounce of lung function and delay end-stage CF for as long as possible. Still, not even her most valiant efforts can halt the inevitable progression of this cruel, insidious disease. And she is not alone. Each year, approximately 1,000 people are diagnosed with CF.  Nearly half (over 45%) of the current CF population is 18 years or older and there are over 1,900 known CF mutations making it incredibly hard to treat.


Liza Kramer, Coby Kramer-Golinkoff, Annie Kramer-Golinkoff, Julia  Kramer-Golinkoff, Emily  Kramer-Golinkoff, and Michael Golinkoff

Despite facing advanced stage disease, Emily’s energy is infectious and her Entourage is taking the world by storm. In July, 2015, the White House named Emily a Champion of Change for Precision Medicine.

Emily’s Entourage took place on December 3 to Help Find a Cure for Nearly 70,000 People Living with Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide. The event was held  Moulin at Sherman Mills


Emily’s story has been featured on, CBS’s nationally syndicated television program The Doctor’sThe Philadelphia Inquirer and more, where she has been called “defiantly optimistic and intensely motivated.” Emily
Beth Lavin and Julie Wetheimer


Guests write down inspirational sayings on the wall


There was an extensive silent auction to raise additional funds. The organizers tell me they raised over $400,000 at the event and raised over $35,000 in just the 7 minute donation countdown alone.


Barbara Berley- Mellits, Joan Denenberg, Corri Bernstein


Mariann Boston, Nickie Boston and Desie Boston who produced the event and executed the theme of the party.


Bob and Marta Adelson


Heather Burkman and Zack Schildhorn



David Kramer, Franci Kramer, Danielle Barson and Louis Barson

hd1_4495-custom Emily
Michael and Bonnie Silverberg




Linda Yoo and Chip Schubert




Cheryl Jones, Charlene Locke, Madison Gale-Laman, and Esha Mehta


Helen DeHaven, Norma Michaels, Hope Cohen and Nickie Boston



The Most Unbelievably Interior Holiday Decorated House in The Area

My long time friend and former roommate in the eighties, Bob Strack, has always had a lust elaborate decorations. We had grand decor in our cute little Cherry Hill apartment.


Fast forward a few decades, he falls in love and marries equally creative, Jack Wootten, and then we become Facebook friends where I get to vicariously enjoy all his creations through the the little box on my desk. I’m not sure if I ever noticed his over the top, but tasteful Christmas decorations of yesteryear, but I have noticed his general amazing decor, collection of barbie dolls, and his gallivanting to Halloween parties in costume, but this year I did and I must share them with you…. I asked him a few questions and he sent a lovely paragraph back with lots of details….They live in Newark, De.



Bob tells me: This year I did it a little bit different. I did 3 themed rooms. Emerald city foyer , candy land family room and whoville dining room.




I generally repurpose all of the items used on the trees and garlands. It is all stripped down and stored by color in clear totes. I usually start decorating the first week of November. The garlands go up first then the lights are placed on. The trees go up next and are lighted. Then i go room by room depending on theme and start to actually decorate the garlands and trees.

candy land family room





The last thing I do is accessorize the house. I get my color themes from seeing by what is left after Christmas at stores I usually buy the underdogs that haven’t sold well colorwise.


I then take inventory of what I own and see i can make anything out of it. I sometimes get themes from Movies, friends sometimes tell me I should do this or that, and I also get inspiration from


My husband Jack Wootten. He builds my crazy dreams and makes them a Reality. We met at Macy’s back in the 80’s. but didn’t become a couple until 1993 when I Moved To Delaware from Maryland. We got married last year on Valentine’s Day after 13 years together though we have known each other for 30 years. 



whoville dining room








The decorations will be up until the weekend of January 12. 



Philly Style Magazine Fantastic Scenester Photo Booth Pixs

Philly Style Magazine hosted their annual Holiday Party


at Aqimero, at the Ritz Carlton in Center City earlier this month. I was there, I took photos, some will run in Liberty City Press next week,


but I wanted to bring you guys the photos that were taken in the photo booth. So fun and telling!!

See if you can guess who the scenesters are…..
12-21-2016-3-23-52-pm-custom 12-21-2016-3-25-39-pm-custom
The Drewen Girls, I went to college with their sister Suz, and if I wasn’t gay she’d be Mrs Dillon12-21-2016-3-28-19-pm-custom

Conni Alexandrian McDonnell , Touché Accessories and Desmond McDonnell
Tonight head on over to Touché Accessories for their big 20% off the entire store sale. Pick up those
last minute gifts for the holiday, and I know you need a new dress for New Year’s Eve, or The Hair of The Dog party coming up on 1/7/17. They’re at KOP Mall, LL across from Macy’s. You’re not going to meet a nicer women than Conni.
I’ve admired her for years, and now she advertises on my blog.

Style Style

PR Peeps: Garden Logan leaves her 9 to 5 and returns to PR, Jaimi Blackburn leaves Loews Hotel, and goes to


12-21-2016-3-29-38-pm-custom 12-21-2016-3-30-02-pm-custom Style
The Neff’s12-21-2016-3-30-57-pm-custom
The most adorable siblings


Yeah that’s my shot of Lionel Ritchie there. Check out for my weekly photos.

12-21-2016-3-31-49-pm-custom Style

Philly newest, hottest, lifestyle bloggers – Alex and Mike
Invite them to your events. They have an engaging audience, are interesting guests, plus they’re kinda hot and fashionable.
Alex and Mike Lifestyle Blog


The Rittenhouse LadiesStyleIMC and his posse Alex, Mike Toni and Briana
Briana Louise Sposato
(bottom right) is a fantastic photographer. Her biggest client is Ian Micheal Crumm, her other clients Starr Restaurants to name a few. She shoots products and food.
That photo on my blog in the upper left, she shot it.


Thanks for the shots.


Medical Guardian Hosts Annual Holiday Party – Decor By Val Sings Events

Medical Guardian (1818 Market Street  Suite 1200, Philadelphia, PA 19103) held their annual holiday party on Saturday night at Tendenza in Philadelphia in Northern Liberties. Geoff Gross, Founder & CEO at Medical Guardian hosted friends, family and employees of the life saving Medical Alert System which serves seniors nationwide.

Valerie Sings Gross, Sings Events, and Geoff Gross, Founder & CEO at Medical Guardian, Gemma DeMedio, Mark Simon, Andree Goldberg, and Bryan Goldberg

Congratulations are in order for Geoff Gross who was recently honored by the Phl Biz Journal as  one of the
Most Admired CEOs in Philadelphia! #PBJCEO


A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight
Walking in a #winterwonderland ❄️☃️
#valsingsevents #mgholidayparty



Ronnie Gordon and Lauren Gordon


Love the decor of this room


Adam Landsman, Matthew Groh and Jen Landsman



Chef Frances Vavloukis is the Culinary Center Specialist at Whole Foods Market in Annapolis, Md. and Kris Gross

Everyone gets a Christmas decoration


Mark Kinney, Sarah Barry and Curtis


David Denny, Simone Denny, Chrissy Coyne and Sean Coyne


Ken Gross, Frances Vavloukis, Geoff Gross, Meg Cherondoff and Eric Prithard


Ozzie Perez and Kristen Muldoon


Serena Jacobs and Tim Ennis

This might be my best dressed couple of the year.
Anthony Bester and Lori Madeja


 Employees, managers, spouses and friends enjoyed a sit down dinner after a cocktail party of mingling about holiday shopping, traditions and favorite holiday songs.


New Year’s in Philadelphia – Mummers Tickets & Info

Who Knew? The Independence Visitor Center sells the Mummer’s Parade Tickets. Every year I wonder where I get them, is it the Pa Convention Center, the Mummers Museum where. Of course I always think about that on New Year’s Day. This year I read an email that probably comes to me every year and it’s IVC where you get them. LET’S GO!!

The Independence Visitor Center is gearing up for an exciting holiday season, featuring the Philadelphia Holiday Festival. Located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Historic District in Independence National Historical Park, the Visitor Center is the official welcome center of the Greater Philadelphia region and the perfect place for visitors to begin exploring signature holiday events.

The Independence Visitor Center is the exclusive location to pick up free-timed tickets to tour Independence Hall and located across the street from the Liberty Bell Center. Tickets to MummersFest, the Mummers Parade, and Fancy Brigade Finale are also on sale at the Independence Visitor Center.


The City Hall Visitor Center, room 121, is centrally located among Center City’s bustling holiday scene surrounding City Hall. Here you can learn about happenings throughout the region as well as purchase tickets to tour City Hall and the observation deck with sweeping views of the city from 500 feet, as William Penn sees us.


New this week: City Hall Visitor Center now offers ticket sales to more than 100 tours and attractions!


For the last 12 years, the Independence Visitor Center has been the exclusive location to purchase bleacher seating at the Mummers Parade. Also available for purchase at the Visitor Center are tickets for the Fancy Brigade Finale Shows and MummersFest.


>>For information about Mummers programming and TICKETS, click here.<<


Mummers Parade January 1, 2017
Bleacher seating tickets available; $20.00 per person
Purchase at the Independence Visitor Center or order by phone at 800.537.7676 and pick up at the Visitor Center


Fancy Brigade Finale Shows

January 1, 2017

Pennsylvania Convention Center

*5:00 p.m. performance SOLD OUT*

Tickets available for the 11:30 a.m. performance;

$28.00 (includes $3.00 Visitor Center handing fee)

Purchase at the Independence Visitor Center or order by phone at 800.537.7676 and pick up at the Visitor Center



December 31, 2016 – Pennsylvania Convention Center
Tickets available; $5.00 per person (includes $1.00 Visitor Center handling fee)
Purchase at the Independence Visitor Center or order by phone at 800.537.7676 and pick up at the Visitor Center




Philly PHLASH Downtown Bus Loop

The most convenient and affordable way for visitors to travel to key attractions, including stops throughout Historic Philadelphia, the Philly PHLASH provides daily service every 15 minutes from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The PHLASH is only $2 per ride or $5 per day. Passes are available onboard (with cash and exact change only), at any Visitor Center location, or online at and




Sheena Parveen Left us for this Hottie, Snow Pixs, Kristen Welker Party – Philly Gossip

Sheena Parveen Left us for this Hottie, Snow Pixs, Kristen Welker Party – Philly Gossip

Happy happy Monday. I can’t believe Christmas is next week. This month, this year, going by so fast. My mom always told me this would be the case as I got older and she was right. I really wish everyone a very happy holiday season, and new year. This past weekend was picture perfect. I spent Friday at Christmas Village with my Cabot Cheese family, handing out samples, and gifts and chatting with a lot of people.  Saturday and Sunday were picture perfect as well. Here are a few shots….





Rittenhouse Square Sun 2am


Don’t drive DRUNK. 22nd Street below Chestnut, Sunday at 230AM. A guy hit this parked car, and drove off. He didn’t get far as both his airbags deployed and he was trying to drive holding one up so he could see where he was going. With the helpful descriptions from witnesses’ I caught up with him about 2 blocks away, as I was relaying info to 911. The cops came and snagged him.


Over the weekend I went to a slew of terrific parties, but no party was as important as the one
where I said “good-bye” to my friend Sheena Parveen, who’s on her way to NBC DC to do the weather


in the morning. She’ll be closer to her BFF Erin Como (r) , Fox 5 DC, and


her beau who is stationed in Virginia (I told you earlier this year that Sheena was leaving for the love of the job, and her love). She’ll be missed
Vasiliki Tsiouris (2nd from r) owner of Opa and Craftsman Row Saloon and

(Christie and Brandon Mandia’s wedding in July – And the Bride wore black.)

all our friends who were there for the send off Alissa, Tony, Christie, Brandon, Jessica B, Marisa, and most of all Justin Pizzi, her neighbor, side guy and dog walker.


Speaking of Justin Pizzi, after an early evening goodbye cocktail party with us, he headed to former Fairmount resident, NBC10 reporter now a NBC White House Correspondent, Kristen Welker‘s engagement party. She’s marrying John Hughes (l), who proposed June 24. A 2017 wedding is planned. Every January Kristen’s mom Julie Welker sends me a magnetic calendar of a photo of her, Kristen and President and Mrs Obama.


My cousin in law David Nakamura, Washington Post  also attends the same luncheon where White House correspondents get their photos taken with Potus and Flotus. He usually takes his wife. This year he took his mom, Mike’s Aunt Bernie.


After a rough day on the field Eagles player Nolan Carroll headed out to Rumor to shake it off. Ahh I miss those weekly parties at G Lounge with DeSean Jackson and friends


Sponsor Break
Get Your Hair of the Dog Tickets Today for the 1/7/17 blowout at The Fillmore!!

Let the engagements commence. I imagine in the next two weeks there will be zillions of engagements and marriages. Let’s check out a few here. Congrats to all….


Congrats to CBS Philadelphia’s Michael Cerio who popped the question to his Erica Batchelor this past weekend.


The Art Museum was hopping with activity this past weekend



Friday night into Saturday we got a dusting of snow, but that didn’t stop this guy from skiing down the Art Museum Steps. Normally you need a decent 7 inches of snow to cover the steps


Congrats to Sam Hamilton and Suzett Strayer on their marriage Saturday


Former Philly man about town, who relocated to LA about 5 years ago, Jared Poe is off the market by the Mrs. Cricket Poe


The Judge who married Mike and I, Dan Anders, was busy Friday marrying Harry Louis Zelnick and Kristine Kennon


Then comes baby in the baby carriage.
Congrats Anne Pereira and Paul Pereira on the birth of their baby boy – Victor Nikolaus-Pereira


There are 6 days (5 nights) until Christmas Day. Get out there and see the holiday lights.


Transatlantic Building Makes Its Debut in Northern Liberties

PRDC Properties and D3 Development hosted a Winter Showcase last Saturday, December 10 featuring the re-development of the TransAtlantic building into 41 luxury apartments. (420 Fairmount Avenue) Thanks to Mike Hirata for shooting this event for PCC


This historic redevelopment features beautiful units that include hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, exposed brick, high ceilings, amazing views and much more! Some units have outdoor space.


Right in the heart of Northern Liberties, you are in walking distance to some of the city’s best restaurants, boutiques, parks, and vibrant nightlife


Rebecca Cureton of Grey Dolphin Fitness and Wellness



Mark Rider and Kristin Pultro check out the new kitchens.


Developers David Perlman and Greg Hill.


Once coined one of the 10 most distinctive empty buildings in Philadelphia, the TransAtlantic  has been transformed into a beautiful boutique-style residential loft apartment building in the  heart of Northern Liberties.


Arvind Balaji and Tori Moore.


PRDC Properties and D3 Development have maintained the historic charm of the building by  restoring the original facade and designing unique floors that feature interior brick, iron doors,  high vaulted ceilings with original beams and views in all directions. TransAtlantic

Brooke Ziegler, Nanci Ziegler, and Brent Ziegler on the outdoor deck.


Heather Baumgardner and Brandon Morrison.  


Zack Miller and Mitch Rosenthal.


Most notably, the 3 bedroom penthouse apartment with elevated roof deck is privately located  on the 5th floor. The penthouse features a striking entryway lined with sky light windows down  the center hallway. The open floor plan presents incredible views from the living, dining and  kitchen rooms. This loft is the true definition of “light and airy”.


One bedrooms are between $1,575-$1,990
2 bedrooms range between $2,050-$2,900
Penthouse Unit (3 beds/2baths) with private roof deck and 2 designated off-street parking spaces $4,500
Commercial Space – $2,500


Arvind Balaji and Bre Dillon.


Becky Goldschmidt owner of Random Tea Room.


Rebecca Nenno of Mind and Body Wellness.


Jon Thomas, President of PRDC Properties, expresses great enthusiasm for the project, “we  have beautiful units to share in a convenient location right off the main strip of Northern Liberties  near local bakeries, bars and restaurants. PRDC and D3 Development were able to pull  together a great team to revitalize an iconic building that clearly needed a new life.”  For those looking to purchase a new home, there’s a place for you too! The TransAtlantic  apartment building is flanked by 25 luxury row homes, with 6 still available.

This shot is looking towards the Delaware River.
Check out Naked Philly for before pixs and sketchings of the property


Jon Gosselin Gets Ugly, Random Acts of Kindness & Philly Gossip

Jon Gosselin Gets Ugly, Random Acts of Kindness & Philly Gossip


Good Thursday. Omgosh I got behind on PhillyChitChat this week, especially this month with the gossip. So bear with me there’s a lot. Every day I scour social media to see what you all are up to, who’s getting married, who’s having a baby * and sometimes I think wait you must have been pregnant when you got married and I didn’t even noticed, I thought it was the glow of the day – Congrats;  and upcoming events I think might interest you. Let’s start with this seasonal story, which hopefully inspires kindness through out the year.


I got this cute nugget in my mailbox this week:

Michelle Simkiss founder of  In beTWEEN Girls took a bunch of teen girls throughout SNJ to towns Mantua, Mt Royal, West Deptford, Clarksboro, Mickleton, Swedesboro and Mullica Hill and did “Random Acts of Kindness.” They taped quarters to the machines at a laundromat, paid off a layaway for Christmas presents for a delinquent account, gifted countless coffees at Dunkin Donuts, laid 15 wreaths of remembrances and did a special ceremony for veterans (some WW1) that haven’t been visited in a long time, sent pizzas to the fire hall volunteers, dropped off cookies & coffee to the police station, donated items to the animal hospital and knocked on 11 random doors throughout the community to surprise them with gift cards, presents & goodies.  At each stop we told the community members that they are loved and we sang Christmas carols to them.   – In beTWEEN Girls is an organization dedicated to empowering the lives of pre-teen girls by teaching them self worth, self confidence, boundaries, and to love and accept themselves. The program provides tools that enhances their ability to connect with their inner voice, and appreciate their own uniqueness. Through techniques such as mindfulness, positive thought, yoga, and fun, and inspiration crafts and activities, the girls can begin to easily navigate through this confusing and a somewhat emotional time in their lives. Our In beTWEEN Girls will discover their natural talents, self fulfillment, volunteerism, and invaluable life skills.


Congrats you two


I love these reveal parties. So new and fun. Now save up for that Push Present.



Congrats Dan Kessler, he’s making moves. This guy will definitely run the City one day, if not the state.


As will Malcolm Kenyatta. He also was selected by City and State as one of the #40under40



Sad face


Formerly of Philadelphia, magazine and Chatterblast, Joey and his hubby Alex Marin moved to Dallas for his job, and now
Joey is at Dallas Magazine. Congrats!


Congrats Melony Roy!!



Congrats Susan




What’s Happening?



Baby it’s Cold Outside – – but don’t let that stop you from visiting Cabor Creamery Cooperatives Christmas Village Tent at the Christmas Village at Philadelphia City Hall this Friday through Saturday from 12 Noon till 7p each day!  Sample The World’s Best Cheddar and grab some great gifts as we celebrate the Holidays Cabot-style!  Our tent is located on the JFK Boulevard and Broad Street side of City Hall near the entrance to the courtyard.  Happy Holidays! – I’ll be there Friday from 12 – 3 PM, come on by We’ll be sampling Cabot’s Seriously Sharp Cheddar and giving away tons of small gifts (cutting boards, pens, bottle openers,sunglasses, sports lanyards,cow bracelets and much more – all FREE!


Saturday and Sunday at James restaurant have lunch with Santa and his elf
1835 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
(267) 324-5005