Center City Night Clubs Close, and Open Under New Names – Stats on 17

Center City Night Clubs Close, and Open Under New Names

After attending the Philly Mag Party on Dilworth Park last Thursday night, I headed to DelFrisco‘s for a bite to eat and a bit of people watching on what is always one of the best nights of the week to dine at DelFrisco’s – Thursday nights.(BTW they have a great special $59 for two courses, salad and surf & turf. So good)


While there people were celebrating the last night of the head bartender, I should have written his name down, but the person who told me said Justin Veasey was going to head a new club, Stats on 17!! It seems that the anticipated hot sports club last year, Clubhouse Sports Lounge, didn’t really take off as planned, probably because Vesper’s restaurant and bar, became Vesper’s sports club and really took off.

Brrrrr Clubhouse Sports Lounge at 111 South 17th Street (Originally G Lounge in 12/07, then the 1925 Cocktail Lounge in 3/15) with it’s ICE and Escape Rooms never really caught on and has closed.  It’s now being rebranded as Stats on 17th!! a brand new sports bar venue with a concept that a great game is always enjoyed while having great beers, drink specials, and food with a club vibe and DJ on the weekends.

BTW Stats on 17th seeking help! They’re looking for experienced kitchen staff, line cook, prep cook, bartenders, bar backs, hostesses, bottle service VIP girls to join their team. They’re interviewing at Sofitel next Tuesday!! Stats on 17th is opening in Sept 2018. Already on the payroll is

super star VIP doorman Tee Fish, longtime Security/Door Manager at Rumor nightclub.
Rumor is CLOSED. What a great spot. I had a lot of fun there, especially in the early years of it’s existence when it first opened and I went out more. Now my crew is married with kids.
Don’t fret though, it’s under new ownership and has a new name. Look for 1500 to open in the fall as well.
It’s interesting to note that both Rumor and Clubhouse were run by maverick nightclub connoisseur Mark Marek, and closed within a few days of each other mid July. Rumor is under new ownership, and I was told that former Clubhouse is as well. I have a text into Mark to see if he did indeed sell the clubs as it appears he did. He was definitely the king for years in the club business, but now with his recent marriage, who wouldn’t want to take a step back and enjoy life.