Photos: New Target in Northern Liberties Opens

Photos: New Target in Northern Liberties Opens

Another Target has opened in “Center City”, this one in Northern Liberties at 456 North 5th, a building formerly the headquarters of Destination Maternity . Some people define Center City between Spring Garden and South Street (don’t get me started about the 6th Boro, ok). This Target is much different than the ones who have come on line over the passed two years when Target started opening the urban stores.

It’s much larger than all of the small format stores at 47,000-square-foot space, including the one near me in Callowhill  which is 30,000-square-feet. The parking lot is larger, and the merchandise selection is plentiful.
You can enter/exit via 5th Street, which is one way going towards Vine Street. It’s odd that they curved the driveway here, maybe to dissuade people from using it as a shortcut, which I saw someone do yesterday. They should probably put install a few speed bumps to discourage that from becoming a habit.

Or enter/exit via 6th Street, towards Spring Garden.

Let’s head inside, the doors are to the right of the cashiers, there are about 6 self check out stations. As you walk in the door there are seasonal items for sale,

and then the men’s department is straight ahead.Target is still in summer mode, so if you need shorts or a t-shirt they still have them unlike other department stores.


On the right of the entrance is the women’s department. It’s extensive, and has fitting rooms.

I headed to the “food market” in the back. Prices looked good, and it’s going to really convenient for the supermarket starved area. Acme on 2nd and Girard is about a mile away, but going in all over directions a grocery store is much further.

I checked out the soda prices, and again it looks like Target is absorbing the “Soda Tax” as the soda is priced without the tax. This is a 12 pack of soda for only $4.99

There’s a small selection of grab and go sandwiches, I was on my way to a gig and grabbed a turkey salad sandwich, and it was delicious. Only $4.29, that’s a deal.

The small format Target is chock full of items we need for everyday living, like cleaning supplies, paper products and shampoo.

There’s even a travel section, with luggage

A tech section with TV’s and other electronics
It’s fun to see all these Target’s open, a story I broke in 2014 when I wrote Target was looking to open
stores in urban settings. They’ve certainly opened more than I imagined, they’re taking over like a Wawa

Toys, and dolls. I picked up a few games for game night.
Children’s clothes
You’re going to need a coffee after the exhausting shopping trip. This one is perfectly in the far right corner, with tables, and a great view of the City.
I love the windows at the new Target, which allows so much natural light into the store

If you’re wondering where the new Target is, this is the building fronting Spring Garden Street, the former Destination Maternity building between 5th & 6th Streets. (Google)

On the left is Yards Brewing Company which moved in earlier this year. (Photo)

The right side will be the City Archives (Photo)

This was the back of the building (Google)

Which now looks like this
Finally when I took this photo yesterday, I was wondering what was going in the fenced in area on the right? This morning that has been answered in a Jacob Adelman column,

where he reports Alliance Partners HSP LLCs plan calls for a building apartments that would run along Fifth Street and retail space facing the Target parking lot. Check out Jacob’s column for more details.

Tonight is Diner en Blanc, so check back here tomorrow for all the fashions, table settings and fun!!