What Did They Wear at Dîner en Blanc Philly

What Did They Wear at Dîner en Blanc Philly

The Best in Fashion

Breezy chic Marc and Stella Wiser

Three great dresses Emily Perkins, Kimberly Molineaux and Alex Rappo

A fan of Diner en Blanc

Everything’s coming up: Drew Seid and Rachel Waxman

Black Panther inspired: Dia Cabasquiini , Fantaija Graves, Jazz Martinez, Christina Martinez and Darrell Waytes

Hotness Fox29’s Alex Holley and Mike Masco. Alex is taking a few weeks off for voice rest; Mike’s headed to Good Day Weekend
with Lauren Johnson. I’ll be appearing periodically on the weekend’s as well.

Dana Blue

Michael Wilson and Jessica Mergen

Wonderful, and cool

A Classic Look: Sheila Hess and Jordan Parenti

Lil Halpern, Pat Nogar and Tiffany Archard Arey

J. Lynn Christian and Tranise Jackson-Ramirez

Chris Williams and Shonda Williams

Love this crochet dress Goldie Brown and Mark Beyerle

That dress is lit, no really it is and the blazer dress is amazing!!

Kevin Horio and Joya Kabel – F A B U L O US all the way down to her white painted toes

Simple, stylish, festive  – Mariama Sankhon and Stephen Oyelakin

Tomorrow we’ll chat about the best Table Decor at Diner en Blanc