Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge Near AC (Not LBI like Google Says)

Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge Near Atlantic City (Not LBI like Google Says)

Whenever time allots, and I’m near AC, I like to stop at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Located about 20 minutes outside
of AC, off of Route 9, is a tranquil wildlife refuge filled with beautiful birds, sea creatures and other wildlife. It’s an affordable $4 a car, but we like to donate a little more as it’s such a gem.

There are look outs over the marsh plus an 8 mile gravel looped road with pull offs for you to enjoy.
You can see the AC skyline in the distance.

Bring bug spray, as the green heads are happy to see you. We were there on a particularly windy day which saved us
It’s a great place to go and take the kids to enjoy nature and view wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s also a great rainy day activity if you just take the drive without doing any of the hiking trails.
Skimmer looking for dinnerHe was joined by a friend

This guy is struggling to keep his dinner from getting away mid air

Scavenger seagull trying to get lunch out of an Osprey nest.

I spotted a few monarch butterflies.
September is their migrating month and you will see thousands in a day pass this way
Check out the wildlife calendar for migrating wild life

We have a lot of wildlife preserves near Philly as well, so do a google search, gra