Crosky Street and Delancey Street Halloween Trick or Treating

Crosky Street and Delancey Street Halloween Trick or Treating

Happy Fall, just in time for Halloween the leaves popped out with their colorful hues setting the tone for the
unusally warm fun, spooky day. I had always heard that Delancey Street was a must do for Halloween fun, and I
made my way over there via the Schuylkill Trail.

That was a lucky move as I made my way through Fitler Square I was a little discombobulated coming from that direction and was confused where Delancey Street was.

When I asked for directions a nice women (who reads PhillyChitChat) sitting on the stoop told me about Crosky Street, and to stop there first.

Fitler Square

Crosky Street

The neighbors are keen in costume
And there are spooky attractions throughout the street

This was my favorite one. This dog would pop out from the Pet Cemetery with spooky mist. It scared the heck out of me

Not this kid though, who was eager to pet the beast

These folks told me the Crosky Street party began around 2005, as there are houses in alleys that are connected to the street, and the shrubbery often got trampled during Halloween, so they decided to create a party on Crosky Street and hand out goodies to the kids.

Then I headed over to Delancey Street for more treats.




This house provided selfie moments with Disney characters.

Wait is this a trick, no it’s true the Phila Art Museum put their tree up already. It’ll be lit on
Thanksgiving Day after the parade when Santa climbs the steps.
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