Creed 2, 17 Bridges, and Bradley Cooper – A Star Studded Weekend in Phillywood

Creed 2, 17 Bridges, and Bradley Cooper – A Star Studded Weekend in Phillywood

The cast of Creed 2 was in town this weekend for a press junket.  Michael B Jordan, Dolph Lundgren, Tessa Thompson, Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu and director Steve Caple, Jr. were breathing the same air as us….. Photo Credit: Bernetta Ayers
* Friday night: They all went to the Sixers game. Tessa Thompson rang the Sixers bell.
Dr Thanuja Hamilton selfie on Instagram
Update: See all of Thanuja’s photos in their glory at Philly.com’s Entertainment column
* Saturday they popped into a screening of Creed 2 at UA Riverview where some of the crew who worked on the movie attended as well as invited guests. They told the crowd that Philly was so good to them of course, cause Philadelphia is the co-star in the movie. The cast made their way around the theater as much as possible to pose for photos.
*The cast then headed to Vernick for dinner, before ending the night at Scarpetta for a nightcap.

Michael B Jordan and Frankie Musser, Jr.
Back at their hotel I hear they posed for quite a few fans as well.

Creed II opens November 21st – my friends tell me it’s wonderful

Bradley Cooper was in town this weekend. I obtained permission for the girl who posted a photo on instagram to use it on Fox 29. (Photo credit: Emma Atkinson)

Saturday: Bradley Cooper attended the annual GA-PC Day between arch rivals Germantown Academy and Penn Charter.  The event was held at Cooper’s alama matter  Germantown Academy, he posed for photos with a lot of the students.

Saturday night: Cooper was at Gypsy Blu in Ambler, Pa for his 25th reunion with the class of 1993.

The movie 17 Bridges is winding down with only about 3 weeks left of filming. This past week they were filming a lot of subway scenes, mostly in North Philly. Over the weekend they returned to Center City where they filmed on 16th Street between Sansom and Chestnut Streets. Then on Market St last night,
even changing this subway station to say 23rd Street in NYC – Subway Line 7.

Then it was back to Market Street for more scenes like this, which I shot last Sunday night at the same time.

Just so you know Philly, like 17 Bridges, when you see Creed 2 you will discover that Philly doubled for many locations in that movie as well. I dont want to spoil it but Philly doubles for Moscow, New York City, Las Vegas and California where Creed, Jr. and his family live.  Philadelphia the City benefits from these movies being filmed here financially as well as employing many locals.

Thanks to the  Greater Philadelphia Film Office as well as  Pennsylvania Film Industry Association for creating PhillyWood.