Hello and I have something to say

I apologize for missing posts this week on PhillyChitChat.com I’ve been shooting events day and night, but the good news is the intense schedule of Fall Social Season is coming to an end on Monday. Intense means events I’m hired to shoot fall to one a day, then about 4 a week until Spring Social Season which begins in March. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a busy season like this, which is a blessing. I often do each blog entry daily, and they’re not scheduled ahead. Perhaps after a decade I should look into such a time saving method. To keep up to date with me follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I hope to return to blogging begining on Monday. Today, Thursday, I have 3 events and a dinner. The first event begins at 7:30AM. Yesterday I shot two events, and I was awake until 215am creating columns.

Thanks for understanding. This won’t happen again. I feel like I’ve let you down.


Sincerely HughE