Kendall and Ben Celebrate ie Bendall, Car Accident in Rittenhouse Square, The Met

Kendall and Ben Celebrate ie Bendall, Car Accident in Rittenhouse Square, The Met

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons put up their Christmas Tree Monday night. They both posted to their Instagrams to share the
joyous occasion. Friends tell me they were spotted at the Home Depot earlier in the day tree shopping, but that store sent them to the Cherry Hill store to pick up the tree they wanted.
So they jetted over there before heading to the Rothman rink later in the day to cap off the holiday cheer with a skate.

M. Night Shyamalan‘s thriller series at Apple began filming yesterday in Philadelphia.

M. Night Shyamalan’s Apple Series spent the majority of the day filming at 21st and Spruce Streets.

Last week on WOGL I chatted about the filming of “M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN” in the Rittenhouse Square area.  Shortly after Thanksgiving film set crews were adding fake leaves to the trees to make fall seem more peakish and less December. Thanks to my reader at Twitter @daveparke for sending me this photo on 11/30. Earlier in the week I had run into someone who lived nearby who told me they’d be filming in her neighborhood, so when Misteriso sent me this photo I knew exactly what it was for….

This rainy scene on Spruce Street between 21st and 22nd, as my other reader told me the scene would be about. Unfortunately I didn’t have anytime to make it to that shoot, but thankfully Camille Mola did. Thanks, how beautiful to see this.

In the evening they headed to 18th and Walnut Streets where they filmed the aftermath of a car crash. The scene has gawkers looking on as fire and rescue attend to the car and prepare it to be towed away.  M Night is the executive producer on this series, but is only directing the first episode I hear. Starring in the series is Lauren Ambrose, and Rupert Grint from Harry Potter.

The Apple series will stream free on Apple products, including Iphones.

According to Variety: The plot of the series has not been revealed, but we hear it follows parents Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner ( Toby Kebbell), who have hired young nanny Leanne to help care for their newborn child. Rupert Grint(Ronald Weasley from Harry Potter) will play Julian Pearce, Dorothy’s (Ambrose) younger brother. (Grint was spotted at Joe’s Coffee shop yesterday between takes.)

Lauren Ambrose

I went for the aerial view from B&N, not so hot

The scene they were shooting. Many people in the Rittenhouse area thought it was a real crash, so movie magic was on point.
Ladder 20 from Chinatown was used in the scene, but extras played the firemen

Thanks M. Night Shyamalan for filming in the Philly area, Center City and for this shot. Most of the TV series is being filmed in the burbs, as they have replicated the entire Spruce Street location in the studio in Garnett Valley, at a new studio for our area.
Stay tune for more on PhillyWood in the future.

Congrats to The Met for it’s grand opening. We are so lucky this magnificent jewel on Broad Street was saved.
Cutting the ribbon on The Met Philadelphia are (from left) Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney; City Council President Darrell L. Clarke; Emcee Miss Patty Jackson, WDAS-FM; Developer Eric Blumenfeld; Pastor Mark Hatcher, Holy Ghost Church; Billy Procida, Procida Financing and Advisors; Charlie Mack; Live Nation Philadelphia Regional President Geoff Gordon; and Oscar IV and Will Hammerstein. The newly restored Metropolitan Opera House originally designed and created by Oscar Hammerstein in 1908, is now a new 3,400-seat live music venue on the North Broad Street-section of Philadelphia, PA. The venue opened with Bob Dylan on Monday, December 3 and John Legend December 4.
Thanks to Ike Richman for sending this shot, I was bummed I couldn’t make it, but Social Season continues….