M Night Shyamalan Wraps, Holiday Highlights and A Sad Goodbye

HughE Around Town: M Night Shyamalan Wraps his Untitled Project, Holiday Highlights and A Sad Goodbye

Only 16 days til Christmas. I hope you’re taking time to enjoy the holiday spirit and making memories with family and friends. That’s what’s most important during these days.

I wrote last week about M Night Shyamalan filming his yet to be titled TV series for Apple. It’s a wrap for the first 30 minute episode. Most of the episode was filmed in a studio in Garnet Valley, but as one insider told me it takes place in Philadelphia and you have to go out on the street to capture Philly as well. You’ll probably recall the horrific crash scene which took place in Rittenhouse Square, but they also filmed on the 2100 block of Spruce Street. Since this episode is set in the Fall, they added more leaves to the trees and asked residents to take down their Christmas decorations for a few days. This was a shot I took on Thursday as I was stopped at a red light at 22nd Street. It’s still the social season so I’m shot on paparazzo time. The production is on hiatus until January 2, so perhaps then I will capture another Lauren Ambrose or Rupert Grint.

Speaking about Christmas, this has got to be one of the best selfie spots in the City, inside and out. No filter was used in this shot, the place is all aglow like Rudolph’s nose so bright.
Tinsel, the seasonal pop up bar is located at 116 S 12th St; Here’s a few photos from the VIP
Party I shot earlier this week. Phila Biz Journal

Another great selfie spot, and memory maker has to be City Hall and it’s surroundings.

Congrats to Sylva Senat on his new gig at the Pyramid Club

I hadn’t been to Maggiano‘s in at least a decade. After shooting the 60th Anniversary of PIDC on Thursday night I stopped by. WOW as delicious as ever. Sometimes I forget the Italian chain restaurant, which opened a decade ago, is over at 12th and Filbert. Go try it out, you’ll love it.

A fond farewell to our friend Katie Loeb a legendary mixologist, sommelier and author, who has spent her career specializing in fresh, out-of-the-box cocktails Katie Loeb has died after a brave two year battle against cancer, with barely a peep about what was going on. When I started out in this business covering food and drink, Katie was very instrumental in helping me understand the business, explaining who the players were and introducing me to some fine people. The lights are a little dimmer in the Philly food scene now, we’ll miss her straight shooting, tell it like it is notions, peppered with a great sense of humor. God Speed my friend.