Signs, Signs Every Where There’s Signs; Plus Ladies Radio Shuffle and Dr. Oz

Signs, Signs Every Where There’s Signs; Plus Ladies Radio Shuffle and Dr. Oz

Happy New Year peeps. How long into the new year are we allowed to say that? I would think at least until the Wise Man come or the next government holiday, which is in 2 weeks – Martin Luther King’s Day of Service. Friday I returned to the airwaves of WOGL98.1 for my weekly Breakfast Buzz segment with Marilyn Russell.

I chatted a bit about Patti LaBelle’s party, including something I didn’t tell you about and that was her bathroom, which smelled amazing and whose toilet seat rose when you shut the door. It was so interesting. Also chatted about Rupert Grint, who’s in town to film M. Night Shyamalans unnamed Apple TV Series, who’s been spotted eating at Delfrisco‘s these past few weeks. Speaking of eating, I stopped by Estia Thursday night for a BFF dinner with Sheila Hess and Thanuja Hamilton,

who BTW is on with Dr. Oz again tomorrow, Monday 1/7/19, while at Estia (1405 Locust) I got and received a little more info on Motley Crue’s drummer, Tommy Lee’s dinner there on Christmas Eve. I had no idea he was Greek, in fact he was born in Greece, I later looked it up and learned his dad was an American soldier, and his mother was from Greece. He was in town for the holiday as he’s dating a Philly girl, internet celebrity Brittany Furlan, (She was declared by Time in 2015 to be one of the most influential people on the internet.)

On the Radio

Congrats to Valerie Knight formerly of WOGL Breakfast Club, who announced she is “Back in the Game” and is back on the air at 106.1 The Breeze doing mornings 6am to 10am last week. If you’ve never heard of The Breeze before, you’re not imagining things, it used to be the throwback hip-hop music station The Real 106.1, now the new The Breeze will focus on “a soothing blend of music” from artists like Whitney Houston, Chicago, Air Supply, and Adele, parent company iHeartRadio said in a press release last month. Let go from the Real were favorite DJ’s Nk the Web Chick ie Nicole Michalik, also let go were Chio Acosta and cohost Shila Nathan.

Over at 95.7 BenFM for the past two years the morning crew was Matt Cord and Kristen Herrmann. Congrats to Kristen who was promoted to her own show moving over to afternoons from 3PM to 7PM weekdays. Matt Cord will still be holding down the fort in the morning. 

Another change – Sheraton Philadelphia City Center has changed hands and the name has come off the building. Marriott has taken over and the name has changed to the Philadelphia 201 Hotel, which is it’s address 201 N 17th Street, a bit boring of a name I think, but it does remove the mystery of it’s location for wandering tourists.

In preparation for it’s move Aramark removed the sign from their former headquarters last summer. I tweeted about it then and received a nice email from Karen Cutler, their communications department who filled me in with a few interesting details. As happens in the busy social season I don’t always get to convey the message on my blog after doing social media about something.

  • Our sign stands 17 feet high, spans more than 100 feet wide and weighs approximately 5,000 pounds.
  • It got an upgrade in 2014 when we changed our logo to reflect our evolved company brand. The all-caps was out; lowercase letters and a re-energized “Star Person” went in.
  • The sign features LED lighting—reducing energy consumption and minimizing carbon emissions by more than 70,000 pounds/year.
  • If you combine the length of all four sides, the sign is longer than a football field.
  • It was locally manufactured in Pennsauken, New Jersey.
  • Our name has adorned the top of 1101 Market for 32 years—since we completed our move in 1986
UP NEXT: The sign will get new exterior faces, lights and wiring so that it’s ready to shine at 2400 Market.

Granted I probably should go get a better photo of the newly installed sign at 2400 Market Street, but here it is from Eakins Oval the other night, actually the night the guy was impaled on the Deer antlers. I was trying to figure out how that happened and was there.
E*A*G*L*E*S chat tomorrow!!