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Sofitel Has Safety in Mind

Slowly hotels are beginning to emerge from the pandemic as we learn more and more about how to navigate life safely. In the Rittenhouse Square area Sofitel and across the street Kimpton’s Palomar have opened to the public last week. Sofitel had a press conference and I learned a little bit about what they’re doing in the new normal.

Last week I covered the re-opening of Sofitel Philadelphia at Rittenhouse Square which reopen its doors to hotel guests and visitors on Thursday, August 6, 2020. The luxury hotel blends French elegance with American style reopened for overnight stays for guests in 306 newly renovated elegant suites and 67 newly renovated luxurious suites, including stunning Presidential Suite which may or may not have housed a president, they would never tell me.

Christopher Sample, Chief of Staff for Kenyatta Johnson, Angela Bauer, Sofitel Hotel Philadelphia at Rittenhouse Square, General Manager, Sheila Hess, City of Philadelphia, City Representative, Michelle Shannon, Center City District, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Gregg Caren, Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, President and CEO and Jasmine Armstrong, Visit Philly, Hotel Relations Manager spoke at the re opening.

Welcoming, safeguarding and taking care of others is at the very heart of what we do and who we are. Today, this means keeping our guests and employees safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19 by partnering with top experts to implement new standards of safety and enhanced operational protocols and procedures which are among the most stringent in the hospitality industry. We have missed being part of the Philadelphia community all of these months and we can’t wait to see you.”
Clean is the new Chic

At each touchpoint along the guest journey through Sofitel Philadelphia, extensive measures are being taken to protect guests and employees, including physical distancing; mandatory screening for all guests and employees, which may include a temperature check; masks provided to guests and worn by all employees; a 48-hour “settling period” for occupied rooms post-departure; increased frequency of cleaning & disinfecting, with a focus on high-touch points; and continued use of EPA registered disinfecting chemicals, proven effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

Hands-on training for all employees, a dedicated on-property rollout committee and a formal audit program, validated under the global ALLSAFE Cleanliness label, ensure initial and continued compliance.

Many safety precautions are being taken in guests hotel rooms including TV remotes sanitized then wrapped in plastic.

As part of the reopening plans, Sofitel Philadelphia is offering guests a buy one, get one free offer for a complimentary night stay with the purchase of an equal night stay. For reservations with this special offer and additional reopening information, please visit Sofitel Philadelphia on Facebook and visit  


This & That: Savannah Guthrie Spotted, Center City Re Openings & New Biz

Hope you’re weekend was a blast, let’s get to the fun stuff:
A ChitChat reader wrote on Friday: Just spotted Savannah Guthrie walking down Ventnor ave across from Casels market in Margate. She looked stunning! She was wearing an amazing knee length navy dress with open back and a huge hat. (Def a more Hamptons look than Margate – so we noticed her right away. But she really is stunningly beautiful in person!)

Foot traffic is picking up in Center City, especially in the Rittenhouse Row shopping areas of Chestnut and Walnut Streets.

Sophy Curson, the chic women’s boutique that opened in 1929 on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, has withstood the test of time and is one of the first high fashion clothing stores to re open during the pandemic after Philly moved into greenish, and they always have a fun window display.

Speaking of fun, fabulous high end clothing stores, Joan Shepp (1811 Chestnut Street) will reopen in mid-August. She just dropped some big news earlier this week when she announced home decor partner Kevin O’Brien will be sharing retail space in Joan’s iconic Rittenhouse Store. Kevin will be opening an 800 square-foot beautiful shop in the mezzanine of Joan Shepp in September. The shop will be dedicated to showcasing his products, which range from bedding and decorative pillows to rugs and furniture.  Joan feels it is a valuable service to offer her customers in these trying times

I previously reported Boyd’s clothing store, across the street from Shepp’s, will open on September 1, the new date is September 14. Here are beautiful heart pastes the kids from the Community Partnership School did with artist King Saladeen

The short lived Inchin’s Bamboo Garden at 1726 Chestnut St has closed, but remains under the same owner who is now opening as Ancient Spirits & Grille , which he plans to open in September the owner told me.

Also opening in September on the 1700 block of Chestnut Street is Greene Street consignment shop. They’re hiring as well. Check out their site.

It’s nice to see so many PhillyChitChat readers out and about, like Crystal and Mo who I met at 18th and Chestnut Streets the other day. And for so many others thanks for the shout outs as well, but keep your eyes on the road. A honk is good. Thank and let’s chit chat on Tuesday. In the meantime follow me on Instagram and Twitter as where I talk daily, sometimes hourly filling you in on the who, what and happening in Philly, and nearby.


Mud Update: Schuylkill River Path From Walnut to Waterworks

Yesterday on the way to see the barge once stuck under 676, I took a few photos of the Schuylkill River Bank Pathway walking from Walnut Street to the Waterworks, to update all my walker, runner, bikers, rollerblading followers. There are huge swaths of beautifully cleaned areas, the Fairmount Park folks are on top of the cleaning and doing a good job. And then there’s a quarter mile or so of spots where they’ll return to clear it more.

The boardwalk looks perfect.

The entire path is perfect for dog walking, although you might have to rinse Fido’s feet before you head into the house.

There are a few smaller running/walking paths which are closer to the river. None of them are good for rollerblading as they still have sections of mud. So stay on the main path.

As you get closer to the Paine Skateboard Park/MLK Drive path is much better in this long stretch.

Great views of the City can be had here as well.

Right after passing the skateboard park going towards MLK, if you’re blading or running you should take the path towards MLK as the road is closed to car traffic and is used only for recreation. If you go straight on the path you will encounter mud underneath the Spring Garden bridge as the path dips closer to the river and was flooded. After this mornings rain it’ll be a little muddier than yesterday along the path.

If you see Jay, say hello. He’s got a drone and he knows how to use it. His work is fantastic.

On the other side you will find this cute park I never noticed before, it’s along the path, near the Waterworks and over looks the river.

But avoid the stair cases which go to the river, there’s a lot of debris there.

Even if your dog insists on its normal walking path, it just doesn’t seem safe.

Find a bench and enjoy the view.


5 Reasons Registered Trademarks Are Important to Your Philadelphia Based Business

Trademarking your business might be a good idea. I’m sure many of you entrepreneurs have ideas running in your head right now about new business, ideas etc for the future. You might want to protect your business and trademark it. The Gerben law firm recently pitched this article to me, and although we are still in Covid19 pandemic, it might be ideal to trademark your business so you can hit the ground running when the time is right.

Trademarks Protect Against Infringement
Because maintaining control of your brand is essential to your future success, protection against infringement is just as important. One costly mistake some business owners make is using a trademark in the marketplace without conducting a comprehensive trademark search or registering with the USPTO. These business owners, in Philly and across the country, might unknowingly be infringing on another brand’s mark, which could result in a loss of time and money to rebrand the business, or even costly legal fees. The United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, will only approve your trademark registration if a confusingly similar mark isn’t already in use. Obtaining trademark registration, then, ensures that you will not be infringing on another business’s mark.

Having a registered trademark will also deter other businesses from infringing on your mark. The date you submit your application to the USPTO will become your priority date. Anyone looking to file a
confusingly similar trademark registration after this date will not be able to use it. You’ll also have the important right to take legal action against anyone that may infringe on your mark, either knowingly or
unknowingly. This will help ensure that your brand, and its reputation, will remain in your control. For a full breakdown of the trademark registration process for Philly businesses, click here.

Trademarks Help Establish Your Brand
Your business relies on its customers. Whether you primarily serve the residents of your Philly neighborhood or your retail site boasts nationwide sales, the success of your business is directly tied to the number of customers you have. A strong trademark is an essential part of creating customer loyalty and developing brand recognition. With trademark ownership, your customers will never be confused by a similar trademark from another brand. You’ll be able to grow your product line and expand your business with the support of your loyal customer base.

Trademarks Help Customers Find You
The Philadelphia business market can be quite competitive. With so many consumers using Google or social media to find goods and services these days, it can be challenging for your business to stand out in
a very crowded field. Someone looking for a salon in Chestnut Hill, for instance, might find dozens of options online. Having a registered trademark can make it easier to stand out, though. A strong
trademark will be memorable, allowing potential customers to notice you initially and helping returning customers find you on social media or other online platforms again and again.

Trademarks Allow You to Expand Outside Philadelphia
The United States is a first-to-use country, which means that you will have some rights to your trademark the moment you use it in the marketplace. However, these rights are extremely limited.

First, they will only protect your mark in the Philly area. This might be sufficient for some small businesses, but for anyone looking to sell goods online, or for those Philadelphia-based businesses that plan to expand outside the region at some point, an unregistered trademark could pose future problems. You’ll also have a harder time asserting your trademark rights if your mark is not registered with the USPTO. In order to have the presumption of nationwide validity, you’ll need to register your trademark with the USPTO.

Trademarks are Valuable Assets
As a business owner, you’ve no doubt made many purchases to get your Philly-based business running, from stocking up on inventory to building out your workspace. Those are certainly necessary purchases, but their value probably won’t appreciate over time. A registered trademark, on the other hand, will actually increase in value over time. This means, as your business grows, so will the value of your trademark. It can also be sold along with the business, just like any other asset. In fact, most buyers and investors will require that your trademark be registered before purchasing or investing in the
business as well.

Trademark Registration for Philly Businesses
Whether you’re just starting to develop your product or you’re expanding your business, now is the time to consider trademark registration for your Philadelphia business. A strong trademark will protect your business from infringement and the legal costs associated with it. Your trademark will help to establish your brand and make it easier for customers to find you, as well. A registered trademark will protect you as you reach customers across the United States, not just the Philadelphia region. It will also increase in value along with your business and is often a requirement for selling the business later on.

Author Bio:
With offices in Washington DC & Philadelphia, Gerben Law Firm, PLLC is a national IP Law Firm founded
by Josh Gerben. Josh is a trademark attorney whose intellectual property practice has secured over
5,000 trademarks for clients since 2008. Josh has been named one of the Top 10 trademark filers in the
US by World Trademark Review as well as featured in national news outlets, including FOX News & The
Wall Street Journal.


Vault: Cancer Support Community Gala

Since the Pandemic my business of chronicling events in Philly has stop, so as I mentioned last month I will on occasionally re publish events I’ve covered, mostly pulling from my PhillyMag columns most were published in the pages and not online for public consumption. It’ll be like seeing them for the first time online, except for this one which was published online. We’ll call these: Another in a series of charitable gala’s I’ve covered as PhillyChitChat.

The Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia celebrated it’s 17th Annual Evening in the Park on the grounds of their headquarters Thursday night May 7, 2015, The Suzanne Morgan Center at Ridgeland in Fairmount Park. Guests enjoyed fabulous food and cocktails by Brulee Catering, a live auction led by Jeff Hammond who helped raise nearly $75,000 from the very generous crowd, and a silent auction, all to benefit CSCGP.

Event co-chairs Barbara Blair and Betsy Rubenstone greeted the guests and spoke about their lives which have been touched by cancer, and have benefited by the programs at CSCGP. Honorees last night included: Wendy H. Rosen, Dr. David M. Mintzer, The Stuetz Family, and  Susan Tressider. Stephanie Stahl, CBSPhilly (above) spoke about the impact CSC has on the community, as Kelly Harris, CEO gave an impassioned address sharing with the guests about all the wonderful, caring programs available at Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia (all free), especially the programs directed at children going through cancer, or a parent going through cancer. The programs connect them with others, as well as any counseling they need. We’re so lucky to have an organization like this in Philadelphia.

Howard and JoAnne Wurzak with Hilarie and Mitchell Morgan
Barbara Eberlein, Kathy Bernstein and Karen Jacobson

Even though all the world seems to be on pause, these charity organizations need our support. If you can help them out in any way, you’ll be making a difference in someone’s life. Hope you have an awesome day. Don’t forget your umbrella if you venture out. I’ll chitchat with you tomorrow where I’ll catch you up with what’s happening in Center City.


Wawa at Broad & Walnut Closed for Good

8/3/20 at 1102AM – A few weeks ago I passed the Wawa at Broad & Walnut, and posted this message to my Instastories saying I would love if this Wawa didn’t open again. Today my wish came true. Although I loved this location, and the enormous selection, over time this Wawa has been a source of trouble, with an uptick of crime happening inside and outside of the store. Eventually they removed the chairs in the cafe area, and finally limited the hours. Then the Pandemic came, and limited folks walking on the street except for the folks you don’t want to meet, then the protests came, and it was boarded up. After awhile the other Wawa’s around Center City started to open, but I noticed not this one did not.
And here’s what happened today:

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Be in the Know. Thanks. OK back to our story.

I was driving by this morning and saw a worker carting a “W” up the street. I immediately realized what was happening as I had been doing weekly walks around Center City and doing blog posts about my findings, and I noticed this Wawa was still boarded recently.

They even blacked out the words Wawa before they wrapped up the dismantling of the brand.

Wawa Broad and Chestnut Closes
Wawa officials were inside the store at Broad & Walnut Sts this morning. As you can see from this photo the store was preparing to open as they had socially distancing signs in place.

Don’t threat there are plenty of Wawa’s nearby at 12th and Chestnut, 33 S. 16th Street and 1190 Market Street. Tomorrow I will have an update on Center City, a few of our favorite stores closed, but a new eatery with an odd name is opening in the fall. See you then!! Check out the Philly Voice for info on the crime and change of hours back in 2018.

Wawa put out a statement: Blaming the Pandemic…. but we know better.

August 1, 2020 Over the last few months, we have worked to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and
serve our communities through our role as an essential provider. Now, due to the unique circumstances that continue to impact our customers’ daily lives and our own store operations, we are saddened to say
that we will not be reopening our Broad and Walnut store.
This decision was a difficult one. But due to the impact from the pandemic coupled with some operational uncertainties of today, our long-term plans for this store are no longer viable.

Final comment: I can see why Wawa came out with that statement and not what was really happening. The crime at that corner, wasn’t symbolic of how safe or dangerous it was through out Center City. That was just a nuisance Wawa, next to the subway and several dorms. That’s the story. This Wawa was bad news since it opened. It was quite a surprise as we were all so excited for this super Wawa and shorti hoagies.


A Weekend Escape: Seaview, A Dolce Hotel near AC

I’ve passed the Seaview Dolce Hotel a million times over the years as I’ve traveled to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge just up the street, or gone shopping at my cousins nautical store down the street, the Seafarer. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to stay there and this past weekend I had a chance to experience it and the wonderful service they provide.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my first time at this glorious resort would be during the middle of a pandemic, but here we are and it’s great to be able to get away to a place which takes it serious, and where you will feel safe, even normal again. This is the front desk, normally there’s people staffing it with masks on, but for the photo I wanted a clean shot. As you see there is socially distancing markers on the floor, and the desk is protected by safety glass. Check in was a breeze. We were in Room 258. We took the elevator with our bags, but used the stairs (see on right) for most of our trip to help burn off our Quarantine 15 lbs.

They had me masks and plexiglass, but I fell hard when I saw the TV remote wrapped in plastic. They take disinfecting to a new level of comfort.

The bedroom was beautifully decorated, and had chairs which you know I desire. I love to just sit in a chair all night reading, watching TV and enjoying time away from home. Mike does as well, and I caught him catching some zzzz’s within moments of arriving. The next day I took the center photo and tweeted about the lovely view and how I didn’t want to get out of bed, they’re so firm, yet comfortable. If we hadn’t just bought a Purple bed, I’d be label searching to see what Seaview used. I immediately sketched out the room in my head and said how can I create this at home.

Seaview’s has a beautiful and spacious outdoor pool area surrounded by lush landscaping. The chairs are socially distant, and only 40 people are allowed in the pool area at a time. Which isn’t a problem as the hotel is operating at half capacity during the pandemic. The four-story hotel will only use its first and second floors so guests not wishing to use the elevators
can stay on the first floor or ascend only one flight of stairs as well.

For more than a century, Seaview has reigned as the Jersey Shore’s most iconic resort. The pristine 670- acre retreat blends the architectural beauty and historic charm of a turn-of-the-century resort with the services, style and amenities today’s travelers and meeting planners desire, including state-of-the-art meeting and event space, award-winning dining, and two championship golf courses — The Bay Course, opened in 1914 and The Pines Course, opened in 1929. – from the website. The property is gorgeous, and there’s a mile long walking path along the golf course. There’s also a 9 hole family fun golf course near the hotel for the kids to practice on before the hit the big links. It’s called the Turtle Course as sometimes turtles can be found taking a short cut through it on the way to the sea.

Since I don’t play golf, but love watching golfers, I headed to the golf cafe both days to watch the action before it got too hot for me. July has you might have read has broken records for it’s 90f plus days this year, we’ll just call it the 2020 factor. Each table has an umbrella so if it gets to hot you can have your waiter open it.

The sunset over the bay was beautiful while dining, that’s Reed’s Bay in the distance there, you can see it from the patio and from the front facing hotel rooms. The cobb salad and steak was delicious. The following day I had the One Handed Burger at the recommendation of James Zeleniak of Punch Media pr.

Speaking of the front of the Seaview hotel. Theses comfortable adirondack chairs pepper the spacious property. I love sitting in these chairs. I can’t wait to go back and just sit in one of these chairs all day. I was in and out a lot over the weekend as you know my family is staying in Longport and my other sister is in Stone Harbor. Next time I go to the Seaview I’ll be staying put. I bet it’s great in the Fall. Mike and I loved everything about it. The ambiance, the classical architecture, the pool area, the dogs, did I mention it’s dog friendly.

Photo from Website

Adding to its copious outdoor space, Seaview made upgrades to its wisteria-clad pavilion, complete with a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen and new lighting, creating the perfect space for airy functions, clambakes and other activities. Both days I was staying there families were holding functions. It was so nice they could still get together, safely outside.

The Seaview hotel was a nice alternative to staying on a barrier island. It was lush, green, the building was beautiful as were the rooms. It was easy to navigate and find all the amenities, including tennis and basketball courts. Additionally, Seaview is adding a horseshoe pit and shuffleboard court, for additional outdoor fun to its al fresco activity offerings such as corn hole on the expansive front lawn.

“In light of everything that’s going on in the world, people want to be outside,” said Director of Sales and
Marketing, Mike Tidwell. “We wanted to enhance activities on our sprawling grounds for additional
outdoor fun this season and beyond.”

It was comforting to know that the Seaview took Covid19 serious:
• All employees received COVID-19 safety sanitation protocol training, and employees will follow Personal Protective Equipment recommendations from the CDC.
• Public spaces and communal areas will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day, with an
emphasis on hard non-porous surfaces.

It’s great that it’s not too far from the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge See the water tower, that’s Seaview. Plus it’s just minutes from Atlantic City and my sisters house in Longport (about 20 minutes from her.)


This & That: Rittenhouse Square Opened, New Biz Too

Hope you had a great weekend. Last week I strolled through Rittenhouse Square and reported on a lot of sad news about businesses closing, stores paused, a few still boarded and some who have opened. The first exciting news is: Square 1682, the modern American kitchen located at the intersection of 17 th and Sansom streets by Rittenhouse Square in the Palomar Hotel, has re-opened for take-out as well as  outdoor dining on the patio seating area. 
Lunch is 12 – 4 pm, followed by dinner from 4 – 8 pm daily. Guests can enjoy dishes tried, true, and even some new from the freshly updated Square 1682 menu – Select known favorite dishes have returned, such as the  Waffle Fries served with malt vinegar and chipotle ranch ($10), the delectable  Warm Cornbread accompanied by honey butter ($5) to start, or the revered Cauliflower  Curry entrée, with chickpeas, spinach, and madras curry ($24). Newer additions to the menu include a sumptuous  Softshell Crab Sandwich with jalapeno tartar sauce ($16), and Tagliatelle served with Jersey vegetables, pistachio pesto and pecorino ($13/serving, $25/family style).

Also nearby stores like Vince, Gap, The Loft and Govberg’s are open as I mentioned last week. I did another walk through at the end of the week and saw many more stores open and even more who have taken the boards off, which is nice and inviting.

Both Lululemon and Athleta are now open and excited to welcome you back to the 1700 block of Walnut Street. As you know Intermix has closed, but I found out it closed a few days before the pandemic, so we can’t count that as a business lost to Covid19. GM Danielle Kane wishes it worked out, sends her love and thanks.

New Business The previously announced allbirds, which took over the space formally occupied by Timberland at 1709 Walnut St, is being stocked and is ready to open in the next week.

Feast Well Foods can take a lot of the work out of cooking for you this weekend, especially if you’re headed to the shore.

Friday, July 31st 3pm – 5pm
Curbside pick-up
Thursday, July 30th 4pm – 5pm
Friday, July 31st 1pm – 5:30pm

The Loft is open now for all your summer fashions, and these days summer goes right into October. Grab a cocktail at as that is open as well.

The former Zara’s is being reconfigured for Tiffany’s Jewelers which is moving from it’s current location in the Bellevue. It is not open.

The Hyatt Centric near 17th and Walnut Streets is coming along. They’re topped off, windows have been installed and the sign is up. Looks great.

Pietro’s has extended their dining area and it looks good. I spoke with a Madewell associate today and they have no idea when they’re going to open the Walnut Store.

But there’s plenty of other reasons to come down town, it’s bouncing back and there’s a lot of sales to be had.

If you’re going to the Apple store make sure you have an appointment, that is the only way you can enter. Give them a call. When you see me in the streets give a wave to PhillyChitChat. Thanks!!


Tea Time: Sofitel Opening Aug 6, With Afternoon Tea

I took this photo, all others were provided

Good Monday morning, hope you’re all well. I just walked by Sofitel last week and was going to note that after 3 months or so it seems to be preparing to open soon, when Aversa Pr sent over a press release with details of the Sofitel Philadelphia opening.

Sofitel Philadelphia at Rittenhouse Square announced last week that the hotel will reopen its doors to hotel guests and visitors on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 11:00am. The luxury hotel that blends French elegance with American style will reopen for overnight stays for guests in 306 newly renovated elegant suites and 67 newly renovated luxurious suites, plus the stunning Presidential Suite. Banquet facilities will be open for limited private events in accordance with local and state guidelines. Hotel restaurants will remain closed at this time. Sofitel Philadelphia’s top priority remains the safety, care and well being of hotel guests and employees. At this moment, this means keeping guests and employees safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19 by partnering with top experts to implement new standards of safety and enhanced operational protocols and procedures which are among the most stringent in the hospitality industry. As part of the reopening plans, Sofitel Philadelphia is offering guests a buy one, get one free offer for a complimentary night stay with the purchase of an equal night stay.

“We are excited to share that Sofitel Philadelphia is reopening its doors as of August 6th,” said   Sofitel Philadelphia General Manager Angela Bauer. “We’ve missed you all and are thrilled to welcome our friends, family and community back into the hotel. As always, our hotel’s top priority remains the safety, care and well-being of our Sofitel Philadelphia family. Welcoming, safeguarding and taking care of others is at the very heart of what we do and who we are. Today, this means keeping our guests and employees safe by preventing the spread of COVID-19 by partnering with top experts to implement new standards of safety and enhanced operational protocols and procedures which are among the most stringent in the hospitality industry. We have missed being part of the Philadelphia community all of these months and we can’t wait to see you.”

The new operational standards being implemented at Sofitel Philadelphia at Rittenhouse Square and Accor properties across North and Central America were developed and vetted by a team of expert advisors to ensure maximum efficacy in preventing the spread of all viruses and pathogens, including COVID-19, with oversight by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspections and certification; Dr. Amesh Adalja, Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security & fellow with the Infectious Diseases Society of America; and Ruth Petran, Ph.D., CFS, Senior Corporate Scientist, Food Safety and Public Health, for Ecolab, global leaders in cleaning and hygiene, and trusted advisors to the CDC.

All Stay Well Program. Informative info on taking precautions for Covid19

We could all use a little tea time: I was also excited Sofitel Philadelphia was bringing their Afternoon Tea back as well. I’ve been to tea time, and as I’ve written here before I’m a big fan of Tea Sandwiches, scones and tea.

Starting August 1, 2020, Sofitel will be offering afternoon tea  for up to 10 Guests in our Magnifique Presidential Suite.

There are 3 seating’s a day, for up to 10 people $500 plus tax. Now that sounds like a good party. Check out more info here.

Sofitel Philadelphia Opens After 3 Month Closure because of Covid19
Although not every amenity of the hotel will be opening right away, but for the most part, it will be operational on most cylinders. For example, banquet facilities will be open for limited private events in accordance with local and state guidelines, but hotel restaurants will remain closed at this time.
Welcome Back Sofitel Philadelphia

That Time I had an 80s Prom for My Birthday in 2013

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday today and even though it’s been quite memorable year, one of my favorite celebrations was when I celebrated my birthday in 2013 at the Top of The Tower

with musical guest Jade Starling.

Mike, me, my sister Crista and BIL Michael

Whew. I did skip a few people who had rough divorces and there was no way to crop either one out without leaving an abandoned limb and then there’s who gave me that most interesting blow up gift, I made sure to re gift it to a good home Hop Sing buddy. ** Thanks to my friends, I am so blessed. Looking forward to 2023’s party. Maybe a 90s theme?