Out and About: Black Tie Dinner, PFS Oscar Party, Friends and Readers Enjoying Now

Years ago on PhillyChitChat I used to do a series called Out and About where I would take photos of people I knew who were out and about, of fashionable folks or readers. I’ve always been kinda out, but I can safely report after months of folks getting vaccination they are about. Come with me….

I haven’t been to a restaurant I don’t love – a few I’ve been to lately Estia, Pinefish, Ponzio’s (yes I travel to Jersey, where I grew up), Pietro’s, Barcelona, Lola’s Garden, Fond, Añejo Philadelphia, and one I have to highly recommend > Murph’s Bar 202 E Girard Ave some of he best Italian food I’ve ever had, I felt like I was cheating on Rittenhouse Squares D’Angelo’s (he still has the best lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, and meat dishes [whereas Murph’s has nearly all carbs) OK I feel better now. Murph’s has an interesting story, it’s literally a small bar, they don’t take reservations, but I went on a Monday night early and was able to get in quickly. Absolutely go and enjoy.

Anyway my point is I go to a lot of restaurants, but am always drawn to the ones along 18th Street in Rittenhouse Sq most everyday, sometimes before dinner elsewhere, or afterwards. It’s a scene, and always buzzing with activity.
Lynn Rinaldi, Lisa Stephano and Laura Burkhardt at Rouge
Arthur Kade, Renee and Don Freeman and AJ Mattia at Rouge

Tonight is the Donor are Hero’s Gala which is virtual for one more time: Free Event with a suggested donation.
Register for this fun complimentary event! http://Donorsareheroestheparty.com hurry

Legends. The Barbara and Bob Tiffany are world renowned furniture designers and Marciarose Shestak was the first women anchor in the USA, when she was on CBS3 in beginning in 1965. She just turned 90!! Out late too it was nearly 10PM, She gets around, I saw her last week as well, but I put that photo on Instagram. She’s so sweet. I am so honored to know her.

David Alexander Jenkins (r) hosted a Black Tie Dinner at the Rittenhouse Grill April 16, 2021

His next Black Tie Dinner Event will be at Steak 48 May 14, 2021

The 8th Annual Philly Film Society Oscar Viewing Party at Cira Green

Dress designer Prajje Oscar with TV Hostess Jen Su wearing one of his designs

Sunday night was nothing short of spectacular as the PFS Oscar viewing party was the first large scale event to happen during the pandemic. It was great to see so many friends, and although many still wore masks you could see the smile through their eyes. We’re back. It was like a phoenix rising from the ashes. We will always remember the suffering, and will carry the memories of those who afflicted, hurt or passed away, but it is wonderful to see the joy of life return.

Stephanie Barnes, Morria Winn and Kate Marlys

Larry Korman, PFS Board Member and Andrew Greenblatt, Executive Director of PFS