Erin Elmore and Craig Spitzer Take The Plunge – Congratulations!!

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Congratulations to Craig Spitzer, chief executive of A2C IT Consulting and Erin Elmore, Director of Business Development for US Legal Support seconds after they were pronounced husband and wife at their wedding on Saturday!!

The wedding and reception happened high in the sky at R2L.
 Nearly 200 invited guests were there to celebrate the happy union between these to soul mates.

 Including such notables as the brides family Jim Elmore, Peggy Elmore, Ashley Elmore, Joe and Francis Oliver, and the grooms family Laurence Spitzer, Toni Spitzer, Heather Spitzer and John Spitzer, Uncle Harold and Cousin Harold. Friends: Billy and Melanie King, who introduced the couple, Lin Spivak and Ed Snider (recently engaged themselves).  Jason Dills was in the house repping Pittsburgh.

 Barette Widell was the wedding coordinator for the evening, and everything went as smooth as butter. “You were an amazing wedding coordinator. You should make it a second full time job. xoxoxoox” – Erin Elmore. 1/4 of the guests were seated, and the other guests stood and surrounded the beautiful white runner sprinkled with roses, leading to the alter.
Jim Elmore walking his daughter towards her future

 passed her friends Kristen Foote, Nadia Maransky, Jill Rizen and Andy Henning

 Leeza Garber

I never thought of R2L as a place to hold such a large party, but it
works. Lots of sofas, chairs and fabulous views of the City.

Chuck Peruto and Genna Squadroni
 At the reception there was plenty of delicious food prepared by Chef Daniel Stern and his team

 Jill, Andy and Elaine Grabar
Lauren Colabelli


 Francis Oliver and Jason Dills. Francis is my oldest reader. She saw me and said I know who you are, you’re PhillyChitChat, I read you ever day. Hi!
State Senator Larry Farnese, Eric Robbins and  Barette Widel. Larry made the opening statements at the wedding, Barette was the wedding organizer and Eric performed the wedding. That’s right! Recently he graduated from the Universal Life 

 Tempa Barrish and Eric Robbins

 Jimmy Maransky and Nadia Maransky
 Dan Gross and Holly Maher

 R2L’s pastry chef Peter Scarola.
I caught Carol Tamburino fixing the veil and flowers, to the left, just perfectly.
 Everyone was dressed to the nines
 Joe and Francis Oliver and Ashley Elmore

 Steven Thorne and Sabrina Tamburino Thorne. It was only a few years ago Sabs hosted her Lady Gaga gag I’m 30 party, at the nearly opened R2L restaurant.
 Kristen Foote and bff Sabrina Tamburino Thorne

 Noelle Zane and Jamie Reibenbach
 Craig Robinson and Chef Daniel Stern. (Today I start my new once a week column in Jennifer Stern is featured in my column. – I will still be contributing to and have my column in the magazine. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you will recall I’ve been tweeting I have too much content and not enough outlets.)


 Peggy and Jim Elmore with daughters Erin and Ashley.
 Craig Spitzer, former Eagle Mike Mamula and Erin with friends

Leslie Padilla

 Heather HeoMonique Crawford, Menaka Sampath and Jessica Yurocko Lesley Kozloff, at R2L

Danielle Poe Hershman, Scott Hershman and Stacey Renée Benedetti
Congratulations Craig & Erin!!

HAIR OF THE DOG January 19, 2013 . Kick off the new year right!!