Let’s Dish: Delicious Eats and Treats, and Tidbits

Sometimes I wear my mask upside down, and no one tells me. Yes please tell me, and if I ever have toilet paper stuck on my shoe as well.
February was full of beautiful sunsets, this one was in Fairmount Park behind the art museum. Fairmount, Art Museum, Spring Garden are really beautiful neighborhoods adjacent to the park.

As we head into March, and the one year anniversary since the shutdown, I have a lot of mixed feelings, as we all do. It was a tough year, but a reflective year. I appreciate people, places and experiences so much better. I have a better clarity on how to live the rest of my life, mostly about connecting with people, nature and health. I appreciate the lessons learned as well always think of the people who aren’t with us anymore and the growth of the country.

Philly retail is bouncing back. I see more and more people shopping, eating and walking in Center City, and in the burbs.

Yesterday I was at Suburban Square. So cute, lots of fun stores and a fire pit. Opening soon, in April

Lola’s Garden
Avram Hornik’s first suburban restaurant coming to Ardmore

FCM Hospitality and Avram Hornik’s first suburban restaurant concept is heading to the Main Line and Ardmore for an mid-spring opening tentative for April. It is full steam ahead and the project is fully under construction as we speak.

As the pandemic continues, and FCM/ Hornik continue to be the experts in open-air outdoor dining large format concepts, Lola’s will offer ample outdoor seating in the concept that takes inspiration from Harper’s Garden in Rittenhouse.

It’s a perfect Boston Market Weekend, and Sunday’s are Prime Rib Day.
USDA Choice Prime Rib slow-spun in the rotisserie for over an hour for juicy goodness. Served with 2 sides, fresh-baked cornbread, beef au jus and horseradish.

Speaking of Prime Rib, I had the pleasure to dine at The Prime Rib at Live Casino on Saturday night with my family, and then again on Thursday night with friends.

Dinner was delicious, I highly recommend the crab cakes, and the scallops, which were so good I had them on both nights.

The ambiance is sweet, loungy and will definitely be the hot spot for power breaking deals and a scene. Always great to see Live Casino’s VIP folks Nick Ryan, Vice President of Casino Marketing at Live! Casino & Hotel, Natalie DiBattista. Director Of Operations Casino Division at Live! Casino & Hotel and pictured here Brian Taylor, Director of Entertainment at Philadelphia Live! Casino along with Jimmy Maransky (missed seeing Nadia), Thanuja Hamilton and AJ Mattia.

Have an awesome day, get out an enjoy it as it’s going to rain all weekend. See you on Monday.