THURSDAY NIGHT EVENTS – Chef News, Chelsea Clinton Visits Philadelphia for Photos, A Movie Wrap Party and Mary Patel Electile Dysfunction Announcement

Tonight reminded me of many of those nights I’ve spent in NYC chasing celebrities all over the island at the different events. I am just going to touch on most of them and write more about them next week. First I attended an event at Brasiere Pierre. Here is Chef Dan Marcantuno, who I just wrote about winning the WMGK “Golden Spoon Award” earlier this week; and Carrie Nork of one my favorite PR Firms, Cashman & Assocs. They had a special kick off. Then it was quickly to North Philly and the latino restaurant Cobre and a stop on the Chelsea Clinton Q&A tour for her mother Hillary. Hello never knew you can’t get a cab going North on Broad Street. Next time tokens for me, but when I finally arrived I was greeted by a cheering crowd of Hillary supporters.

There were lots of Hillary fans waiting for Chelsea Clinton. Well except for the guy you can’t see sitting on the step behind this women, waving the Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara flag and playing the propoganda on his boom box. Chelsea arrives and she is much more beautiful then I remember. This time as opposed to 2 years ago, she is all smiles for my camera.
It was crowded inside, and I made the mistake of thinking I could get good shots from the 2nd level dining area
nah not even with my long lens
One by one as it got hot and uncomfortable, the press began to thin out and I was able to get a better shot. Then it was 8:15 and I was late for the third event of the night which had begun at 6PM and scheduled to end at 9PM

At RAE there was a wrap party for a film that tells an important story of Philadelphia that happened long ago, but still rears it’s ugly head in the news today, er yesterday. I will write more about this event next week. Speaking of films, Mary Patel was there too (Rae’s Chef Daniel Stern to her right)
Mary has a film in the film festival “Electile Dysfunction” and it’s on April 9 at 7:00PM.
It’s about politicians, the political system and it’s more relevant today than ever.